Power Ranger History 1993-2017

This video is about the history of the iconic Power Rangers from the beginning of it all! From the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers to 3 teams after the new Power Rangers Dino Charge! I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE SONGS!

Power Rangers (TV Program)

-A e s t h e t i c G i r l-
Mystic force, Mega force, And Samurai are my personal favorites❤️
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Power rangers may be cringy but its my childhood
A.MeaXY /Zane
The last one is power rangers ninja steel
AJ Gaming0209
My favorite was Mystic Ranger
Ninja Storm, my all time favourites, my all time one and only :D
Ana Baez
And. Dino. Charger
Ana Lipadan
Power Rangers Ninja Storm and the SPD and the Jungle Fury \nis the only series that I've watched
Angel Ortega
My all time favorites are:\n1. Time Force. I still cry every time.\n2. Lost Galaxy.\n3. Wild Force\n4. Mighty Morphin\n5. Turbo.
Another one
jungle fury spd and samurai and dinothunder i prefer
Ata Misirli
Power Rangers as police\nPower Rangers as aliens\nPower Rangers as wizards \nPower Rangers as Samurais\nPower Rangers as ninjas\nand the Power Rangers as pirates...\nCall me when Power Ranger becomes cowboys or something like that
Bat Levi
Power Rangers:Turbo!!!
Beyblade's power amv x Battles
Okay so cool and 😲
Bianca Mattias
Wild force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder and SPD. ♡
Black Jesus
Dino Thunder, SPD, Ninja Storm, Mystic Force were my childhood rangers\nLate 90's babies stand up
Bogan Livens
Am I the only one that HATED that samurai crap?
Bon-Bon Hand Puppet
Ninja force is ninja steel
Bossy_ Me
Where is the samurai rangers fans? like if you are a fan👍
Choco Rhoco ID
i like ninja strom and spd 💗
Comedy Club- Amv and more
in power rangers space all are like so serious😂😂😂😂
Yes I know this our childhood, but the cringe is real
Darren Antwi
5:07 my childhood
Dihan Uddin
Best was wild force and jungle fury imo
Where are the power ranger samurai fans?!
EL Donjuan
Nothing's gunna beat the original squad.
Gajendra Singh
gajendra Saxena like rangers
Gary Bale
Mike from samurai and cam from ninja storm are the same people LOL
God Shenron
In my opinion i think Wildforce was the best and most heart touching BUT MYSTIC FORCE WAS THE coolest coz of the knight and magic aspect
Gradual Decay
In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, TIME FORCE, Wild Force and Ninja Storm were my rangers.
Guilherme Gulka
Tommy is everyone
Gun Pixel
Samurai fans?
Hadriana Ines Teixeira
que puta nostalgia quiero llorar
Jaden Earlycutt
bruh Tommy is in every damn thing
Jake Knight
the music is always the best part of the series in my opinion
Jessy Davis
I am a dieheart fan of power rangers jungle fury from kindergarten now i am on 10th grade even if i am a fan of power rangers jungle fury...... 😍😍😍😍😘😘💖💖💖💖💖
Joaquin Miranda
wild force, ninja storm and dino thunder were my obsession
Josue Cacoj
Alien Rangers what in the WORLD
Jungle Dude
Are Energy Chasers, and Railroad Chargers future series? Ninja Steel is already on tv though
grandioso ya se vieron la nueva pelicula
KRNG Awesome Kid
I love mighty morphin,zeo,turbo,n space,spd,samurai,mystical force,galaxy,light speed,dino thunder,time force,wild force,ninja storm,super mega force,mega force,overdrive,jungle fury,rpm,gokyger,nininja,ninja steel. Technically all of them;D is that I love!;D
I like the Power Rangers Dino charge and Dino super charge
Keshav Mittal
Dino thunder, Ninja storm,SPD,Jungle Fury CHILDHOOD FAVOURITES!!
Khan Saad
Power rangers jungle fury any one?
Khasii Jones
Jungle fury dt ns space patrol delta super samurai.
Kianna Ervin
samurai are the best like.if u are with me
L O G I N ツ - Block strike
O melhor é o samurai 9:01
Lillyane Souza
Que legal
Lord SparkleBum
I believe I grew up with the golden age of the power rangers with, in my opinion, wildforce, ninja storm, dino thunder, spd and mystic force.
Madisen Cuvillier
Mateus r.s
Qual é o nome da última música?
Can anyone tell me the name of the site the pictures were pulled from. Can’t seem to remember.
Michelle mccool And Layla
Mr Tumnum
Ughhh the nostalgia is killing me I want to watch power rangers again
i Love: Power Rangers Wild Force, Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Power Rangers Galaxy, Power Rangers RPM , Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Samurai
Nobody Cares
ninja storm\nwild force(the one with purple ranger) \nDino thunder \nthese r my favorite. what you u?
Paulo Dybala
1- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers \n2- Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers \n3- Power Rangers Zeo \n4- Power Rangers In Space \n5- Power Rangers Lost Galaxy \n6- Power Rangers Wild Force \n7- Power Rangers Ninja Storm\n8- Power Rangers Dino Thunder\n9- Power Rangers SPD\n10- Power Rangers Mystic Force\n11- Power Rangers Jungle Fury
PinoyGamer Plays
Princess Rosalina
Awesome job keep up the great work Buddy \u003c\u003c3
PurpleEagle Sparkle
It's called ninja steel not ninja force
Quis Wallace
Wild force was the best and Dino thunder was next
Sayyad Ashhad
The best power rangers is Dino Thunder and Jungle Fury
Schoolgamerz RB
RJ looks like pewds\n\nTyler looks like Guava juice
Is it just me or does the theme song for jungle fury sound like a nickelodeon musical
There was no power rangers energy chargers also it's ninja steel not ninja force after power rangers Dino charge and mabey power rangers rail chargers or rail force is probably after Ninja steel
Stacey Black
Mighty Morphin \nMystic Force \nDino Thunder \nSamurai \nRPM\n Jungle fury\nNinja Storm
Tamil Win's
Ninja strom all time record
The Kid Who Loves Power Rangers
You must be out of your mind the 2 series at the end video are not 2016 and 2017 series. It's actually Power Rangers Dino Supercharge and Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
The Memes
0:22 so the black guy plays the black ranger just wow
Thomas McMahon
All my Favourite power Rangers HORES all them in History my most Favourite is \nAll my Favourite Power☇Rangers Super☇Maceforce XD ☇megaforce\nPOWER☇RANGERS DIONE Chang \npower☇Rangers megaforce 2\nPOWER☇RANGERS Jungle Fury 3\nPower☇Rangers SUM Rind 4 avera .K.+.×.* power Rangers 5 Super K.+.×.* Maceforce force 6\nPOWER☇TIME FORCE 7\nPower☇Rangers Light Speed 8 Rcuseace \nPower☇Rangers S.P.D Machets 9\nPower Rangers Lost☇Glaexs 10\nPower☇Rangers in Pace 11\nPower☇Rangers ZEO ☆=^♡♤ 12\nPower☇Rangers 13\nPower☇Rangers Mastcey force 14 power☇Rangers RPM 15\nPower☇Rangers Over Diver 16 \nPower☇Rangers Nijas Storme 17 \nPower☇Rangers Tuber Go 18\nPower☇Rangers Wild Force 19\nPower☇Rangers Doind Thunder
Warmish Trout
Zach ZoneTV
Who needs a good dose of nostalgia?
ZeRo_ One shot
You forgot show gun mode on samurai
Alien rangers ruined my life
destroyer badass
for those of you who don't know ninja force is ninja steel
dubravka jurleka
where is dark yaden?
elcrm Hd
The best were the timeforce, the dino thunders and spd
hecka bete
Where are the jungle fury fans?
jc matias
I stopped at SPD.
master chief lopez
Every body every single one is the best and thats an fact
nooby person
Best one was Dino thunder btw😁
pascual juan
power ranger turbo are awsome
the fabulous one
where r the power rangers RPM fans?
tio killua
ninja force? kkkkkkkkkkk ta mutt errado men se fala ninja steel
vegito 325
no es ninja forcé es ninja stell
I only know the original Power Rangers LOL Jason as Red Ranger, Billy and Blue Ranger, Zack and Black Ranger (hella racist, now that I think about it), Adam as Black Ranger, Trini as Yellow Ranger, Aisha as Yellow Ranger, Kimberly as Pink Ranger, Tommy as Green Ranger and Tommy as White Ranger.\n\nJason will ALWAYS be Red Ranger, Billy will ALWAYS be Blue Ranger, Zack and Adam are a toss up for the Black Ranger, Trini will ALWAYS be the Yellow Ranger, Kimberly will ALWAYS be the Pink Ranger, and Tommy will ALWAYS be the Green/White Ranger. This is THE Power Ranger set up, for me :)
desde el minuto 7:35 es pura caca
Макс Иванов
صيدليه د.امانى محمد عبد الفتاح على سيف الدين
i love power ranger ninja steeL
「InuxKag Studio」
time force and wild force were my childhood❤😍