♦ Christian Dior Haute Couture | Fall-Winter 2010/2011 ♦

For Fall-Winter 2010/2011, John Galliano was inspired by nature & exotic flowers, as well as Mr. Dior's love of gardening. Part of Galliano's research for this collection involved studying real flowers. Galliano, for instance, spent an hour watching the light change on a parrot tulip. "The fronding, the feathering, the ruching, the ruffling—all duplicated the extraordinary intricacies of flowers."(Quote: Tim Blanks)(Video: )

Christian Dior Haute Couture John Galliano

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Aizen K
The walk. The personality. Karlie Kloss everyone!
Alexander K
Galliano sure was looking a little malnourished, 
Anthony Aguilar
Raf Simons nor Maria Chiuri ain't got NOOOTHING on Galliano's Dior.
Audrey Spindler
An intensely inspirational show for me right now. It made me totally rethink my friend's costume design.
Berko Yalman
tbh this collection of John galliano for Dior wasn't bad but I have to say everything he designs looks like it will fall apart!!!! I think that Raf Simons revolutionised Dior at all!!!! But I also think that Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffeux are doing a great Job! And John Galliano is really destroying Maison Margiela!!!!
Bitch Nigga
I love that eye makeup
Carina Yau
the exit of Raf brought me here - take Galliano backkk
Dagmar Launer
Remind me hunger game
Daniel Ramsey
Lmao more unwearable crap ...what the tackiness is this?
Danny Her
Frida Gustavsson
Fen Rafael
Karlie Kloss is everything. Yasssss
Gerard Claudio
Omg!!! Soo nice! It's Dior House!!!!!!
Gilbert Mendenueta Bayoneto Tagle Oficiar
so grand...only Galliano can do...color, techniques, innovations...
Gopi Forever
plein les yeux, quelle merveilleux travail , abondance des matières sublimées!!! merci
Javiera Pradenas
John Galliano immortal genius \u003c3
Joel Garlejo
Mr. Galliano , Yes U r the best plssss come back . The world of design needs u!
Jon Jon
I miss Galliano so much especially his battle with his extreme shyness when taking a bow at the end of his every show.
Juan Carlos Hernandez Carrillo
kasia skirt is so pretty
Juan Eduardo Cabezas Cáceres
Vladaaaaaa \u003c3
The silhouettes are a little dated for me, but I love the idea of using the plastic that bouquets come in as a veil.
LG Marti
What`s the name of the model at the minute 6:30?
Maia Vitale
Vlada \u003c3
Matt Frazier
Pure art and VERY wearable in everyday life. I wish we can see women dress like this in public.
Michael 1996
Jac worked that dress , 😍
karlie kloss,vlada roslykakova,anna salesneva,jessica stam and kim noorda the best top models!!!! is right!!!!\n
Fantastic,the clothes and the music
Nida Al Khalil
Mr. Galliano .. You made the bar so high .. I no longer enjoy Dior recent collections they seem so depressed
Kasia the best!!
Rafa Herrera
Guys, do you know who the man dressed like a police officer with the hat, sunglasses and arm band on is? At the right side. I've seen him in a lot of Chanel shows, always front row, he's always dressed like that. IS he a fashion editor or something?
3:32 gorgeous Jessica Stam
Risky Ramanda
Galliano uses Magdalena to close the show. Terrific!
Rodrigo Mežs
you all are blind, the very best walk in this show is at 8:00 (brazilian model Viviane Orth), sorry, but it is so true, she walks so elegant and classy!
Sebastián Torrealba
Galliano... simply the best in Dior house history. Please, come back!
Sergio Júnior
The best of all ever!!!
Srijita Sengupta
Galliano's work just oozes \
Tan Jordan
Trong B pham
Really nice , model so beautiful , music so good , i love this show . Dior in my mind
Tuan Trinh Official
Dior's mistake sacked Galliano. i love Galliano.
Valentina Lvncv
Is this the original soundtrack of the show?
chris chris
bring back the grandeur of dior! chiuri out. We don't need someone who's just capitalizing on gucci's successful (i personally don't like it but i can't deny, it's a hit) streetwear route.
doissapos os
pareceu concurso de trava kkkk\ncafonaaa, sorry.
elisabeth steltzlen
Galliano revienssssssss !!!!!!!!!!
jose nino
Many of this colors would look awesome on dark skins. Sadly, this was not the case during the runway.
6:30 Frida Gustavsson
non pc
i love galliano
so beautiful, John Galliano really was born to do this.
Álvaro Redondo
OMG Karlie *-*
Ангелина Марциновская
What the music?
Света Фокина
в доме диор явный кризис