SILVER BULLET - 20 Seconds to Comply (1990)

Well here's Silver Bullet's full video version of '20 Seconds to Comply' which reached the U.K. charts at the end of November '89, then became a minor hit in January '90. No copyright intended.

1990 20 bullet comply cube dance effect effects official rave remix seconds silver techno to trance video

AffluLife Style
Classic track. I remember being in a small club in Milton Keynes in 89 & Silver Bullet was there to perform live. When he arrived he just came in on his own, walked to the bar & was standing there just drinking coca cola. Everybody was doing New Jack Swing dancing on the dance floor, nobody recognized him until he hit the mic & dropped 20 Seconds to Comply. He sounded great live real raw hip hop no silly gimmicks, just a cool guy. He was on the promotion trail for the single before it hit the charts. Great times in UK hiphop.
Alan Illing
Jeff if your out there god bless mate..
The nuclear bomb of the best of British Hip Hop circa 1990s - Silver Bullet - as an artist absolutely untouched in hardcore Brit Core legend, along with Hijack. Those Yanks couldn't touch it at the time.
Ant 1971
fkn superb!!!!! not heard this for 23 years lol!!!
Black Wendy
Classic REAL hip hop. Minus the illuminatshit gang signs. Pandemonium without pretence. REAL!!
Bob Dobalina
Turn the base up a bit, it could chart now, most youngsters have never heard it. Top tune, excellent skills, hope you are doing well dude.
Calvin Gudgeon
used to pump this hard back in 1990,I was 12_then.
Calvito Bonito
First cd I ever bought 😂😊
Chris Deaville
the beats dont get old
No tracks like these now a days! STRAIGHT UP CLASSIC!!
DJ Darren Barnes
in MY OPINION ...... this is the greatest uk hip hop record ever. still sounds amazing to this day !!!
Had this on vinyl. Love it!!
Darth Khakis
Skate Surf Hatred
Dave Benbow
One of my all time fav songs
Brilliant!!!!\nMy mum still got this on 12\
Damn I've been listening to this tune for 28 years and didn't know there was a music video! Thanks man!
Eddie Browne
I remember the Oxford B Boy crew went to Aylesbury to battle these guys at breakdancing, good battle, we did beat them, their best head spinner must have been about 9 years old!!! May 1985, what a good year.
Edward Sausagehands
I'd buy this for a dollar.
Edwin van Vliet
one of british finest, CLASSIC!
Franc White
Best Rapper Best Track in The UNIVERSE\nSilver Bullet an DJ Mo the Killer Team
Genji Shimada
RoboCop 1987 anyone?
Georgina Rowland
Gina Ansa
The Flow Tho !!! Hip Hop Classic 💛❤
Harry clothier
Worlds end brought me here😂😂
Ian Kubly
worlds end
Jahjah J
Are you a college boy or something?
Jeremy Butt
I'd buy that for a dollar!
Joosta Rapstar
i was 14 when this came out n its still boooooom
Josie Wales70
Brings back TOP memories..stands the test of time! Classic track.
The 90's began:))
I got this after seeing him open for PE somewhere late eighties/early nineties.
Kerry G
He struggled after his minor fame. Used to speak to him a lot but lost contact. Very talented
Kyle Campbell
Lee O Shea
listening to it now 26 years later it was well ahead of its time.
Lee Stickland
Tune !!!!!! Still Huge
Lee Sutherland
This tune was so ahead of time ..........think you pretty smart ahh think you can out smart a bullet
Lenny Atkinson
lol bet you think your pretty smart huh think you can outsmart a bullet did like this
Lenny V
A few familiar faces on that video from Aylesbury town!
Lone wolf productions
yup still fresh in 2018
Matt Cross
My sister went out with Richard Brown when he was 16 years old...flmao :)
Matt Eddy
I grew up in Cornwall and I was 14 when this was fresh. I had my break dance hoodie, a piece of vinyl flooring and my ghetto blaster. I was king of the hill. lol, how times have changed.
Super !
Miguel Angel Alvarez
Not only is this a wicked tune the guy is amazing as a bloke. Met him way back in the day and was real. No I am the shit attitude. As someone said I would love this to be in the remake of Robocop which is looking sweet. Just the right song for the film even tho its 23 years old. (YES that long)
i loved this cd!!!! like the best ever and searched so hard for it to get a hold of it... i still have it.. love that fast hardcore ruff shit from the uk back those days!!!
Music Man
Blijft retegoed. Uit mijn tijd met Bk's , startercaps en rugzakken vol spuitbussen.
Nick Anderton
think ya could outsmart a bullet !!!
Nobby Norberto
yes, bussin the pioneer car speakers up back then
Noiselab Project
49 people didn`t comply with this tune and were then shot in the head so thjat`s good then, heh heh
Paul Ashby
Maffia leaders underworld too we gotta Kane um now the slanky days are through
Paul Boswell
Liked the raw \
Paul Stanley
Still fookin boss song
This has got to be one of the best rap tunes I have ever heard. I have loved it since It was released. Damn its gold
Stay out of trouble!!
Rocky G
This was Absolutely Amazing and still is.
Seeds One
big up deejay Mo all day!!
Shaun Roberts
Oops, the 1990 bit gives it away.
Holy God he omg whoa so ahead of his time!
I've still got the 12\
Tara khan
2017 this tune is still doing it for me...
my favourite horse that somehow can hold a dinosaur ontop of it
Still sweet after all these years. The speed was mental back in the days now it sounds really normal :)
Vader Fett
I played this CONSTANTLY on my Walkman when I was 15 in 1990 - Perfect Year!
XB Bongo
This will never grow old....Just like Young MC and His know how
XenoTronus PrimeZilla#21068
I thank my dad for showing me this.
Zulu Zubiccon
Staggeringly ahead of its time. Released in 1990 fs ?????
al hoceima brother
Good old days
betty swollocks
Bring forth the guillotione was cool aswell
20 seconds to comply after 700 years .. If not you will end up with sir jimmy mc Gary glittery mc tin tin blairy ..( fairy) obamup wat a joke .. Why ? Scotland's not.. strong enough that's what they say ... Idiots.right im going to be on with vigorous intent now
uk class
diane clayton dunn
thats my philosify wiv kids when i ask them something they got 20 seconds to comply or nowt will appen lol
proper top granny punchin tune this \\o/
Best British rap ever...ever
never been able to find the lyrics anywhere online -quality tune, never ages!
acid flashback.... purple ohms..... fever club in aberdeen....whooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Was heavy then and is still heavy now !!!!
wow takes me back to taping my fave songs from UK top 40 rundown on Sundays on BBC radio 1 this def got taped I still got them somewhere lol ....11 years old just started secondary school then
freaking classic\nawesome
Thanks memories galore
Excellent driving song - if you've got a decent set of wheels (like me, for example)
This is my first time hearing this (in 2018) and it is amazing.
when Air Max 1s were new.
neil mcloughlin
f#cking love it dun I
noviomarcus nimma
parkzicht !!!!!
How much intensity and energy can a song have?????
Anyone here from the world's end beehive fight?
ragga hiphop
I had the same mixer :-)
One of the best vocal ever ....
32 people have not complied with this new phenomenon.
shorty xmoshpigx
why is music like this long gone? world needs. ore hardcore rap!
stu and mid eq
Classic!!\nI was 19 when this badboy was banging out my distorted speakers in my susuki jeep!\nThis guy actually came from my home town of Aylesbury, Bucks,\nThe video for his other single \
This tune blew my mind when I first heard it. I was in my mates house he had just returned from uni in 1990 with the 12\
what a plonker rodney
What a tune still gets me going after all this time
Always had a habit of driving at least 20 miles per hour faster wish this on for some reason.
عابر سبيل
and waa happend to rebel mc last time i saw him in london clup back 1994