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New series underway, lets start off with a Top 10 for the Super Sentai 6th ranger introductions! Let us know what you think should have been on the list, or what order your favourites are!Like my content? Well damn, I have a patreon now. It's not much yet, (this is where you come in). $1 a month gets you early video access!►►

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I think abrekiller and dekamaster should be on the list. Abrekiller showing how dominate he is over the abarangers was intimidating and cool and how dekamaster destroyed a 100 enemies in 2 mins, beat his arch for and saved the girl was badass!
Aaron Lozano
Ive been dying to get back to PR so Im probably gonna rewatch everything from in space till SPD but what sentai’s would you recomend? Yoo after what would be RPM
Adrian Abrenica
No x1 mask. :(
Alexsus French
magi mother
Alfonso Payan
Dudeeeee Idk how I got this video as a recommendation because I've only watched American power ranger and the Japanese media I got was not much outside Pokémon games and general mainstream anime \nBut I have to say just the summary of the episodes of Go-onger pumped me up 😂
Angel Mgale
I agree with number one
Arcus Lux
The worldo? No no no, it should be za warudo
power rangers timeforce is like an american style of timeranger
Where can i find sentai series with english subs or dubs?
Bobby Torres
I actually like Misao as a character, and understand why he is the way he is, I just didn't like how the show treated him for the sake of humor\n He is someone dealing with a lot of issues and that is serious stuff, but on the show itbwas played for laughs... cuz clearly depression and post traumatic stress is so gut bustingly funny.
Burst Flare
Wow, I didn't realize Power Rangers also borrowed plot points from Super Sentai, I thought it was just the suits, monsters, and fight scenes, with the occasional similar transformations.
Captain Tokusatsu
I don't think Misao was annoying at all! I thought he was adorable and really relatable. He actually had PTSD from the brainwashing he had, and his arc involved not making his fear and trauma go away, but learning to fight back against the people who hurt him *in spite* of his fear and trauma! I will always fight for Micchan to be included in the upper echelons of Sixth Rangers, and Sentai in general!
Chaotic Gore Magala
sadly kibaranger is not loved in japan, but in turn japanese audience enjoyed power rangers white ranger. (I am not kidding)
Charlie Felton
GaoSilver should have been up on the list at least as an honorable mention
Cikar Odhitia Kartadilaga
you like goon ger i like go onget
I know it's your list, but not even honorable mention for Gao Silver? Come on they took the whole arc to introduce him. And considered you picked Kyoryu Gold, isn't it the same idea originated from Gaoranger?\n\nMy personal favorite, which many people might looked over, is GekiViolet. Gou is a cool and calm guy. He hesitate to join in first place, which is something we are not seeing often for extra ranger. (mostly it's the other way around) Not sure if he's fit your criteria of 6th Ranger though.
Ddeo Zzero
Sooooo anymore?
You should do more of these
Digi Tamer J
Dude if anything u reminded me I need to finish Go-Onger and Boukenger as those r the sentai I'm watching right now
Digital Jacob
Just don't make a top ten final form with PuToTyra and I'll enjoy this video series.
Doctor Who
Wait where do you go to watch Sentai Episodes??? I’m really trying to get into Sentai
Doghog TV
I think J from Go Busters should be on the list
Edmon Uyan
I would prefer x1 mask to be the top as he is the first sixth ranger
El Vlog Atemporal
Wait... You put Utsusemimaru instead of GaoSilver... for real?
Eric T. Miyahira
I don't get the hate towards the world, I find it funny how he gets depressed, even more In the crossover with gokaiger.
It’s crazy to see how close time force recreated the scene from timeranger
Shinken gold just amazing 😍😍
Flapjack Lang
I thought kyuranger was the greatest sentai ever.
Guardian Player
Wow KibaRanger
Hebitsukai Metallica
Just my opinion and probably biased cause it's one of my favorites but I think Bouken silver should've made the list probably as an honorable mention or something just through how badass his first appearance was
Hãris حارس
I hate cheesy shows like recents kamen riders and sentais but i love good designs as, for me, the most important part of tokusatsus. And this time i'm surprised by the fact that goOngers looks pretty good.\n\nAnyway i love your list. Its balanced between old and new shows and pretty much reasonable. Thank you for making this kind of videos.
Irvan Syah
The gold wing played by the kick hopper ?
It's Over 9000 Productions
I'll never watch any sentai shows ever, but I still love these videos.
Izuku Midoriya
I should make a JoJoke about one of the rangers being called \
i never watched sentai so whos a better white ranger?\nTommy Or the Japanese One
John Klugh
I been trying to watch this series. I just can't find the first 5 or 6 seasons.
Jounin Ren
number 7. ZA WARUDO!
Justin Sigler
badass six ranger list: Dragon Ranger, Time Fire, Abare Killer, Gosei Knight, and Zyuoh The World
Kazemaru 8
I was annoyed that TimeFire wasn't higher on the list based on theme song and entrance alone, but I love that the Go-On Wings were given such love in this video. Thanks so much for making it.
KingofKings--Jihyo Gaming
Wait, Gai Ikari died?\n\nOre wa, Ikari Gai. On my 18th birthday, I was killed by a monster. To come back to life, I became Gokai Silver and started collecting eyecons. I have 99 days left
LUCKY jean
Let be honest how many here was calling everything here by it American name powerranger gave it
Lamb Chop097
I think gaoranger's GaoSilver had an interesting story arc, especially when the character wanted to redeem himself and became the silver ranger.
Leon Cook
Sounds like you can watch time force and get the same results of time ranger
M Iqbal Hamdani
Just curious, and I do hope you don't mind my asking. Where did you find that instrumental version of the MagiRanger theme you play starting at 8:53?
Malachi Thorn
Need to find out more about all this myself but like what I've seen so far.
Marcos Pacheli
Mark Cruz
I wish Gokaiger was adapted into a third space adventure. Space and Lost Galaxy being the first 2.
Mc raid
9:17 naughty boy touching boob 😂😂😂😂
MegaShadowblast Secondaire
Wait, people hate Misao from Zyuohger? How? And why?
Movie Critic
You should do the Top 10 Best Moments in Super Sentai w/ Special Guest Honorable Mentions
The World is awesome because he’s such a suicidal depressed individual that only want to be the best but is sadly not. When Gokaiger displayed the ability to have many many transformation and he only have 3, he was so depressed he couldn’t do anything. It was hilarious.
Muteki Hero
Gao silver
Nice list.
Nitro Thunderus
You should have putted in wild force
Olga Ortega
Olivert Jacques
Sorry zamir i know who creat power ranger and you dont know nothing about u s a saban creat it and japan copy it
You were a kid when Go-Onger was on the air?? Me too!!
Paul Turner
calling Q Rex a zord...that's a paddlin'
While I hate Misao, his intriduction was badass. Sadly that sums up my thoughts on Zyuohger as a whole
Peter Steves
the time ranger plot sounds very much like the power rangers time force SABAN STOLE THE EXACT PLOT NOT COOL
Pierce Sahagun
wait... did you say as a kid? you were a tokutot (I'm trademarking that)
What about Black Knight Hyuuga from Gingaman? Wouldn’t he count as a 6th Ranger?
Purple Raider
Misao is adorable
Quoc Trung Vo
love the list\nfor me, i would personally put gosei knight on the list\nhe's just so different from other 6th rangers\nbut again, awesome list
Rman Nayr
The 6th Ranger is always Badass!
Sam Butler
Sandvich Collector #TF2 for life
8:31 \
Go-Onger :the sixth \
Hiroto/Miu \u003e Gem/Gemma
The Deer King
Did you mean for that repeated part during The world?
Excellent video! Can't wait for more.
Tim A
Ohohoho nice list, and I agree on the no. 1 on the list, although their introduction in the series wasn't much a surprise for me because I was already in the university when the shows airs and there is too much spoilers on the net already, especially from their own official page. \n\nBtw personally I would like to include Beet and Stag buster somewhere in the list haha
Toku Nation
My favorite 6th ranger introduction is easily Kinji (StarNinger). Now before you threaten to kill me. Sure he was a over exaggerated American stereotype and sure he showed up WAY earlier than he needed to; but keep in mind, all the other rangers in Ninninger were really bland, and it was great to see someone with an actual personality. And it was great to see the mystery of the character and his reveal was very well built up.
Toy Bounty Hunters
This is one of the more informative Top 10 lists I have seen for Super Sentai/Tokusatsu. Solid list, good job!
William Lamarche
Shinkenger was extremely better than it’s American counterpart Samurai
beybladegeek usa
Hmm.., Debate of Hou-Hou soldier and Ryu commander being the 6th of Kyuranger\nAnd a Debate on OOO's Final form
billy the dogs
squall charlson, did you even watch gokaiger! he saved a girl running across the street to get a flower!
lol dang I was hoping abarekiller would be number 1, oh well. nice video though!! I need to watch diaranger, gaorangers and abaranger again. anybody know any sites that has all the series?
bui tran hoang nam
The 1st little bit off
david colt
Jaspion tbe best
Technically Kyuranger DOES have a 6th Ranger by definition. Hou-ou Solder. Hou-ou Solder uses past 6th Ranger cliches to make it obvious that he is in the 6th Ranger category. He predates the main team by over 200 years just like KingRanger is technically the original OhRanger, Yes Kyuranger is set in an alternate earth 300 years in the future but looks modern because of the 300 years of societal and technological progress supression by Jark Matter. Hou-ou Solder is the super prototype of the Kyurangers like MegaSilver is for the MegaRangers. Hou-ou Solders color scheme is the same as the Red Ranger... Red like TimeFire to TimeRed, infact both fought alongside each other while both were very upset by the need to do so.
@1:57 so one of the Timerangers is apparently a Philadelphia Flyers fan.... I'm cool with this
fullmetalag2448 Ng
it was a young girl that gai saved
Nice video :)
jiraiya The legendary sanin
All these are japanese or something? I only get that power ranger samurai but the cast is different
joshua frazier
Personally I'm glad Misowa gets recognized from how dark, menacing and utterly badass his introduction as The World was. But how his character had to greatly contrast from the other basically flat and 1-dimensional Zyuohgers really hurt his character and the series. A honorable mention I would've put here was Beet and StagBuster from Go-Busters.
kuggacourage gx
Misao is my favorite if u hate him then u all are the monster
marvelous LIE
Yeah. I'll agree that Misao's introduction would have to be badass. I might even dare to put him higher on my list, simply due to his heel change, and him dealing with the things he'd done under Genis' influence. His characterization makes a little sense if you take that into account, and the possibility that he might be Autistic.
n . s
if kyuranger was on this list ,the houou soldier would have made the top.
Jeez, the Sentai shows are way more interesting than what Saban put out.
sdgaara 2
Woah, what’s with the dude wearing a flyers jersey in tim ranger?
Magiranger is so stupid. I love it. And capes!
tyler treash
gai from gokaiger save a girl
How could you forget gao Silver?