Rpg emotional music, play games and listen to this Composer: Eric E Hache

Download videos:

Here is the composers website, Eric E.Hache check by!! : Tears of Anger 12/24/199901:15:71 Tenderness 10/25/2001

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What are these animated scenes? The untold stories they tell are amazing!
Adam Giraudet
Anyone know if I can download the songs? Preferably one by one and not as a single file.
An Angels Ghost
Is there a link to the image from fable 2?
I still come back here sometimes
Dude, I dreamed about this place about 2 months ago... wth
Bibi Best
telement beau :)
Brettin Battison
Guild Wars 2 + thus = masterpiece
How do you do a solo pathfinder? I just started trying to learn Dnd, pathfinder, GURPS, and a book i bought called Anima Beyond Fantasy. For Dnd i have the Redbox 4ed, and for pathfinder i have some pdf that i found online, same with GURPS. But i have the Anima book. Anyway, im really struggling as ive been a mmorpg/consol rpg player for like 15 years.
Ciryl Rewolf
me and my brother, used this for an RPG irl c;
Collin Monette
Honestly, the best way to learn is to sit down and play with more experienced gamers. Have a basic understanding of the dice system it uses and jump into it. Watch what other players do and what they are rolling for. Don't be afraid to put forth ideas or ask questions, as your group will probably know that you are new to the games anyways. If you're all new players, just start out with scenarios introducing each part of the game (combat, roleplaying, etc.) while following along with the book
awesome to play minecraft with this music ^^
These songs are very fitting for playing Banished, I've come to find.
Dan Hoppel
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game...it's not the same as the Pathfinder RPGs. You should look it up...it's fantastic.
Daniel Kritzer
It sounds like Dark Cloud \u003e.\u003e and Skies of Arcadia Legends
Danilo Molina
Im a Wizard and i approve this :V
Love the play list listening to it while reading manga
I can imagine those hacking and slashing sounds as even if im not playin an RPG XD
I'm planning to modernize some of these since I made those around '98-2000, any song in particular you'd like me to start with?
Sounds like some song from Tales of... :)
Where is the video picture from it's nice?
Eric E. Hache
At 36:52 it's the song Faded skies, I did play the Flute, Guitar and Bass live in that one. That flute bend is simply done by half blocking holes gradually.
Eric Hache
It's called 'Fading away' those songs are all on \ngamemusic.ca
Can I download these songs somewhere? I want to play them while playing tabletop RPG adventures with my friend (I'm Game Master)
Frozen Gamer
I have to say Faded Sky is my favorite so far.\nSuck a beautiful melody!
i was chat roleplaying with dis
Giovanni Fernandez
wxactly what i was looking for i hope it fills my expectations
the one that starts at 4:16 sounds like its from star ocean the last hope, or maybe from star ocean till the end of time.
Anyone have any idea what song is playing at 27:35?
is the second song \
Happy Gamer Damian
Awesome Eric ! 
Thank you bro !  I really enjoy listening to this :) I would admire you for editing informations and add names of songs :)
Whoa! Amazing!
what game are these songs from or can you provide download link for each one :D
What's the song starting in 18:04?
James Arnott
*continues to wish to be reborn in tamriel*
Jasiek J.
Mr Eric i love you
Johan Liebheart
Could you tell me what is the song that starts at the minute 10:06?
Julian Schumann
so gurke this music, i love it
Best ever!!!!!!!! :)
I'm programming a game to this music.. what a nice inspiration
Kleber Braga
Excelente playlist para escrever. Inspiração na certa! :)
Really really good collection. \nThough I'll switch to other video after song, but next song was awesome too, then after another, after another and after another i turned to move to my fav :-D
L.A :P
The thumb nail is totally from fable 2, right? It's either the house in the demon door or farm house at the end? ;0
i am a dwarf and i approve this playlist
Lawrence RJ Tate
Listening to this while playing Battlefield 4 is very strange...
Louis-Guillaume Bossu
i understand the composer's name. i have a heart\
Marcan 2
FCKING LOVE IT PLS ERIC MARRY ME\n \u003c3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Marcelo Allan
Me and my novel LOVE THIS. Thank you!
Maria Lourenço
Perfect for LOZ and the RPG Mikoto Nikki ^^ Thanks
Mitchell Rutherford
Great for oblivion
MrGame Guy
can we download this ? or buy ?
Nathan Steele
Listened to this as I was playing Talisman :D
Nicholas morris
this is great. thank you. great for some D and D. and i use it for my LoL as well
Nico F.
Games i played to this and what i did: Minecraft (rpg server,traveling) Pokémon y breeding (lol), FFTWOL and FFII ( training a bit), thanks dude, this music is AWESOME
I love Ahead
\u003c3 it
Perfectly Evil
im trying to find music for my rp~! and this is perfect O.O
Nice effects, oooh.
Rolando Rodriguez
I love that picture at the beginning! Is that a video game?
The pic in the beginning is the \
The farm or house in the beginning looks like Fable 2 :)
Small Maw
I like how the image used is from inside a demon door in Fable II
Very emotional choices of music my friend. Great to listen to while playing Dungeons and Dragons if you ask me.
Stephen Rottiers
calling your name is my favorite
Its so nice!
wonderful how much cost this ? to have it in my game ?
This playlist is great! I use this as a soundtrack to my D&D games!
This and a bad game in League of legends... amazing... verbal abuse, punches in the desktop, reports everywhere, teemos AFK in a bush... It's so cinematographic... XD
Nice compilation and pictures, thx :)
Veiregor O' Real
Perfect for Kingdoms Of Amalur:Reckoning
Veldoran Gaming
Name please :)
This music sounds too much like it's made with a keyboard. Not good AT all.
Music is so great, thx for the upload!
artopius moon
nice animated backgrounds and great music!!!
Hey, Eric Hache, I can't reply to your comment directly because Google is retarded, but your music is awesome, especially for listening while studying for exams. I particularly liked Faded Skies.
This is so amazing! I'm using this as a background for a DOS game I have (sound doesn't work) and adds so much depth and feeling to the experience.
klaus idotneed
minecraft :D
Just wanted to say thanks for this! Great background music while I play D&D with my son's! =D
marley sousa
What's the song in 10:08 - 12:48 ?
listening to this while drawing \u003c3
what is with the green flashing part
Eric Hache... ERIC E HACHE. You are honestly one of THE best composers to date. Your work is really amazing, making a perfect mood for almost anything. I've only heard this soundtrack and your work on Infinity, but it still rocks. If you see this, I'd like to say, Infinity would've been one of the best GBC games out there, and I would've played it TO DEATH. (Oh and does Matthew Valante still have the rom? If so, either a let's play or dump would be nice plz)
So then, how would you explain the flute used at 36:52? Especially the part where the note is fluctuated in a decent that is only produced by live instruments OR audio engineering equipment beyond the means of a keyboard? I do some studio recording myself, and these songs could easily have been made by a synth, a regular keyboard, and/or an audio program. It's not impossible to replicate sounds through different means, but some of the ways these songs sound go far beyond just a keyboard.
vincent bell
I am playing ff14 to this right now. lol
can we see list of songs used here