Eurovision Song Contest 1980 - Morocco - Samira Bensaid - Bitaqat Khub

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Taken from the BBC's Song for Europe 1980

1980 Bensaid Morocco Samira Eurovision

Its a nice song,dont get it why it was second to last in the contest,and I would love to see morocco in the eurovision,its tecnicaly in africa but I think there is a small part in spain...Not sure but think they might be back...I would also love to se Liechtenstein and montrenegro in ESC.Montenegro entered trice and failed to get into the final and then gave up I think...And liechtenstein is in europe,dont know why they wouldnt get into the competition...:D\nSerbian lion
Muhittin Celik
Love you feom from turkey should be won in 1980
Sergey Hovhannisian
love you from Armenia
charly lambert
@MegaMoroder \r\n\r\nThey might make a come back :)\r\nCurrent EBU broadcaster SNRT thinks it might be a waist of money but.\r\n2M would like to to broadcast Morocco and they have applied to EBU to recieve membership alongside the Liechenstein broadcaster who wants to bring Liechenstein into the competition :)
oğuzhan oğuz
T\nÜ\nR\nK\nE\nY \u003c3 MOROCCO
יואל סמוביץ