10 Tricks Up a Euro Gap! - Josh Katz

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Nice guys
Barry Haynes
He like my photo sooo happy
Ben Beier
do a game of skate josh x sam
well i can't even
Cameron Ortiz
Hahahaha josh's griptape is the best, young and responsible
Cody Philipp
Am I the only one who's impressed with the throw of the shoe? \n-He recorded well while throwing\n-Threw with his left hand\n-Right on target\nAm I the only one?!
I have a similar style to josh, I make a fist when I do tricks to.
Dylan Batoon
Awesome video with josh katz Sam tabor
Ethan Izrah
JWs Productions
joshie and sammy
Josh Katz
Good stuff! Thanks for filming!
Josue Desir
like seeing you two in videos together, your like long lost brothers
what was that pressure flip no comply sorta thing
Ken Park
sick !
Manisha Mo
0:49 how did you hit that take #39 much
Nick Torres
Josh's tre flips look so good. I've been trying to get them good forever but the just wont work for me
Puma Rage
Katz vs. Alverez in a game of skate would be rather entertaining.
Ricer Garage
u know what? ima like this
Rob Eskins
So clean! Tre flip!!!
Ryley Hixenbaugh
Woo josh and Sam. My two favorite revive members
Sean Anuisz
FINALLY someone who wears a helmet
Solo Skate Apparel
Awesome to see Josh at that park
Tee Cee
You sound like Moredecai from Regular Show
Have you ever got hit with a shoe while you were wearing your helmet? here: BANG hahahahahhahaah
gunnar thor
that euro gap is so big its almost like a asia gap.
jeffery eveline
I Wanna skate that park so bad!
louie roberts
but that chris path griptape job tho !
michael medina
I hope I win the board
Finally a person who wears a helmet!
zachary Nickerson
I cant even