Suzuki GSR 750 Test

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We've been racing this poor unsuspecting little bike for some time now in the Endurance series of 4, 8 and 12-hour races and it has acquitted itself with honour, never giving a moment's trouble and actually reveling in the abuse we've dealt out to it. This was our initial road test of the bike and it seems we were impressed with it as a road bike as well. But then we reveal what will be happening in its future and how we will prepare it for battle on the racetrack.

Suzuki GSR750 Suzuki Motor Corporation (Automobile Company) motorcycle road test

G to the S to the R...
Gday from Australia, thinking about buying one of these. Looks like a fun thing
and the \
Honky Frying Pan
1:00 Has he been electrocuted?
Jonathan Bauer
I know this is a bit old, but I bought a hold over 2015 gsr 750 (in the US it was called a gsx-s right away though). Anyway, I have been riding for over 20 years, but I am kind of new to the naked bike scene, and I was wondering if anyone has opinions on sprockets for spirited street riding. I don't have access to a track, but I do have access to alot of empty highways. I just wasn't sure if stock gearing was best, or if I should gear it down slightly. I wouldn't want to go 1 down two up since that is probably too drastic for me and my uses, but am considering two up in back or one down in back just for a bit more torque and for first gear. But I am unsure. Just wondered other people's thoughts on this particular bike
Juan Escobar
I'm deciding beetwen this and one mt09, opinions? thanks!
Lomate Mick sturbs
100 bhp ain't bad for a 750 😝
Mark Corbett
nice riding bike
Love your show. Greetings from UK!
This thing costs 95k rands i.e around 4.05 lakh Indian rupees which is bloody awesome. If this is launched in India it would probably cost the double of what it is.
Stuart D89
Perfect first big bike, I love mine
ami oum
john smith
where can I buy that rug??
xXjaywrightXx x
its an very underated bike. ive owned various bikes and off the shelf this is one of the most enjoyable ive ridden,