Stone Cold After Cold Day In Hell

RAW May 12, 1997

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Crack open a couple of Stevewisers for the birthday boy!!!! Happy 52nd to the greatest wrestler of all time, IMO, \
Great stuff from the GOAT, as always. The Michael Jordan of pro wrestling.
Happy Birthday Legend ❤ #StoneColdSteveAustin! ❤
Ahmed Essa
what. ?
Amir Khan
Anthony Campos
SCSA even makes wearing an earing look badass.
Arshad Ali Khan
Happy Birthday Stone cold. guys visit me I got stone cold nice stunning movements too!
Asap Jersey
Where the video where stone cold was sittin in a wheelchair in the ring
Ashley Potter
Snakes have asses? =P
Happy Birthday Stone Cold
Austin3;16KOStunner WWEClassics
Yes austin oh hellyeah and thats bottom line.
When fans were enjoying their ticket fee😁😁😁😁😁
Didn't know he used the \
Big Joejoe
This is my favorite arena set up...simple but the best to me..just a titantron and entrance ramp 👍👍👍
Bigg Sprigg
I could of swore I saw Eric in the crowed at 1 59
Brian Form
Stonecold Steve Austin is the g.o.a.t
I often joked among friends that Stone Cold Steve Austin was a \
With Michael Cole around, it's easy to forget how much Vince sucked on commentary.
I wish the main event of WM14 was Austin VS Bret Hart
Craig Anderson
Now that's intensity for you. That's how you deliver a promo. Austin in 96/97 was untouchable promo wise.
My all time favorite, great quality man! thx for the upload
Date Masamune
Feels weird to see Vince as just the commentator.
Derrick Wells Jr
happy birthday stone cold your the best there ever was hell yeah
Diego Carvajal
Hey, could you upload Stone Cold and Dude Love forfeiting the tag team titles at Ground Zero. 1997? I think that was the first time Austin really got a big pop.
Dudley Morris
Look at the eyes, you can see the venomous anger seeping through during the interview.
Dustin Wheless
This was real wrestling. Tried to watch the shit the other day and fell asleep.
El Hajj Malik El
4:08 \
European American
I never heard somebody call somebody else a \
Fillip Hulles
Stone cold is like Forrest Gump, but with a higher IQ and a mean ass temper.
Foster Baird
you're not supposed to cut its head off you're supposed to whip it like a towel
Gatorade Guy
lol Vince smirking and smiling ..laughing inside..... I miss this role he played.
Gilbert Rodriguez
It's amazing to see the rise of Steve Austin from Survivor Series 96 to WM 14. The people were slowly but surely getting behind him. It was never forced like the wrestlers who are put in the tops spots in today's era.
Jazzy Jas
Happy birthday 3:16
Jeff Baxter
When you hear the glass, it's your ass.
Jetsfan71!! Jetsfan71!!
Stone cold had to hold back from laughing.
Johnny Polo
Can you upload when Austin gives Pillman a swirly? Think it's from King of the Ring '97 but I'm not positive.
Justin Akinretoye
Crazy to think this is 20 years ago!
LaMont Golden
Lucky Eddy
Back in the day where Stone Cold did NOT get a monster pop. Did that day even exist?
Mad Max
Vince was a good story teller.
Happy Birthday rattlesnake!
Maxim Atanasov
Happy Birthday, Stone Cold! The best ever!
Bret is the Judas priest. 👀
Metal Prisoner
That intro was totally awesome.
Miatna Moto
This was real wrestling. Taking the steroids out of it killed it for me. So much less interesting watching small chubby/regular guys.
Mike Nash
Bret Hart the only member of the Hart Foundation is alive. RIP Pillman, Owen, Bulldog, & Anvil.
Mike Thaxton
Awww the glory days of the WWF ! I truly miss those days !
Miss Jennifer Banks
I'ma start with the snakes ASS!!!
4:55 haha he was holding back laughter from saying \
Omero Marchetti
Hahaha you gotta love the old Stone Cold ear piercing.
stone cold best promos and wrestler in the history of wrestling
Priyash Khare
Happy birthday 3:16
Quent Pizza R.
That was stone cold
These Vince intro monologues were neat.
Reggie SoundBox
stone cold sure is one angry dude.😂😂
Rick Razor
oh hell yeah it's my favorite wrestlers birthday 🍻🍻🍻
Roberto Carlos
That sign that read “STONE COLD IS GOD”, lmao, gold!
Roger King jr
Bret bailed Vince out of trouble carrying the belt during the steroid saga trial while the FBI was watching.
Rohan Kumbhrajwala
what is that bg music since the beginning????
Rojan Shakya
Stone cold attitude of wwe
He was always strong on the mic
Ryan Brijlall
That glass shatter after he finished his promo was so on point. Not like today when guys finish their promo and 20 seconds later their song hits.
Ryan Caalim
Vince: I prefer not to comment on that\nStone Cold : Its cause you're a chicken LMAO!!!!
Man the intensity in Steve's eyes is murderous.
Salia Berthe
I prefer this theme (\
Samar Iqbal
Lol, the look on Vince's face when he's staring at Austin with a cheeky grin and say's \
Sarkis Samuel
STONNNEEE Cold hahahahah love the way Vince says that.
Shafiq r Rehman
Bret hart my favourite of all time
Shining Wizard
Christ...I never thought that recap would end...
South Winners 87
the most badass wwe superstar
Sridharan Radhakrishnan
Happy Birthday Mr. Steve Austin\nMy Favorite wrestler of All Time
Striving For Eternal Life
4:47 lmao he's a psycho, that's why we love him 😂🤣
Thomas Rodriguez
Even though this was not a good time for the. WWE. And the company. We can see the change in the next few months as 1997. Went forward. Raw is war begun. You had the beginning of the Stone cold Steve Austin character. And the feud with him and the Hart foundation. Later. The storyline with Shawn michaels and undertaker. And then. Undertaker and Paul Bearar. With the debut of kane. Now. This was. How wrestling. Was awesome. Even when not the best time. Now. It's corny and pathetic. People don't understand. All these idiots jerking off to NXT. Stop it. That's not good. It's not. That's dumb. All these jobbers. Finn balor. AK stupid styles. Shitgay Nakamoron. Sami zayn is lame. No they not. Good. They're. Hot garbage.
I love wearing all my badass stone cold shirts to work. People are always coming up to me and complimenting the greatest of all time!
Trey'von Grandison
Happy birthday the Texas rattle snake
Usama Zahid
Vince McMahon: \
Valenzuela Gamboa
John Cena wouldnt even be good enough to be a camera guy back then.
Vishal Sancheti
5:45..... blondie wanted Stone Cold's snake.
Wolf With Attitude
Even he laughed at his own joke of \
Wrestling Profiles
happy birthday Stone Cold, the best of all time in my book!
antifa hunter
Steve worked so hard to sell his toughest sob gimmick in 96 & 97 and he did a immaculate job doing so
If you didn't live through this you will never understand. I apologize for being that guy.... but the shit today is so wack comparatively - and I love wrestling.
cristania newton
happy birthday 3:16
that blonde was loving it
funny video
stone cold is tha best
The reason this guy is an icon is because Steve Austin is Stone Cold. It's who he truly is, just amplified. As they like to say, \
Aaaannnnd that's how you cut a promo.
ivan ooze
stone colds best entrance theme.
jj and a squad
happy birthday stone cold, rock is still better
kranthi ranadev Vundru
attitude pop thanks for the stone cold videos man started watching wwf and wwe just because of him.
I love this Entrance Song so much in mono OR what this is. It's not so clear Glas what splits, and the Bass is so damn Bad old.... I love to hear this so much. I hope you guys now what i mean ^^
If this were today, fans would say that Austin was buried and is now \