First Pictures of 'Dhobi Ghat'

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Here's the first dekho at Bollywood actor/producer Aamir Khan's much awaited film 'Dhobi Ghat'. Well, everyone knows that Aamir has a cameo role in wife Kiran Raos directorial debut film, Dhobi Ghat. But what is, or rather was, a closely guarded secret is that Aamir has a full-fledged role in the film and can be well called the lead actor of Dhobi Ghat. This makes it two lead actors for the film, the other being Pratiek Babbar, who is currently being touted as the only male lead by the filmmakers. Aamir plays a painter who lives and works from his tiny studio-apartment in a noisy and congested Mumbai neighbourhood. In our normal day-to-day life we meet so many people on a daily basis say a watchman, a servant or a dhobi. Pratiek plays a dhobi and the film is about how one day such people become very significant in your life. Thats the story of Dhobi Ghat.

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Should be a good movie !!! Aamir is there so of course ,right ?????
@TheDearbrother mr u don't watch their movies....they r true Muslims as any Muslim in India...i have many muslim friends....they don't have any objections, why r u concened about indian muslims, stay in saudi....and be in past only\n\ngood for u
M sure,,,, it will be a biggest blockbuster and super hit movie....
another MEGA BLOCKBUSTER of aamir khan
Prakash Kumar
amir is always super
Raza Syed
Ace Khan Aamir is = Great film.
Shravan Ashok
@nexxo Into the wild is composed by michael brooks. :)
@dimpal1983 All Amir khan movies are super hit. this one gonna be hit too.
boring allways same pics
ram ynwa
at last ! some talent from India's side also !\n\nlove the background score..and Aamir is looking awesome !\n*THUMBS UP* ;-)