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Please 'LIKE' me on Facebook:--------------------PLEASE READ------------------------------This is a video of my Top 10 favourite Extra Power Rangers (these are the ones who became rangers after the start of the season)I will be uploading more of my Top 10 videos soonPlease Subscribe, Like and Comment... Hope you enjoy this video :)

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Are these like the coolest rangers? Unique extra rangers?
Aaron Garnett
on my list I have the cam and Trent higher on the list over zhane, the quantam ranger, and magna defendor
Akish Abraham
u miss spd omega ranger that my fav
Allen Keenor
Racist Rangers
Amol Galande
The shadow Ranger..wtf....💪😂😂🔫🔫😘💕💕
Angelus Benz
um I luved the white and gold ranger
The wolf guy with the original cursed looks is the best.
B0dia Ni99a
Wide force the best
ziggy isn't extra he is regular just added in lol
I can't believe that the actor who played Kruger would go on to play Bolg in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.
Brother-Captain RAGEFIST
More people should appreciate the badassery that is the Phantom Ranger. I agree with tommy for #1 forever and always, but christ...noone remembers the Phantom?
Clinger Vinicius
e essas espada de cartolina
Crystal Lee
I like the part Anubis locked Mora AKA Morgona inside a card despite her being a child.  Raise your hand if you think she deserved it. ;)
Marrick I thought it was Merrick?
Damone Stephens
not to be mean or really complain but why did you put trent 7. I think he would be up there like 2 or 3.
Daniel Kok
16:24 'aren't you little old for this, Tommy?' LOL!!
Dorian Meesey
LOL that first one,\
Dylan Hayes
wait Lucario was a Power Ranger... nice
Edgardo Peregrino
For my, the best Extra Ranger will be Ryan because he was the first American made Ranger that could have better potential if it wasn't for the fact that it was so damn expensive to shoot original footage around him. But that's why I liked him. 
Trent was badass af
El Ski
I always like how the extras start out so powerful (when bad) then become quite weaker once part of the team.\nI say this because they can usually wreck the other rangers by themselves. \nOf course this could be just the other rangers getting better...and most likely, can't have the rangers being too OP but still. 
Emster Erick
I'm surprised to see the series is still going strong. It seems so different from when I was a kid.
Evan Holt
I swear Adam Driver is voicing at 4:20
How is Trent #7?!?!?!?
Isn't she live Moore? Izombie 😍😍😍😍
Ferry Martianus
2018 anyone?
GTA Stunts MasterCreater
power rangers now look like they belong in a modeling mag instead of the actual show
Giles Smith
They should do an episode like Forever Red, but with all the Sixth Rangers.
Giovanni Prado
You said the video is about ones that hadn't been rangers before but you added tommy as the Dino ranger when he had already been Mmpr, zeo, and turbo.
Greg Martin
6:40 I like how even the audience didn't know who the green samurai ranger was.
Antonio, the Gold Ranger, was the best, and my favorite.
I am Zaid
Ohh yeh...!! Buddy ur awsm👌
Iconic Designs
Why is it that the extra rangers are always so bad ass in their debut, but then a few episodes later they basically become weaklings... like the hell
Investigative Journalist
So many memories... \n#POWERRANGERFANFORLIFE
This really just took me back about 15 years
Jack Turner
I've never called anything I love gay but... Yeah... This is pretty gay...
Jennifer Gavin
To tell the truth I loved it when Tommy appeared so if I made my list I would put Tommy first
Jeremy J
I don't think Ziggy and Dillon are extra rangers. They joined the rest after, but they are still considered part of the \
John Wilton
Who's watching this in 2018
Jordi Núñez
i like also the jungle fury masters, daggeron, leanbow and udonna from mystic force and antonio from samurai rangers and jason was one of the coolest because he could defeat cogs even unmorphed
Antonio from pr samurai should be included
Okay, no offense meant, but why is Merrick not in at least the top 3?
Kuda Junior
okay does anyone else feel like all the Power Rangers had the same director or camera crew? hahahaha all those fighting scenes look the same.... :-)
Kylar Grim
Can I just say the way Trent stomps on the Dino Rangers is really stylish.
Lane Green
Is megaforce planning on adding an extra ranger?
Levi stgermain
trent vs tommy , there suits look sick as in cool
Luis Medina
Trent should be #1 tbh the guy was a power house
Magna defender \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e mike defender
Malcolm Eley
The Green Ranger in Ninja Storm was the SHIT!!!
Maximus W
Why didn't you include Antonio from Samurai or RJ or Dom from Jungle Fury?!
Mentor Altair
the creator of this video must not have known that tommy has been a ranger 5 times...lol
Mr.Nice Guy
Titanium ranger, awesome fight plus awesome music, yep those were the days.
2:06 it's my favourite power ranger saga
Nicky Zhang
Although I'm all in for Tommy being top 3...I feel #1 should be a tie between him and Jason returning as the Gold Ranger
I agree on number 10 because he's just so funny
Patrick Fabsich
Good list.Mike was a very good extra Ranger. Tommy is number one he was tree extra rangers in one Person!
Peter Paul Brillantes
Bro the extra ranger in spd is omega ranger
Trent from Dino Thunder was the best and definitely the coolest. Hands down. 
RAF unit 17
Its weird that trent was much more powerful when his evil than being good \n:-p
Rashann Sajous
Trent is the best of all
Reily rincon garcia
Rick The Brony
If you think that Tommy shouldn't be number one, you fail at liking Power Rangers.
Rickey Layman
My only complaint is that you only show clips, but don't actually explain why they are your favorites. A nice voice over with an explanation would help you.
Rijad Pezerovic
Mystic force? Korag??
Scott Price
I feel like the White Dino Ranger was a homage to the Zyuranger/Mighty Morphing Green Ranger.\n\nStarts out evil= check\n\nChest armor= check\n\nDagger weapon= check\n\nI know a lot of other extra rangers had similar equipment or circumstances but Dino Thunder and its Sentai Counterpart was the first dinosaur themed show since Mighty Morphin and its counterpart.
Seika Luxray
Well the hell is RJ from jungle fury?
Shikni Ful
From all the Extra Ranger i seen, they always:\n- Someone unexpected (well to other at least)\n- Either kick other rangers ass or save them when he first show up\n- Overly powerful at first but back to same lv as other rangers few next ep
Shouvik Ghosh
My top 10 extra rangers\n10- Antonio Garcia\n9- Dominic Hargan\n8- Trent Mercer\n7- Tommy Oliver\n6- Cam Watanabe\n5- Eric Myers\n4- Anubis Cruger\n3- Ryan Mitchell\n2- Daggeron\n1- Merrick Baliton
The problem with this list, is that Doggy Kruger isn't at the top.\n\nI'm sorry, badass shadow ranger whose actually a dog, not good enough for ya? Destroying monsters in one swipe, not good enough for ya? Imprisoning children, not good enough for ya?
Stephen Russell
if you HAD to pick Jason for this list (because I forgot he wasn't), what would you rank him as?
Stop This
Nope, NOPE I am so sorry but where was RJ jungle fury wolf ranger? He was so cool all the way through and he deserved to be close to top of the list.
Sudhanva Ml
Very good😍.But you did not bring samurai rangers in top one.\nBut mike is my favorite in Dino thunder . Its ok
Sunlight Hikari
Trent \u003e Cam, Zhane, Mike.
T.thangzalal Touthang
Why is dino thunder not strong
The Devil's Due
Ziggy and Tommy's Dino Thunder forms may have came 2-3 episodes after the rest, but they are considered \
The Iceman PTxE
Tommy's not only the greatest sixth ranger he's the greatest ranger of all time
I've always wondered how does every new ranger know what to say?
Why is merrick 9th is was the best ranger he had such a good back story aswell!!
Tommy Oliver
If you're going to make a list of \
Troy Schuberth
tommy is the best on both parts diono thunder and mighty morpion
1. Trent \n2. Cam \n3. Cruger \nonly the real ones know
you forgot antonio the power rangers samurai are you bonkers mega
Xyloshun Ren
Doggie is the strongest solo ranger
ZaronK Productions
Ziggy dont count
chebishi *
but Tommy had been a ranger already green, white,RED, RED so on... the zeo gold ranger was the best extra ranger. Jason would kick Tommy's but dude.
destroyer badass
I can't believe how Ziggy become a ranger
johnakin skywalker
white dino ranger doing the oliver queen voice before it was cool
leslie quezon
where's antonio
mike psolakis
Eric the Quantum Ranger! My favorite with Q-Rex...
maybe these guys were the reason why im never really interested in main character on a movie show
pranali redij
Where is Antonio (Gold Ranger) in power rangers samurai
Rj from Jungle fury was awesome
senthil kumar
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