The replacements bride chapter 71-72 [I hope I will not meet him]

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The replacements bride chapter 71-72 [I hope I will not meet him]zin translatordonate: ( paypal ) : [email protected]► Facebookzin :

Adreean Tan
Her husband will regret one day !! the real Yu-ni is going to appear soon and the wife goes to leave him in a state of pregnancy ... 😷
Barshana Shrestha
Run away plzzz girl
Cha Eun-Woo
Manga zin do you know when her memory will be back ??????????
Well, i just wonder how the author's feel when writing this manga... How could the author create this such psyco jerk fxxx man ???
Thank you
Igor vduzzhhjh6z5fziviooile
lov it lov it henks
Kira Kurae
@Zin Translator,\nWhere're the Full Chapters of Feng Ni Tian Xia and Shen Yi Di Nu you said you'd be posting?
Minder Prime
It amazes me, these guys who think they're 'all that' and they're just selfish, rich jerks.
Modhumita Das
Thank you dear
Parvathy Vm
He is kinda phyco.. he knows she is not his enemy, and not involved in replacement. So why he is treats her so badly. Huh don't he have common sense. I really wish her memory come back and give him a bitterness of regrets
Pretty Sunflower
Can anyone tell me when will her memory come back???\nIdiot guy... After making her cry, wants her to dance..hope after coming back memory, she will make him dance 😡
Hi i'd like to know if gentlefolk queen is still on your planning ? thanks for all the hard work Manga Zin ^^'
Rachael Little
Thanks for the update
Ratna Tetriana
Okey that's it! Who wanna give a puch n a slap to this jerk? Come n join me!
Selina Kennedy
I hope 🤞 he treats her well from now on
Vika karessfa
Thank you..
Zambo Culrz
Why is he still so mean to her? Knowing she's not the person he thought he married. Can someone hold and I punch him. Thank you for uploading. .
bedosone2 - ROBLOX
He does not know how to show love but he is so funny xD
kenienie sss
rhia cute
Hey, Psycho--you know she was innocent of the deception and of the harm to your family. You've already got weeks of brutality to make up to her. Get your head on straight or when she gets her memory back, you are toast.
waode alfried
Wow next chapter please