Bitakat hob - بطاقة حب - Morocco 1980 - Eurovision songs with live orchestra

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Augusto Ribeiro
I love Samira and this song very much.
Eurovision has lost meaning. Now most songs are performed in English. We need such lovely songs for better tase from differnet cultures.
Birgit Hoehnke
I love her green dress. Absolutely gorgeous.
Dominic Street
Not really cos Greece sing a song in English but it has Greek beats
ESC Online
Live music again on stage? Are you insane, or just blind? Live music worked indeed back when not so many countries competed and when the dominant music styles were easily playable by an orchestra or a regular band. Having in mind that now many songs are derived from electronic and electropop music, how do you expect to fit a DJ in an orchestra? And DJ's are a lot more expensive, trust me.
Leo Dirilo
This song is so beautiful!
BEAUTIFUL. Love from Israel
Mohammed Ali
Wow love this song❤️❤️❤️
En juillet 2018, je pense que nous devons revenir à 1980 pour écouter des chansons marocaines portant de message humanitaires forts...Bravo notre Diva Samira! Tu es juste magnifique et unique!
Nadine Borg
I love this song
This deserved more then 7 points!! Morroco, Please come back to the ESC!!
So underrated! This is so catchy and unique! It's impressive how the orchestra can play so differently to make this sound ethnic/arabic.
بطاقة حب
Yahia Ahmed
الله عل. ابداعک یاسمیره \u003c3
Youssef Htiti
love u morocco forever .
The last time an orchestra was offered was by Denmark in 2001, but there weren't enough entries interested to make it cost-effective. Paying that many union musicians for rehearsals and performance is indeed costly. I can't blame contest organizers who are hesitant to employ an orchestra that will be used by very few delegations. Fact of life, sad but true. Move on.
elhajioui lamyae
احنا اطفال كل الدنيا\n\nاحنا أطفال كل الدنيا\nطالبين عيشة راضية هانية\nما فيهاش حقد \nما فيهاش نار\nو لا خصام بين جار و جار\nمافيهاش ميز بين الألوان\nوالأصل واحد و الكل اخوان \nمابغينا حروب ولا آلام \nباغيين حياة كلها سلام\nفيها الأمان و الحق و الخير \nفيها الوفاء و الحب لكبير\nبطاقة حب و اشواق حارة\nمشموم جميل من كل قارة\nمع الرجاء كل الرجاء\nياعالم لبي النداء\nحنا أطفال كل الدنيا\nطالبين عيشة راضية هانية
Denmark did not offer any orchestra. It was NOS (Dutch public broadcaster) which offered the Metropole Orchestra to the organizers for free as a regular house orchestra, to be used for the contest annually. The Metropole Orchestra was, and still is, one of the leading pop orchestras in the world and its musicians have a regular state salary, meaning they do not have to be paid an extra fee for a gig such as Eurovision. But the EBU and organzisers didn't want anything of it.
I work in theatre as a conductor and keyboardist on big touring Broadway musicals. It's no problem for live musicians to synch with rock songs with the right arrangements and click-tracks. Even pre-programmed keyboard sounds can played by an actual human.\n\nI can also tell you from my own experience the more a performance hinges on today's digital sound consoles and their operators for reproduction, the more it can crash and go horribly and *silently* wrong. Live music is always better!
What the hell are you on about? Tune and equalize for a stage? Everything is electronically amplified so the actual interaction between an instrument and the actual acoustics of the hall can hardly be called relevant. With todays digital sound consoles every parameter can be stored and recalled faster than you can blink an eye - dial it in during the many rehearsals that go on anyway - during the concert the engineer(s) just recall the preset for a given song and bob's yer uncle.
Βασιλική Oικονομοπούλου
Only the Italians gave this song points...what a shame, it's such a beautiful song.