Fu Shao Billionnaire Wife Chapter 71 (傅少的亿万甜妻)

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Please READ this at your own risk!Please do not FLAG my channel as an unappropriate channel for the viewers to watchThis features might not be suitable for the people which age below than 18 years oldJi Tian was forced to leave Qing Ge due to Momo's pregnancy. Because of that, Qing De followed her aunt condition to get married into some former family which is famous in China. At the night of her break-up, there is a man out of nowhere suddenly appeared on her room.Hello there manhua lovers, nice to meet you. I want to share with you guys the beautiful story of the manhua and I hope you guys enjoyed it.If there is any of you that doesn't want me to publish this on my channel, do comment on below and I will definitely delete it. But I would be glad if you guys enjoys itDo subscribe and comment!Any feedback are highly welcomed! Enjoy~Background music Last Summer by Ikson:

Fu Shao Billionnaire Wife Manga LS Manga Love Story 傅少的亿万甜妻

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Yay...she found her backbone! Lets see your fighting style girl. Fight for your man and your marriage. Although you don't know that you are the girl he is looking for, winning will be doubly sweeter when it is eventually found that you are his girl and that he is the only man in your life. Thanks and appreciation MSL. Huge hugs for this mega feast of chapters by your hard work. Thanks you :)
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