First Person Friday | New Euro Gap

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Alex Binns
When will minigreen miniboards be back in stock? :)
Alex Ochoa
Oooo I heard that s bomb
Andrew A
I really like your gopro videos
Brady Welsh
I wanna shred their it's rad
Daire Mcewen
Hey I recently got a gopro and I was wondering how you attach it to your head, could you make a gopro setup video please 
Elliot Ruddy Skate
you guys should build a quarter pipe at the top end of the five stair so you could get more speed for tricks and you wont have to get off your board to turn around to go the other direction
Fallen Bassist
 i used to tie my shoe like that who ever thinks that there is a certain way to tie a shoe their stupid : )
Nice man and can u please make a setup video
Lauren Coulthard
I tie my laces like that 😂😂😂
Logan Healy
you guys should build a quarter at the top of the 5
Melker Borg
Nice euro gap!!!!!!!!
10th comment
Nejc Rupreht
You sould add a litle quarter pipe ontop of the stairs next to the wall
Nikolas Gibson
I rye like that 4 same reason
Ray Rios
Loved \
Such a great vid!! Liked an Subbed
The fakie bigspin at 4:00 was perfect.
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Alex how do u record first person what do u use
Thomas Carson
im really starting to like this channel and i just wanted to say you are awesome, alex!!!! :D
Zach Jagers
Sam, that's exactly how I tie my shoes and it works great
ez win
awesome.. just awesome.
sizlly dizzl
I'm a nooby at bording can i get some advice plz. :-)