There For You ft. Star Davis | Season 2 Ep. 17 | STAR

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Star performs the epic diss track “There For You.”Music available here:

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Aisha F Tofik
done been alone since I been me\nThen we turned friends to a family\nTell me why it feels like we enemies now\nEverybody getting hard feelings\nEverybody wanna tell secrets\nSomebody should've told me\nNeed to take three\nSee I grew up stealing in Pittsburgh\nMama died young so I been learned\nI remember when they came and got my sister\nI told 'em I would kill just to get her\nI really kept my word, I got Simone back\nPulled up to the A got her life on track\nHow you let a man take your mind off that\nHow you talking 'bout me behind my back\nI guess killing for you ain't enough\nGuess water is thicker than blood\nWhen you tried to shake the drank\nWho was with you through the pain\nWhen they took your homie's life\nSay who held you when you cried\nNo, it wasn't for the music\nIt wasn't for the fame\nThat debt was for real but you won't say my name\nWell I'll say your name\nSee Noah Brooks that was bae\nThat was my hand by the way\n'Fore you get mad\nI had it before Miss Crane\nBut she didn't know it was me\nI told her the truth\nBut she ain't care
Alaya Perez
“See Noah Brooke’s that was bae, that was my hand by the way. ‘Fore you get mad, I had him before Miss Crane” 💀girl went offfffffff
Alexis Smith
Alexus Jackson
Amaia Gooden
Star is lowkey speaking facts... Alex just mad cuz Noah like star and she stuck up for her cuz she wasn’t there... Star was always there for them
Amari Rushin
Star is pregnant who all actually watch Star
Amy Gutierrez
This wouldve hit big time boy😩💛☹️
I heard NO LIES lol
Angela Love
September 26 can't come no faster 💯
Ashley Rodriguez
Loveeeeee you so much 💗💗💕💖💞💞💝💕💖
Ashley Ellis
I like this song omg I been missing star
Ashley Love
I love this song😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩
Beyond Chrissy
Drama, Dirty Laundry, or Tea don't matter what u say this is fire 🔥 I'm loving star 🌟 who agrees 🙌🏼🙌🏻
A man at home in a wheelchair? Ohhhh she went IN in!
Breahna Davis
Star been right they been crossed her alex shady but nobody cares about star feelings because acts like she doesnt care.
Brittany Moore
Definitely a HIT 🔥 idc, idc
she snapped I cant stop watching this video \
Cassandra Dodd
You know she got a man at home in a wheelchair oh my God bro she went Ham on Alex
Catiana gutierrez
Since EVERYBODY WANNA HATE STAR lol true (thx for likes this was an edit)
Cheyenne Ibbott
Can star make moe diss track
Craig Patterson
Like if star is over empire
Cyera Davis
I lost alot of ppl and so called friends when I played this song
Dalisa King
Danii Dee
Immediately after this episode aired, I downloaded this to Spotify. This is a BANGA!!!
Darrick Burton
I am sorry to say but when a TV show dis track is better than the real music industry dis track. I must say it's sad. This is the best dis track I have heard in a long time. She took all 3 of their heads off.
Diamond Young
Djuan Brown
When tv show songs go harder than any of these mainstream songs out now that’s ashame. I mess with this
Double trouble Girlz
Star is my favorito 💞😍💍
E EmojiMojoGirl
Egypt Hudson
She actually wrote this
Elizzy Abuzahra
Best diss track of 2018 🔥
Evelin Rivas
omg go star
Farrah cesar
Honestly wish this song was real cause it wouldve been on the charts 😑😑
Fun with Anyicia vlogs
I frisking love this love this song it is amazing
Star why you gotta pull the wheelchair line like a savage 😂😂😂😂
Grace Wins
Lowkey one of the best songs on this whole show❤️🤷\u200d♀️
Favorite song of the season😍💕 she dropped it allll on this track! Spilled ALL the tea
When she says “You know like I know” it sounds like a word in another language
Jayla Powell
Pop off star
Katelyn Soto
i love this song😭😂
Kayla Wright
Who like Star
Kealie Kirk
I can’t believe she is pregnant in season 3
When Star said “How you let a man take your mind off of that! How you talk about me behind my back” I felt that!
Laporsha Davis
Go baby girl sing it, Some people need's to hear this in real life. I know this is just a song but some people act like this foreal. And treat people like this foreal. Especially family are the one's sometimes to turn they back against you as soon as you make a mistake, friend's will turn they back on you when they don't won't to hangout with you no more because you are not on they're level.
Latisha Mudd
I'm telling you right now carbiy B would be at the bottom if Star was real forreal
Lisette Nicole'
11 millllion crazzzzy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mark Herma
The fact that these girls show their emotions in the songs like it’s actually them and actually their lives!!!! \nSuch good actresses
Mechele Payton
My favorite Caucasian woman. Her acting is above average. Her music is straight fire!!!! They do treat her like she owe them something. But still she rises 🤙🏾
Michael Cummins
I just got started watching star i love that show
Michael Griffie
love you star
Michelle Trinidad
And this is why her name ⭐️
Mike Butler sr
#1 diss track of the year!!!!!!
Moonlight Bae
When she said I’ve been alone since I’ve been me I felt that on another level
This song and performance was 🔥 fire! Loved it!
Nancy Albano-Rodriguez
Who is playing this waiting for S3? I got this on downloaded on my phone banging 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
Neh-Bih Sangbong
She went innnnn. Star wasn't playing no games.
Nyagoa Wuor
Who else knows this word for word and sings it as if there in a music video😂😂
Osborne Ballard
Can’t believe Star pregnant 😂😱
Paul Tillman
Alex beat stars a** twice in the hair salon and in the performance
Peridot Sapphire
I heard this on Spotify, I’m about to go watch this show lol
Queen Regina
Did anyone come here after finding out star is going to be pregnant in season 3???
Queen jassy
this dis track had me SHOOK i could not stop laughing, who new star had bars,lmao this is the best song on star no other song can top it and they cant make one tht will
Rasheem Johnson
water is thicker than blood.... that's a cold line
Romario Eliacin
When you gotta keep reminding yourself this is a made up tv show 😐😐😂
STAR Lyrics
Am I the only one who preferred this version over the original? I personally feel like it brings out raspiness of Jude's vocals AND displays Star's anger so much better.
Saphire sharee-alyce Lucas
Shanelle Shanelle
I was like dang Star wasn't playing . Next week drama gonna be everything .
Shauntina Seals
She killed this
Sherly Cormier
Other than Jahil Dying and angel being taken away from Simone this scene was by far my favorite scene of last night episode hands down!!! star got some serious bars🔥🔥🔥who else agree with me? 🙌✋
Shyann Allman
I didn't understand this song at first but after watching season 2 I understand everything
Love this song? Check out the full version here:
Steph's Wonderland 2
Steven Smith
This is my fav tv show
This would’ve been a hit in real life 😩
Thelifeof Nishaa
Aye this was fire af, but Alex my fav but I love all them of them!!! So ready for season 3
Therealcalinique white
Season 3 in couple days omggg
Tia Evaa
Her Blouse is Everything😍😍😍😍
Tina Augustine Ward
Love star omg
Ty'Leena Jefferson
Who is still watching? Ready for season 3 🤩❤️
Whoa Star! And she never told a single lie bruh👏👌 The wheelchair part tho😂
akeelah campbell
Tell them the truth Jude
frostysnowman n
Good song 💕
genuine everett
Every female felt this on a whole different level 😂😂 she bodied tho
it's me WASSUPP
Who ready for tomorrow?🤙❤️🤣this about to be wild
jainej mims
When I get my car I'm be bumping this, this song fye🔥🔥🔥✨💫😘😍😻💋💘💞💝💗💓
john brincefield
I love this song
Who started watching season 3😋
kameia wattley
Greatest diss track in the world
Noah and Star are perfect for each other
mixed. khiaa
You know like I know baby!!\nSince you wanna go solo!!💎
nika smith
Still a Banger!!!! 11/02/18 🔥🔥🔥🔥
nyomi nious
Idc idc this my song!
og dexter
Star need to come to
pamela hatcher
I am so ready for season 3
samae simmons
twin got the same shirt booo
shamika slater
Either this or So Sick. Luke James&Ryan Destiny duet. Those the two songs i actually listen to over&over
shyann Ferguson
I love you star