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#droppedthekidsoffatthepool Whiting
When horror was horror! Still terrifying!
1 Bad Jesus
amazing directing..the way the light from the lamp swings back n forth behind the kid...slowly revealing the other vampires approaching in shadow then out.then in then out..terrifying!!
Jesus, Ben, did you have to nearly put the kid in the hospital with that shove?
Best vampire movie ever.
I'd have chained him to the back of my Gran Torino and pulled him through the streets...
Aaron Barber
Ben pushed Mark harder than he pushed Barlow. 😆
Aaron Turner
I know Barlow was trying to hypnotize Mark..I don't really blame Ben for being excessive..he had to make sure Mark snapped out of that trance for sure. In the book, Ben punches Mark in the jaw to snap him out of it. 😀
Alistair Cookie
the problem I always had with this scene is Barlow has survived for centuries -- literally hundreds if not thousands of years -- and THIS is how he goes out??? I mean, he didn't really put up much of a fight. Ben had no problem killing him.
Amanda Eklund
This is how vampires is supposed to look like:P screw twilight!😝😝
American Ghost Towns
He looks like Nosferatu.
Andrew Hillis
That was intense!!!
Benjamin Lucas
Kill him Hutch.
Bible Reading Outreach
Hebrews 12:20 (For they could not endure that which was commanded, And if so much as a beast touch the mountain, it shall be stoned, or thrust through with a dart:
Brad Nasarzewski
The scariest vampire movie of all time. It was awsome when I was 13 and NO ONE can ever put another movie like that together. The TNT version sucked ass.
Carl H
Would have been a better movie had it deviated less from the book.
Carmen G. S.
In the novel, Mark tries to kill Ben with a gun hypnotised by the the evil eyes of the Master.
Cathy Dorr
Scary, scary, scary!!
Shit creek Arizona !!!
Dan Clark
Whay happens when you get a bad steak.
Dan Reese
Remember folks  this was a TV Mini series made in the 70''s an didn't have a huge budget or todays CGI, but vampire with His teeth was no way the Actor could talk unless someone did it for him  , and I would think the vampire would had clawed Soul's face off with His claws , and usually when You kill the Host vampire the others lose their demonic ways .I know they remade this film like 10 years ago , not sure if they changed a lot .
David trueslayor
Aren't all the vampires that the master makes supposed to die when he dies or at least the ones created within 24 hours, oh ok the ones that got bit but lived they get released from the curse, maybe ??? I think it depends on the movie.
Dewayne duffy
one of the best horror movie of all time
Dixie May
Looked like Ben stared at his Face too.
DracoRepto X
I had to sleep with Lights on until the end of the Mini series, Scared me to death. I also agree with Neworderof... (If my memory serves me well)This was first released in EU,& UK in 81-82.
Frank Berst
Always loved this movie series....and always loved that he saved the kid's life by uh nearly killing him lmfao 😂🤣
RIP Tobe Hooper
Gary Ferraro
A bigger hammer might help, LOL!!
Graham Long
Still shits me to this day..
Greg LaPlante
Love the elbow to the face. Get down.
J. C.
The music after the boy hits the table from the shove is so 70s lmao
Why do you have to hammer the stake, are vampire's chests made of steel or concrete?
they need to make a part two where Mark is now an adult and killing vampires
James Ricker
First you stake the vampire then you take its head and burn the body or else you risk a miraculous recovery and face one pissed off vampire.
Javier Herrera
Somebody asked why vamps are so weak. I would say that when they wake up, their Powers like floating or superhuman force are down.
Jeffrey Twining
I feel like the master did not get nearly enough screen time
Jess Tapley
0:22 Sit down, Cueball!
John Stocker
Fangs for the memories.
Jonathan Straka
Barlow has always looked amazing, but what I think gets lost is that, despite there being alot to say for not overusing a character for maximum effect, the fact is is that Reggie Nadler is only really in two scenes in the entire 3 hour miniseries, for a total of less than 3 minutes (I suppose you could count the split-second his face shows up earlier in the movie during an attack). There are far more publicity still photographs of him in various poses than there is any actual screen time. He shows up at Mark's house, and he gets killed in his coffin. I'm all for keeping things mysterious, but Barlow was way, way underutilized in this movie.
Jose Martínez
David soul vampire Slayer very cool and scary
José Arturo
Face it Barlow if Ben didn't Stake you, Hutch would've sent Your David Soul to eternity with his Singing, Don't Give Up On Us,Baby.
Julia Denielle Girl
Hutch the Vampire Killer
Karl Lieck
Um...thanks Ben, for saving my life? Now who do I see about my internal injuries?
Ken Jurek
Barlow is the scariest monster ever on film. Today’s over the top crap does nothing compared to this. Great acting, too!
Ken Mills
I always felt he killed Barlow far too easily, like this scene should have been much more problematic, it kind of diminished the effect of the Barlow character for me after all the build up in the previous scenes.
This movie scared the mess out of me when I was a kid. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have been watching it at 6 or 7 years old though.
Kojii Naz
Note to Hutch:\n1. Tell Starsky and Huggy Bear where you are - they're worried\n2. Carry a bigger hammer\n3. Try sharpening your stake\n4. Lighten up - a smile costs nothing
Kool Kendra
That shove tho???
Kurt Barlow
He’d never kill me that easy!!!
Kurt Patterson
How is this movie not more recognised. It seems good.
Luis Manuel Sanchez
I was 15 years old , when this movie came out . Till this day i am scared off .
Michael Williams
They had the whole entire day to do this, why did they wait right before it got dark? lol
Mike Hudson
Takes me back to 1979/80 when I saw this as a 14 yr old it scared me to death!!! Wish they made shows like this today.
Mitchel Anhalt
I love when Barlow looks at them and he's like \
Mr. Cole
The MASTER or the MONSTER???
Narendra Patel
That fight looked easy. Tbh
Primus 777
David Souls finest hour!
Renita Chapman
I saw all three of the movies and I liked the one with David Soul and the one with Rob Lowe. The sequel Return to Salem's Lot was not that great. I just listened to the book on audio from the library. I read the book when I was a teen. The book actually gave me nightmares last night I fell asleep listening to it on audio and dreamed of being attacked by vampires and here I thought I was pass that stage I guess I can say Stephen King is truly the Master of Horror 
Rochester Swift
Incredible editing... normally cutting like this doesn't work well at all.
Rodrick Thompson
Grew up in a nice size house you know the kind you ch lose one side off if trying th o keep uour heat in one place .when Grandma shut that ONE door you talking bout somebody scared!
you have to remove the head, it's the only full proof way to permanently kill the vampire.
Schmitt Djeson
*Zombie vampire attack!*
Remember Kids... When hunting Vampire always have the stake ready BEFORE you open the coffin.
Sophia Aldous
That interplay of the swinging basement light with the vampires slowly crawling toward Mark is deliciously creepy.
Sound Logic
Why are these vampires so weak? The master vamp can’t even overpower some wimp and the 2 vamps creeping from behind can only slowly crawl? Are they supposed to be weakened?
Soviet Mapping
Omg Way scarier than the exorcist
Poor Barlow, he just wanted to give everyone eternal life.
The bull Mc cabe
Best Dracula film made
I know the music is supposed to make this horrifying and Barlow is hideous, but that was pathetic. What happened to the strength he had that let him kill two people at once just by bashing their heads together?
Three One
My parents wouldn't let me watch this when I was a kid. So I never saw it.
Travis Wooten
I saw this in 1979, it scared the shit out of me! In my opinion one of three best adaptions of his books,the shining(Jack Nicholson and It(Tim Curry) being the other two.
Viktoria Ironpride
Well, no, I guess nobody could have called Reggie Nalder a \
Wish I was sleeping
I read the book when I was in 8th grade. Slept with a cross and a bottle of Holy Water next to my bed for a year.
YouAreTearingMeApart Lisa
abbas Ali
uh dad that's his crotch.
doug bull
I love the Nosferatu vampire look.Always creeped me out.still to this day the very first Nosferatu vampire is probably the scariest looking monster from any film ever made.
Jesus somebody grab the shotgun!
Considering its superhuman strength..never understood why the vampire didnt put more of a fight...apparently he could of knocked David Soul across the room with one arm??? ahh well... budget reasons..still a great scene
jack johnson
Now THIS is a true horror movie!  The raw, visceral kind that keeps anyone frozen in fear.  No fake CGI.  No pretty-boy vampires, that should be on the cover of Teen magazine.  And to think that this was a low-budget TV movie made back in 1979.  It packs more punch than a dozen of today's big budget Hollywood \
My kid puts up a bigger fight when going to bed!
john finck
I watched this on TV when it first came out. It was pretty damned scary at the time, and holds up good today...but I don't understand why they made Barlow mute. He loses all his personality when all he can do is grunt and hiss. He had so much personality in the book, WAY scarier. His intelligence and black humor that King gave him in the book made him far scarier than the version of him from this movie. Still pretty cool, though.
lakita shannon
this movie give me nightmare SCARY.
linda parsons
I watched this growing up it scared me but it was good tv then xx
mudshark jones
when you wake up with a two-foot log in your chest you just know its going to be a bad day .
Of course, we know that the pair of vampire killers end up in Guatemala later on, saying, “They’ve found us again.” Who has? What vampires remain after you kill the head vampire? And wasn’t Barlow the head vampire? And were vampires really tracking Mears and Petrie for vengeance?
pedro fernando arevalo
i always like when ben kill that vampire,i hate child killers,i saw that movie when i was a child,and that always will be my favorite part,ben is my hero he face that criminal and make him paid,i enjoy that part,great vampire movie,great ending,for me the best vampire movie.
raul ramirez moran
Muy bien David , así se destruye a estas bestias ¡¡¡¡
richard riccio
I always thought it was odd that strong as he easily pushed away by Ben. I mean, he opens his eyes in more than enough time to get up and attack..and yet he just stares as the boy and then finally pops up and gets shoved with ease. Great scene. but sort of out of place I thought. He basically puts up no fight. Expected more from the vamp who easily killed 2 adults with one blow.
salmon ninja
This scene nearly finished me off when I was a kid. The whole movie is just disturbing from start to finish, but Barlow is the true stuff of nightmares! It still slightly freaks me out now to be quite honest!
Let's open the casket first, THEN rustle through a bag to get the wooden stake. Horror movies, always making it tough for the viewer.
With or without  heavy make-up Reggie Nalder was very scary
texas guy
i love the very end where its just a skull and youre like ok looks like everything is good and then the mouth opens and youre like fml!!!!!
The Master died too conveniently.