Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Lyrics)

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Armstrong Louis What wonderful world

Agustín Casanova
Like si venís por Te lo resumo así nomas:-)
Aidan cortes
This song reminds me of a movie
Aiden J
Funny story I'm 13 I was in Tennessee with my sister hanging with my cousin ,aunt and uncle for spring break and me my sis and little 4 year old cousin were in the car and he jumped in the front seat and kept beeping the horn and my uncle got mad cause he was imbaresed and he hit my 4 year old cousin and hey got mad and I was dying cause the part what a wonderful world was playing and it was funny cause he got hit what a wonderful world
Anthony Hall
The only girl I loved killed herself because she thought no one cared about her.This was her favourite song just if I would of told her I loved her she would still be here. :(\nI will always love her gone or not her final words to me were \
Anthony Mekemeke
1653 anyone?
Brandon López
December 2018 \nMadagascar
Breno Santana
BRAZIL 👼👼👼👼👼
Bubbles ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ
Louis Armstrong saw a world of hate as a world of wonderful and that's what makes him amazing.
If they play this at the end of Stone Ocean,\n*A bunch of ninjas are going to start cutting onions around me*
Cade Spencer
Remember finding dory? XD
Cesar Zamudio
if this song was in fallout it would be very ironic
Cohen Paradis
Beautiful the song I can only try to live my life code on and so should others R .I.P Louis Armstrong what a wonderful world what a wonderful man one like =one pay of respect to what a wonderful world this is and what a wonderful man he was.
Who else started to cry
Dani Rmd
es grandiosa es ta cancion es jenial dios lon vendiga por esta cancion tan hermosa
Dorian Halabarec
And I think to myself what a wonderful song.
Dr Fopolopus
Poor Emporio.
Wish the song didn't end so quick
Elissa Colón
It tells you that when its bad outside it's still wonderful outside
Ellie Anne
At my 4th grade graduation we sang this song, I cried and ruined the whole thing.
Enrico Pucci
If I Die Here, ManKind's Fate Will Be altered!\nIn Order To Be Happy ManKind Must Be Able To See Their Own Fate.
my friend said he hates this song\nHe got hit by a bus\nI lost my bus licence
If you don't know this song you don't have a chuldhood
Fabrizio Perin
Final Generation
Humans don’t deserve the earth .
Gachaval Wolfie
This song is so beatiful does anyone not cry or fall asleep when they hear this☹️😣😟😢😭😭😭😭😭
Galen7012 playz
For the haters, to me they are weird why would they hate a wonderful song like this
Gaston Galvezz
Te lo resumo asi nomas, Destino Final jajajaja
Gordo Jean
Es muy apacible ver muertes, sangre y violencia de Destino Final con esta canción, gracias voz rasposa. Lo probaré con Faces of Death...
Haxorite Gamer
Irene Madeliene Bacbac
My father use to memorize this song cuz his planing to sing this song in newyears eve party(dec 31) at my home town but he did not reached that day because he die in dec. 27 cuz of heart attact ..😢\nheartbreaking song ..😢
This was most the time my primary school song for the hall when we walk in
Jeff Mendoza
Y resulta que el artista no es nadie más ni nadie menos ni nadie más que Louis Armstrong
What a wonderful song
John Vargas
Estuve viendo los comentarios y luego me recalente, imaginate me ganaron el comentario. Como dice candyman I'll see you soon
Jose Lopez
If only this song would play when the end of the world comes. (Sigh) everything in slow motion
Juan Manuel Henao Gallego
Y la muchachada se puso re contenta, imagínate, es la canción de destino final.
[Verse 1]\nI see trees of green, red roses too\nI see them bloom, for me and you\nAnd I think to myself\nWhat a wonderful world\n\n[Verse 2]\nI see skies of blue and clouds of white\nBright blessed days, dark sacred nights\nAnd I think to myself\nWhat a wonderful world\n\n[Bridge]\nThe colors of a rainbow\nSo pretty in the sky\nAre also on the faces\nOf people going by\nI see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do\nThey're really saying, I love you\n\n[Verse 3]\nI hear babies cry, I watch them grow\nThey'll learn much more\nThan I'll never know\nAnd I think to myself\nWhat a wonderful world\nYes, I think to myself\nWhat a wonderful world\n\n[Written by Bob Thiele and George Weiss]
Kakyoin MILF Hunter
RIP Jolyne Kujo,Jotaro Kujo,Ermes Costello,Foo Fighters,Weather Report and Narciso Anasui \nI Hope find you guys in the alternative universe :,(
Every time I listen to this song I think of Robin Williams.. such a great man
Legend Killer
2019 anyone?
Leigh Weisser
This was my grandad favorite song that we played it at his funaral
Leon MAX
Cuando tú padre te abandona, tu madre muere justo cuando empezaste a ser un hombre, tu enamorada te engaño, la universidad te presiona, trabajar para tus gastos, vivir en un cuarto de la 5ta avenida, parece que Dios toma mi vida como un modelo de castigo para sus creyentes, sin embargo siempre he sido positivo :')
Logan IceGlare /Λόγκαν Λάμση Παγετού
I don't know why, but this song always, Instantly, gives me the chills. I don't normally listen english music but the moment I hear this song I get chills, goosebumps (I don't even know how to say it). It is trully a wonderfull song..
Lord Joes
1922 - 2018 Excelsior
Mechcedez Luksora
Who alse from the end of Mythbusters? 😢
Melchizedek Read
i dont get the people hating on this video
Michael Ireland
@ 0:45 Anyone else hear the mondegreen, \
Michelle Quincy
November 2018. Where my people at!?
Miguel Contreras
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean\nEnd
Mister M. MSM
Monkeys Squad
back when money didn’t buy happiness
The original purpoes of this song was to bring optimism to people even in the darkest of times.\n\nIt's nice to see continue fullfil this purpoes even in modern day. That's how do you recognise true great art.
Narancia Ghirga
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 6: Stone Ocean
Nego El Gato Piola
Seria lindo dedicale esa musica a la gente que se quiera suicidar,no se porque se quieron ir de la tierra si vivimos en un Wonderful World
Nekia Hicks
Wow this is amazing..who would've known this 1960s song would've made it to 2018. Just a beautiful song💖💖💖 it makes me feel so good about the world
Nf 5000
I want either this or ocean man to be the jojo part 6 ed
Nikolai Orlov
What a beatifull Duwang.
Oussama Mostefaoui
What a wonderful voice .. its like the Paradise song 💖
The saddest thing about this song is how shit the world is now.
Y la gente que habla ingles no entendia nada. Imaginate llegaron personas hablando de la muerte y de Candyman
Pit Zagufull
It's been a great journey \nMiss ya Jonathan , Joseph , Jotaro , josuke , giorono and jolyne \nMy name is Emporo \n\nFast forward \n\nHeeeee haaaaa \nPizza mozzarella pizza mozzarella \nRella rella rella rella rella
Rodrigo Escobar
Old world better then the future
Rohit Rnair
*it's toy story* *I LOVE IT!!*
this song is the only thing left wonderful in this world
Scherezadah mei
I left my boyfriend 1 week ago and every time we had problems this song relaxed me, now for some strange reason it helps me overcome him
Sehar Xx
Brings memories i sang this song for class assembly in yr 6
Steve Velkos
This song is only two minutes long but it says so much.
Stop it with the moth memes
He lived through racism,WWI,WWII and many other horrific things and could still sing a song like this while being happy. If he found happiness so can you
His voice is truly unique and extraodinary, something you wont find nowadays, and even the future of music industry.
Who's here after vanoss
Taylor Strozier
Anyone else listen to the classics like this and think damn I was born in the wrong generation? That’s how I feel everyday
Tegar Alfalakh Thamrin
November anyone? 🤔✌️
The Fonz
The King of the Penguins
We all have something to associate with this song. For me, it's the scene in Madagascar where Alex gets his ass handed to him by all of nature
Thlanpuia Chhangte
2018 anyone?
Thành Long Trần
*too good until someone changed it to **-wonderful indonesia-*
Tiger Production
A long time ago I used to think that Luis Armstrong was the brother of Neil Armstrong.
Tony Montana
Theres so much more to this song than people even think they hear....the depth is incredible
Fortnites Funeral Song...Rip in season 9
Time to go to a new universe
*te lo resumo* ¿quién más?
arnold kokonya
This is what music really is. Where did we lose it fam? Let me know if 2018 has good music. Of people end up jumping out of a car to dance to a song, then we lost it along the way for sure.
awkward melon
How does this song make me very happy but also extremely sad at the same time..
I'm not ready for the eventual Stone Ocean anime.
lil Tinna
Who came after Fitz video?
r.i.p...mom...happy mother's day....gone but not forgotten
martin zavala
I want this song played at my funeral
olho do zoio
rahal chettri
When i listen to this song i think about those days where i used to watch dragon ball z and beyblade
تكنو سلف
This song makes very comfortable 😴😌 \nLike if you agree