Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Lyrics)

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Armstrong What wonderful world Louis

Angry Media Smily
2019 anyone?
Animations 300
a man poor to rich\na man who loved everyone\na man who stills teaching a lesson even today\na man who want to everyone\na wonderful world\n\n\nwe are proud of louis a man who made this world get more wonders\n\nso long my friend enjoy a new\nwonderful world\n\n -animations 300\n proud to say\n this words\n good day \n everyone
Anthony Hall
The only girl I loved killed herself because she thought no one cared about her.This was her favourite song just if I would of told her I loved her she would still be here. :(\nI will always love her gone or not her final words to me were \
Aurora Casillo
Sawngs awesome. Play it while playing cod killing zombie
Beyenne Reliford
This song makes me tear up
Brian H
Listening to this makes me regret not asking a pretty girl out in 9th grade.
Bubble Hustle
I'll leave just one comment. As corrupting as this world can be, from reality and social media platforms corrupting all of us, I just wish every mind would listen to this song for a peace of mind atleast.
Bubbles ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ
Louis Armstrong saw a world of hate as a world of wonderful and that's what makes him amazing.
If they play this at the end of Stone Ocean,\n*A bunch of ninjas are going to start cutting onions around me*
Cesar Zamudio
if this song was in fallout it would be very ironic
Cheetos Con Soda
Marttyyy\nAleeex\n¡Martyyyy!\n¡Aleeex!\n\u003e:v ¡MARTYYYY!\n¡Miércoles! \u003c:v
This was one of my grandma's favorite songs, and it became one of my favorite childhood songs after I was introduced to it because of her. It was like our special song. She passed away 3 years ago, and this song was played at her memorial service along with a photo montage. I'll always remember how the very last photo shown as the song was fading out was a picture of her and me when I was a little kid walking hand in hand towards the sunset on the beach. So I can't help but tear up a bit when I hear this song. I still miss her so much and this song makes me a little sad, but it also makes me smile and reminds me of the happy times we had.
Christian Earl Torrico
October 2018, anyone?
CornRow Kenny
Patrick mahomes is such a great singer
This song makes me so sad because we as humans are ruining planet earth
Who else started to cry
I hope i'll See you again soon Jolyne and Jotaro
Dani Rmd
es grandiosa es ta cancion es jenial dios lon vendiga por esta cancion tan hermosa
Danny Dony
What a wonderful world..
Dawston films
6.9 k ppl dont think it's a wonderful world
Diego Martinez
Diego Sales
Dr Fopolopus
Poor Emporio.
my friend said he hates this song\nHe got hit by a bus\nI lost my bus licence
Everoy Facey
The song of my childhood this nostalgic feeling 😢
First !! But Green Tea
Fromage Baguette
This has been a great journey, Jonathan.. Dio...
Game circle 01
This makes my cry of Robbie Rotten R.I.P. 2018
Giomon gta
Hi There
I wish this song was in a fallout game
Whenever I listen to this song, I think of a fabulously gay priest with the power to accelerate the speed of time, until the entire universe resets so that he can achieve heaven because a bodybuilder version of David Bowie from Labyrinth wanted to....
Hunter Stoker
best music ever
I Rule Hyrule
This song should be #1 in the charts FOREVER!
It's Rachel
I love this songs!! 😃😃
This was most the time my primary school song for the hall when we walk in
2018 still here
Jairo Mora
Jarissa Mendez
I put this song for my baby and it relaxes him and he falls asleep 💖
Jaward Capuno
2019 anyone?
Jonathan david good
This is the song they put on the announcements after the lock down at my school after 31 students were killed
Kacper Jakubiak
Kakyoin MILF Hunter
RIP Jolyne Kujo,Jotaro Kujo,Ermes Costello,Foo Fighters,Weather Report and Narciso Anasui \nI Hope find you guys in the alternative universe :,(
Katia Yazmin
Why do I feel like crying?
Soy el unico que esta cancion Le dan ganas de llorar
Every time I listen to this song I think of Robin Williams.. such a great man
Leigh Weisser
This was my grandad favorite song that we played it at his funaral
Lemmuel Lapitan
I miss my childhood no polution and so guite like ti if you agree with that
Lovable light
All I could think of is the movie, Madagascar.... Oops
Melchizedek Read
i dont get the people hating on this video
Melvina Marshall
This song reminds me of my husband who sang this song like Louie Armstrong , he will be truly missed , my husband passed away December 4, 2016......Love you baby, miss you so much....
Michael Ireland
@ 0:45 Anyone else hear the mondegreen, \
Mister M. MSM
Monkeys Squad
back when money didn’t buy happiness
The original purpoes of this song was to bring optimism to people even in the darkest of times.\n\nIt's nice to see continue fullfil this purpoes even in modern day. That's how do you recognise true great art.
Muhammad Sulthan Nasyira
0:00\n\nThere you go😃😄
Nekia Hicks
Wow this is amazing..who would've known this 1960s song would've made it to 2018. Just a beautiful song💖💖💖 it makes me feel so good about the world
Nf 5000
I want either this or ocean man to be the jojo part 6 ed
Nicholas D. Wolfwood
The moment that you see your friends, but different after the universe resets thanks to a father that was friend with a vampire
Nicole Demonteverde
Loving this song \u003c3
Nightbot is a cool boy
I love America. I'm so happy that I was born In America. I so want to return to the 50's or 60's, but I can't. I promise that I never forget about this time \nI LOVE YOU AMERICA.
One_spicy _boi
Russian badger anyone ?
Oussama Mostefaoui
What a wonderful voice .. its like the Paradise song 💖
The saddest thing about this song is how shit the world is now.
Pit Zagufull
Pyro Mancer
❤️ God Friends Family Animals World Life
Ray Manbert
Louis Armstrong and what a treasure. God bless his soul RIP
Real Flames
What a wonderful world
Rodrigo Escobar
Old world better then the future
this song is the only thing left wonderful in this world
Sam Osa
*optimism intesifies*
Solo Cristo salva Inc.
If Madagascar did not brought u here ... u have have infancy
Stop it with the moth memes
He lived through racism,WWI,WWII and many other horrific things and could still sing a song like this while being happy. If he found happiness so can you
His voice is truly unique and extraodinary, something you wont find in nowadays, and even the future of music industry.
TNT skorge nyp
Love is yo song😘💚💛💜💓💕
Taylor Strozier
Anyone else listen to the classics like this and think damn I was born in the wrong generation? That’s how I feel everyday
The Fonz
The King of the Penguins
We all have something to associate with this song. For me, it's the scene in Madagascar where Alex gets his ass handed to him by all of nature
The Spanish Inquisition
I miss emporio. He deserves more after what he's been through
The wildlife guy
i love this song
Thlanpuia Chhangte
2018 anyone?
Tiziano Cedroni
Wayle toulor
Its so sad that we are destroying this planet because we are here just passers and nature stays always\nEvery time you are about to throw garbage on grass think about this ONE PERSON CAN MAKE DIFFERENCE \nFor now is ok but im wondering would my grandchildren be able to see all those animals like pandas or tigers and all of those animals who are about to exctinct
What are you looking at
This is beautiful
adan escalona
this is how i feel when i hear this song :'( cuz it reminds when i tryed to kill myself
ananda gebya
What a wonderful wold...
arnold kokonya
This is what music really is. Where did we lose it fam? Let me know if 2018 has good music. Of people end up jumping out of a car to dance to a song, then we lost it along the way for sure.
r.i.p...mom...happy mother's day....gone but not forgotten
martin zavala
I want this song played at my funeral
mrapple Castillo
I miss the old world
olho do zoio
rene castor
2018??? else?
sosa YT Sosa YT
Algun mexicano
sweet H
19.10.18 anyone?
Madagascar/find Dory
And I think to myself🎵\nWhat a wonderful world🎵\nYes, I think to myself🎵\nWhat a wonderful world🎵🎵🎵
تكنو سلف
This song makes very comfortable 😴😌 \nLike if you agree