The Flash meets Supergirl | Barry meets Kara

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Abhishek Biradar
Tough competition for wonder woman?
Andrea Huebert
Screw Barry and Kara or Iris..... imagine Barry and Kaitlin!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Baratta
I friend-ship it!!!
Apple Fanatic
omg i never thought of it like that.
Apurva Kumar
I loved it, great comedy.
Biancamaria Valenti
Love the part where Barry tells Kara she being an alien is very cool and the part where they both go “the what now?” “The who now?” When they both introduce themselves 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 also awww they’re adorable together.
Two super heroes \
Brandon Kohout
The Scarlet Speedster and the Girl of Steel.
CBA [1K]
*What really happend*\n\nKara: Hello\nBarry: Hi\nIn barry's head, goodbye iris
Camacho Hensley
I love the way she hugs him. Those are the best hugs ever.
Wouldn't flying make Supergirl faster? She doesn't have that Speedforce thing, thus friction affects her.
Dakshin karthik
I'm here just for 1:47 - 1:53
Dan Love Monika
If they are girlfriend and boyfriend they name be superflash
Daniel Akinsola
Their responses to each other's names always have me chuckling
David Hildebrand
Davis Turner
screw iris it should've been him and kara
Can anyone tell me which episode and season from it is
Speed Speed = time travel, dimensional travel = vibration, Barry needs to vibrate really really fast, he basically phases though to another earth, it's also why Cisco can open up breaches, i hate that the CW changed it.
Grant Gustin is such a good actor.
Epic List
Barry was like WTF in his head yo😂
Erick Ayala
Eskimo pal
I want to see them making out
Florence Ngwa
Am I the only one getting Serena vibes from Kara
Fortnite everyday
That fire looks so fake
I dont understand,i watched episode 18 before but i dont remember seeing this,wht am i missing?
Ginaya Spencer
I ship these two
Hollywood Media
you nee the trident and the aqua force pendent and the northern star to revive me Please ?
Hüsna Kübra Yıldız
Im watchin superheros stuff but all i think about that they acted glee together too💃😁
I do Animations
S4 + Tachyon enhancement = GOD
Ice n’ Fire
If it sucks.. then yea..\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWhy not just be happy that you got that thing?
Imran Osman
Ismet Ansari
JHope and Blessings from Namjesus for Worldwide Jin
Jeremy Bryant
Super Girl or the flash Episodes ?
Joel Cox
Barry should be with Caitlin not Iris. #SnowBarry
Johnny Sidhu
God I love her. Could kiss that beautiful face all day 😘
Jolie Hall
Jungkook’s Wife
“ Your on Fire!.... * Goes into pat her down * NOPE “
Kalen IsAwesome
Usain Bolt is NOTHING Compared to these two.
Wow this is gonna be a weird one to explain to the team.
Ken Hill
It's still the coolest line on TV:  I'm Barry Allen, the Fastest Man Alive!
Kirsten Byul
the only thing that's stuck in my mind is the fact that its freaking Sebastian and Marley
Konoe Touta
Hi im Barry Allen the fastest man a way yes.....but thats a big LIE
This episode was very corky, but super good, no pun intended! Peace!
Lailani Rabaya
Kara is faster than barry cuz he used a device thingy
i still remember watching that flash episode, and i didn't even know that part was connected to an episode in supergirl as i didn't watch supergirl yet at that time XD
Lightly Salted
Wonder why Barry would choose to carry her out to the middle of nowhere.
Liza Saakadze
God they would be so cute together.
2018 & Iris is still a pointless character! 92% of her appearances are so others can explain things to her. But she's the leader of the group? AHAHA
Oh. They are so adorkable! I should probably watch the whole ArrowVerse thingy, it looks really fun and cute! Especially Supergirl and Flash.
Mariam Shoichi
Episode number please?
Math Solutions
He just revealed his identity with a stranger. What if she turned out to be a villian??!!
Michael Gallardo
Michelle Rivas
What happened to Marley and Sebastian lol? (Glee fans will Understand)
Mr. S
Which season
Mz. Fandom
What episode did this happen in? I don't remember this happening
Nacir Huizer
Can someone tell me which episode of the flash this is
Natsu Dragneel
what is this flash or super girl and what episode
Night Glider
Flash is the best you agree
Njang Edmond
I love the way she said it with absolute certainty and doubts as to why he,shouldn't know,her saying I'M SUPERGIRL!!
Ovi Ahmed
What name of the movie.someone please tell me!!!
Phil Swift
*Kara flies off into the sky* \n\nBarry: *.________.*
Photography _scenery_15
Why did flash not tell his team what happened during the episode
Priyanshu Pippal
It is From The Flash S02E18 but I don't know why this supergirl scene is cut down by them...\nThere is no supergirl scene in That episode...
Raina topiwala
This Flash should have been in the Justice League movie instead of Ezra Miller. Ezra Miller’s character seems more of a resemblance to Wally, not Barry
She's really hot.
does the show notice that no one ships iris and barry lol
Silvia Ndugo
Single Corruption
Nice nipples
Spiders Galore
The acting is so cringe in this. Especially at 2:28 . Glad I'm not watching low budget netflix shows like this one. Edit ( its not even really flash's acting, its the supergirl's acting ).
Squiggly MDV
Funny how Kara just flies away revaling shes a superhero she didn't even know Barry was a good guy untill he revealed himself . Superhero 101
Steven Medina
This Barry should have been Flash in Justice League instead of that weird ass dude who was cringy asf.
Tahoor Arooj
Berry is best
Tim Possible
And let's not mention at all that he went to another Earth (until she leaves CBS and moves to the CW)
Iris doing nothing as usual her in the background playing with her necklace
Tony Clarke
So this is it in the flash Barry enter a portal and got out in a second but on Supergirl he was spending time over there wow. He was moving so fast is like he froze Earth 1 that's way too cool ⚡⚡⚡
''I'm supergirl. '' ''The who now?''\n'' I'm the flash '' ''The who? ''
Warlock Generator
2:40 He was fourth wall breaking
Yasin Hasan
both of these tv series is awful
Yusuf Elhaj
Barry had more chemistry with kara than he ever had with iris
Ziggy Stardust
Hey flying looks fake.... come on it's 2018
aF Kayzar
I did enjoy this episode but I have to nit pick, why the hell would he just trust the first person he meets on an alternate world? He has been on other worlds that had evil version of himself, he should know to at least be a little careful. I know time issues and all that just come on man, don't be such a dummy.
big c's big brother
If the flash ever stubbed his toe at those speeds its hella over
braafheid rachel
These two make a good team !!
Man the chemistry between these two are so good that it's really bad that they can't be together... but then again they work really well as friends too so ya know good nuff
this is so amazing! two of shittiest tv series together, I'm spechless...
Barry's new suit sucks this one is way better.
jainy vp
The most fastest is flash if race with supergirl
I like how black canary is a popular hero.\nBarry expected her to be known,and in crisis,reverse flash mentioned her as one of the popular heroes as well
prince pasigue san juan pasigue
Your the fastes man alive and you can win wide reverse flash
q fan
Lovely... SuperNice + SuperCute = SuperFlash. Their real chemistry and sparking physics are defying gravity! Karry is the most adorable ship in Arroverse! Thank you for the vid of their 1st encounter. Wish they were on one earth and in one show... sigh.
too bad they have a 12 yr old girl writing the Supergirl least that's what it seems like!..I've tried to watch it on 3 different occasions and I can't make it thru 1 episode!......
Melissa is so hot in that costume
Thumbs-UP #645 I am, Sunday late afternoon 23 September 2018! Fun shows like this happen and sometimes a person’s life is so wrought with pain that they miss it all. Thank You for uploading this so I can know what I missed. I hope I never stop seeing the excitement in these type of shows.
wil21 nobbe1995
Aaw Supergirl and flash are soo cute together 😍😇