Lord T & Eloise | "EASY"

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Can you solve the math problem in this? Watch Lord T & Eloise take you to school as they invade the campus and distract the professors to promote their own lessons of debauchery to the young students, in this track from the groundbreaking double-album, "Rapocalypse", out now!

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@traysUtube santa is your mom and dad\r\[email protected] hater - rhodes was perfect for this
Jeremy Stewart
hell yes thats what im talking about \
Josh Knoxville
Dude, she is like 14
Live From Memphis
@traysUtube you should watch Lord T and Eloise - Wu Hui (舞會)
Madison Hedrick
Chic at 2:57 can move! You go girl!
Scarlett Parks
Great video & awesome beats!!! :) Enjoyed it! Keep em comin!
1:47 WOW!
amy cooper
@traysUtube Cuz you were fuckedd up before when you saw them
andy fox
Come see them This weekend in Murfreesboro at Bluesboro, pretty decent venue!
ugh why did you have to film this at rhodes, gross