Blu Exile - Blu Colla Workers

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Below The Heavens

06 Below Blu Colla Exile Heavens The Workers hip-hop

no dislikes...lets keep it like that...seems all the true heads are coming to the right place...\r\n
Alexander Vieux
this song is diggidy dope\n
Antonio V
Blu, This song puts a smile on my face. Makes my day all the time ^_^
Bart Kim
0 Dislikes mean none of the scum of youtube have managed to find this beast of a song yet \u003c3
@FaKeTrapx3 \ninspiration doesn't come from some weed, it comes from you.\nweed helps
Eddie Agui
Blu and Exile ... doesn't need to be mainstream :)
Eduardo Ribeiro
Can somebody tell me from where's the sample on this instrumental??\nNeed it really bad!!
Ernesto Diaz
how does exile sample this track he chopped it up like crazy freakin amazing
Felipe Cediel
this kid is pretty good.. hopefully he gets recognize by a big producer!\n
HART's Home Decor
This reminds me of the vibe that Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince use to groove to!!! HAPPY SHIT!!! LOL
Im Cryo
How can you dislike this?? I mean really come on man!!
Jed Spears
hahahahaha oooh man
he's okay where he is..he doesnt need to get world famous and shit...he's making music and we're lucky enough to find this nigga..fuck the industry
Klae G's
That outro is gorgeous..
Manny Styles
Marly Bud
and i take another loss wonderin why i fucked with you knowin i got stuff to do \u003c3
Mr. Johnson
This is too ill!!!!
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas - Quicksand
Blu needs to find his way up to the northwest and collab with some seattle hip-hop.
the music industry needs this guy, there has to be some way to get him bigger!
I can tell him he's black and blu, but he's already black and blu!
Rory O'Connell
Sample is Quicksand by Martha and the Vandellas. Thank me later
Timmy Thomas
Okay this beat is extremely impressive
Right,fuck mainstream shit!!!
johnny mathis...when sunny gets blue
how the fuck would you know, all you do is copy and paste other peoples comments.sheep.baaaaaaaaaaa
love is like a boat that keeps u afloat love is like a coat that keeps u from getting soaked love is a cloud of smoke inhale deep and choke love is like a rope pulling u in when u lost all hope love goes to my folks cuz those people are dope.
@hndlz Because people are attracted to stuff that shit,, it's morbid curiosity.
Sounds like Carmen McRae's version of When sunny gets blue
Can anyone direct me to the sample he uses at the end?
dieses album ist voll an mir vorbei xD ich hole es gerade in repeat-form nach, genial!
valdivia williams
I hate maen stream rappers THey lose out on what rap no HIP Hop is about