Salems Lot (1979) Window Scene(2)

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Danny Glick returns from the grave to claim his best friend Mark Petrie until Mark repels him away with a crucifix


I would have more scared having that Lon Chaney Jr \
Abigail Sockeye
I hate it when democrats come to my window.
Alberto Mora
This movie is GREAT. I love this movie
Alex Hdz
Wtf???? Luke skywalker vs vampyres????? 👀
Alyssa J.
How could you sleep with your curtains wide open knowing that there's vampires on the loose?!
Batman 429
Great scene
Benjamin Lucas
The vampires in this movie were way more creepy than other movies.
Hard to believe Tobe Hooper made one of the best vampire movies of all time on a TV budget. The man was a true master of horror filmmaking.
Chris Lightfoot
Scared the shit out of me as a kid. Looks bloody lame now. Plus I don’t think I would go back to bed if I bloody well encountered a vampire floating outside my window
Chris Muldrew
He knew not to unlock that window lol
Chuck R
The Simpsons Halloween special spoofed this
Claire Stark
I always liked this film. The interpretation of the vampirr as an unclean inhuman horror.
Crazy Davy
Don't think bbc censorship watched this film before they screen it for the whole nation , and why would they ? No need to ? A horror movie with James mason starring in it ? The old desert fox himself ! No need too , Rommel doesn't do ' shite your pants scary horror films ' no he only does serious films ! Maybe the odd Disney film , Mary whitehouse let this one slip through her fingers ! I remember has a young boy about 9 yrs old being allow to stay up a bit longer to watch the 1st part ( 2nd part shown the following week ) I had some knowledge of vampires , but from watching old black and white movies starring bela legousi ? , so we're all watching this film about a hour into my parents are ermin and rrrin about us being allowed to watch this film , so we kick off saying ' we're not scared and why let us watch it in the 1st place ! It not fair ? My parents look at each other then look at us and said ' ok you can watch it , but if you get nightmares! It your own fault ' so we that , we all carry on watching the film ... that night we are had to sleep in our parents bed 2 adults 4 children aged 8 yrs to 11yrs and our dog ! Windows shut all doors locked and bolted , thanks to James mason I experience real terror that night , \nWe we're lucky to watch the 2nd and final part , the following week as my dad was working nights and no way my mum was going to watch it by herself , she was right to as well , 2nd part was more scary than 1st , I had nightmares about this master for weeks , one classic film ! Another thing the blond haired boy in this , in the 2nd part , he seem to get rough up a lot by david soul , it seem personal , a bit to hands on for my liking , watching this about 10 year's later I thought to my self , if I were that blond kid , I would have kicked david soul in the bollock by act 5 if he didn't stop pushing me around , but that me , I think this was James mason last film , did he not died a short while after film was released ? \nInfact was he not ill when making it ? Any way am off to bed gnite
Crispy Blindead
Creepypasta tier before there was ever creepypasta. This scene totally messed me up as a kid.
I really wish I had that cobra table near the kids bedroom door. Nothing like 70s badass style.
Darryl Lewis
I saw this movie when i was 16. Absolutely scared the Jeebus out of me. 40 years later still have nightmares.
David trueslayor
In the 70's there were Vampires in the 80's Crack heads , open the window and give me $20 come on let me in I wont steal anything !
Donald Coleman
the best horror movie EVER
Donny Izzo
This scene still haunts me to this day.
El Dewgz Esmuymalo.
If u ever see ur friend floating outside your window in a cloud of smoke w bloodshot eyes, let him in he's got my bag of FIRE!!!🌳🌳🌳🔥🌳🔥
Eve Dean
If this had been modern day, he'd have taken a selfie then uploaded it to Facebook with the caption: \
Francisco Goitia
After watching this movie as a kid I had to leave my room and sleeping in my parents room for several years . Wait, that was also because my two older brothers recreated the scene outside my room's window. I was 7.
Gary York
i was a kid when this came out and it scared me shitless. to me it's still the scariest vampire movie.
Gorn Hegonomy
One of the creepiest horror scenes ever. From any horror movie.
Jer Szak
Lol, vampires are jewish. They hate the crucifix as well.
Jerry C
Salem's Lot was the first Stephen King novel I read. I was 15 at the time and no book scared me like that one. Passable movie.
John Archangel7
Salem's Lot was the only vampire movie/miniseries that scared me as a child.
John Doe
Mum? Dad? I'll sleep between you both tonight in bed!!!\n\nIt really was the most save place at that night, after watching this movie as a 9yr old bugger, back in the early 90s
Johnny Rutz
I watched that movie and the exorcist at the age of 11 and I never was the same no more. Hahahahaha
Johnny TwoShoes
Jonathan Heidt
Juan Salirrosas
I cannot grow old in Salem's lot \n-Eminem
Ken Lowman
That organ music was so appropriate for the scene. No better music could've been put into the scene
Kholoud Daas
The father scared me when he came in my stomack and back still ache
No recordaba esta pelicula en esa fecha en efecto en España se estreno en el 85.
Leonard Saab
I saw this movie when I was a kid by myself and this is one of those scenes that really stood out and sent chills down your spine like it did to me back then
Leonel Rivas
I'm Sorry but I would rebuke that vampire in the name of Jesus! Not just showing the crucifix and yelling \
Leslie Powers
If the friend floating outside the window is obviously undead and can float around then i find it ironic that they still have to ask permission from the living to open a window
Lori Welch
One scary movie! A classic!! Didn’t even need blood and gore to pump up the fear! Saw the re-make- this one was much better!! Even the book scared me!!
Lou Lou
And this very scene is why to this day I can never face an uncurtained dark window ! An absolute classic x ❤️❤️
Luciana Kueker
The dead kid was in no deposit no return and the apple dumpling gang his name Brad Savage he was also in red dawn with patrick swazey. I had such a big crush on him . He was so cute.😘
Markus Brackley
Never in the history of movie making has any book deserved a big budget remake more than this one. Mega-million$, top actors, and top director. It's only right and fair.
Michael Mojica
never been so scared.. till I saw this as a kid
I do that to my mrs every month when she,s on the rag never works though and she makes my life hell for about a week.
NO! YouListen to me
I remember watching this with my dad on TV when I was a kid. I'm 34 now and it's still a little unnerving.
Neon Rose
Scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. I would close all my curtains and keep a light on in case.
Nora Arroyo
Espeth lay nay
The movie scared me enough already as a kid,but this kid had to go and have my name.\
There was one scene in the book that I thought would have been great for this mini-series. The Susan character was turned into a vampire by the Barlow character/vampire. She showed up outside Mark's bedroom window one night, just like here, in swirling mists, and told Mark it was only a matter of time before one of the town vampires would eventually get him so he ought to let her do him. \n\nShe then asked Mark if she could come in and kiss him. Kiss him like a real woman would kiss him instead of how his mother kisses him. \n \n She said it, being an undead, wasn't so bad but the look in her eyes and face told Mark different. Then after he put a crucifix up at the window she gradually faded back into the mists with a forlorn/sad look on her face.\n\nThat would have been great in the movie, with that actress Bonnie Bedelia.
Philip Kane
While it has that unmistakable 70s feel to it, this flick still is creepy as heck.....the vampires are genuinely hideous; and the atmospherics---like this scene---are quite good. The novel Salem's Lot---as well as the couple of short stories in the collection \
Phillip Fawcett
Got to admire him for trying to go back to sleep after that.
PissedOff RebelinMI
Made for television. Not a lot of blood guts gore and violence, \nand they still manage to make this one of the scariest vamp flix of all time!
Ralphy Villa
I remember watching this movie as a child at my grandparents house. after that I moved my bed near the wall, closest to the door.
Randy Miller
I love this movie now...but in 1979 I was 10 yrs old & this movie scared the HELL OUT OF ME!!!
Ron Delby
Good scene
Ruben Puente
The Windows scenes always got to me. Scared the crap out of me. Still does lol
fcuk!! this scene did a number on me as a kid hehe
Saint Michael
One of my favorite horror movies of all time.
Salim Aslam
our parents must have quite sadistic for letting us watch this scary movie. I was 10 when i saw this and till this day I don't like open windows at night.
Skull Vader
I watched this for the first time when I was 12 , I am 45 now and it still makes my heart race.\nThe single most terrifying scene I’ve ever seen
Spock vs Khan
I remember this movie . My mom had to drive my friends home . They were too scared to ride their bikes.
Sr. BR
I would give a like but the're 666 thumbs up. Better don't change it
Straight Jacket
The freaking music
This scene used to keep me awake at night looool. I must have watched this film a 100 times. Salem's Lot (1979) ranks #2 after The Exorcist in my Horror movie list. Bring back the old stuff. They really knew how make movies back then, particularly REALLY scary onse that will scare the crap out of you.
Tasvir Mahmood
Now I cant look at my window at night 😓😨
Tony Jones
Scary as f*****, especially for a \
William Dial
I was 10 years old this scene made me piss my pants.
Yessenia Raquel Gonzales Leon
Por qué no la cuelgan completa y en español , porfis
Zakkee W.
This is truly classic
At 2:09 you can see what looks like the prop holding the vamp boy up as he floats away..
bren 70sss
Saw this when I was nine , wasn't the better for it 😨😨😨
Powerful acting. Mark just lost his best friend. You can see both fear and sadness in Mark's tears. Fear-in real life- is complex like that.
there is a great japanese anime that tells the salem's lot story to a larger and more interesting conclusion. Its called shiki. Then again, the rob lowe salem's lot was way better than tobe's. check it out.
damon ferguson
All that smoke.....dude flying......\nMusta been some good weed!
doug bull
teach your kids at a young age if you ever see your friend floating outside your window with yellow eyes don't ever open the dam window son.
Scary as crap when I watched it as s kid. Great scene.
that heart-beating music was the creepiest most suspenseful shit ever. On that note, the music here sounds a hell of a lot like the music in It Follows when the monster follows them
The father opening the door was the scariest part of this scene
femme muscle
I don't know about anyone else, but after that kid disappeared and the dad opened the door? I would jumped out of the bed with the cross and ran headlong out of that bedroom while yelling: \
harvey halloway
What a horror scene, one of the best of all time for me, brilliantly lit and edited and an original idea superbly executed. Saw this in about '82 on repeat as a young kid on British TV. Freaky.
ishmael nettles
Well I’ll be 🤔 I wonder why this didn’t work when I tried this on At&t the other day they just came right back
jason hall
Trump 2020.
julio nacario
this is one of the most frightening vampire movies I've ever seen
michael truthson
I loved how Joel Schumacher borrowed this scene for the scene in the Lost Boys when Michael begs Sam to let him in.
michelle jensen
When I saw this as a kid. I literally pissed my pants. I was that scared.
miko deth2018
damn that was a scary movie as good as those indonesian horror about Pontianaks
He got back in bed and didn't even close the curtains...
nadine brown
The grave scene with Mike is freaking terrifying too
Lance Kerwin and Brad Savage were prolific child/teen actors of the 70s and 80s.
By no means a perfect adaptation of King’s novel, but an immensely entertaining screen adaptation regardless. I love this movie!
pine Mapping
How could anyone sleep in that room all that scary werewolf stuff on the wall plus the vampire
Thats one brave kid
Anyone else notice the third leg on danny as he floats away? lol
real life
Mark was a very strong kid!!!
richard riccio
This scene as well as many key iconic Vampire scenes were badly done in the remake.
tenzin tsenpey
Why luke skywalker is in this movie?
Me: I reach under pillow pull my 45 and fire
Ever since I saw this as a kid to this day I make sure when it gets dark out all my blinds are shut tight.