The Undertaker Assaults Stone Cold Steve Austin 05/03/2001

Smackdown May 3, 2001For Part 2 -

attitudepop hhh triple h mr mcmahon stone cold steve austin the two man power trip

Ahmed Altoura
Airyanna Kuhns
Hello boys😂😂😂😂😂 6:24
Aleksandr Scheierl
Let me tell u stone cold deserved this
Amanpreet Singh
Best revange
Arshad Mahmood
First time I hated Austin
Part 2 will be uploaded tomorrow
Axel_ Playz
Lol undertaker was punching him and he had no choice but to take them\n\n\nBut gosh his eye is just I'm speechless that must hurt so much
Ayoutube user
Aaaaa wwf. Now this was entertaining
Berto Ortiz
brings back so many memories...i like how they made it seem so dramatic like a crime scene a kid this got me hype 😂
Brandon Williams
Each punch undertaker throws sounds like sex
Brant Frans
Better than todays stuff.
This is why Raw used to have such high ratings nobody wanted to miss it because you never knew what was gonna happen. Today nobody cares because its the exact same format every week.
the way the undertaker was throwing punching got me rolling
Dakarion Price
At 3:57 it sounds just like the beginning of austins song
Dan Perring
''My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and I shouldn't be here''
Dark warrior7000
Can u upload the rock beating the shit out of chris benoit
David Ford
Dr. Mohammad Irfanul Hoque
Ahhh!!golden days of wwe.
Eliseo Sepulveda
These were the days se enjoyed and se miss.
Back when two on one was actually a disadvantage.
Fawaz Albakhity
The best thing I like about the whole scene is that Steve Austin got his ass whooped by the Undertaker \n\nWooooo 😆
Fîrãz ÐãHMãÑî
lol man hello boys 6:24
Gaming Fun
This is better than today's wrestling
Gen Racer88
I miss those years😔😔😔😢😢😢😭😭😭
Ghaida Alqahtani
Lol stone cold Steve austin is like “I don’t deserve this!”
Goku Black
Back when Hhh stone cold n McMahon where best of friends lmfao
Guaa Ash
Surprise mtfk 6:23
These were the days of awesomeness 😀😀
HT82 Smash
You could hear Taker's shots...
beats the hell out of kane, says i dont deserve this..lmao
I enjoyed every second of this lmao
2001: *HELLO BOYS!!*\n2017: *I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!!!*
Iman El Kadi Daif
Es el mejor top de lucha y tenéis que saber luchar para que OS podáis defender de los agresores
Jack Hart
It was hilarious how Triple H disposes of Jeff almost as an afterthought.
James Gibson
Classic classic classic!!! Who else misses these days?????
Jay Ballin414
6:23 HELLO BOYZ😂😂😂😂😂triple H got outta there until he turned around. If he wouldn’t have turned around he woulda got away
Jayden Hendrickson
I like stone cold and triple h I was born watching him and triple h I wasn't born yet when this was made I was born December 28 2007 right now I'm 10 years old but I know WWF Got sued to
Karthick RKO Karthick RKO
I am feeling very bad why I didn't born on 90s . I started to watch wwe in 2009 only 😕😕😕😫 . some how Iam lucky that I have saw some great matches in 2009-2014.nowadays wwe is very bad and very boring SUPERSTARS
Kristy Kidman
3:58 Austin Entrance\nand yes that was a regular Smackdown show!
It's sad how a 17 year old episode of Smackdown is more fun to watch than all the modern WWE crap we get these days
Funny When Undetaker Tossed Austin Through The Glass @3:57 Sounded A lot Like The Beginning Of Austin's Theme Song.
Latoya Bailey
How can they leave Austin in the ambulance when they saw the undertaker 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Haha safety glass
Libertu Bey
Seeing Vince McMahaon, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H as one was one of the most scariest moments in WWF/WWE history, especially Vince and Stone Cold with the history between them.
Lovely Suman
Funniest backstage brawl!!
Lulee Tomas
Lol that was hilarious!!! Thats what he gets for messing up Kanes arm lol
Marcus Hill
How the hell yall couldn't see a 6'10 man hiding in the front seat of that paramedics 😂
Mark Clyde Saunar
The undertaker is real gangster 😱😱😱😱
Matthew Zablocki
Dam. I never realized how real undertaker made his punches look.
MerrieMelodies Fan
Poor Jeff Hardy. That idiot Triple H still buried him. Ugh.
Mikey Mikey mike
That part got me crying laughing 6:22 Hello Boys And they started screaming
3:58 *Austin theme instinctively plays*
Nathan Kohler
Undertakers my favorite wrestler
Neil Unknown
6:21 - Stone Cold: \
Nicholas The Reactor
Nikhil Jaiswal
The way Austin yells \
Quintin Banks
When WWE was at its Greatness
Rakesh Gaddala
3:58 austin theme song starting
Renée Boudreau
Epicness 👌
Robert Wilson
Trips is like \
Roshan Shine
Academic excellence e.g. A*'s, A's, B's, C's for school subJects and then the higher level SuBJects afterwards In succession .
Ross Robson
Really didn't make sense how Austin and Triple h became buddies, it was only like 5 months before this that triple h attacked Austin and said it was him that was responsible for running him down and then when on and beat the shit out of each for next few months, As if stone cold or anybody would forgive and forget so quickly let alone become best pals with them
Ryan Gillespie
austin HHH undertaker kane all legends ....
Funniest thing 6:21
SaadUllah Nazir
That was the peak time of WWE nd now wwe just sucks
Sam Ayash
Man I kinda wish that the under taker was in my family that way + John Cena Randy Orton a lot of WWE superstars where in my family that way if someone comes and tries to bully me they can be right there and if they do bully me then they would b\nBeat them UP yeah :3
My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and I don't deserve this!
Smoke Good Eat Good Leeah Good 😂
1:01 - 1:07 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sonu Mehra
Kill himm stone cold
Summer girl Gaming
Suzette Griffith
undertaker is the best
The Rattlesnake
Attitude era was more interesting than now
God WWE needs the American bad ass back at least one more time.. WrestleMania
Tigerguy 101
Trey's World
6:23 is the funniest thing i seen ever
Vatsal Singh
Austin had sides of his character one was badass anti hero as a babyface and other one was chickens**t coward as a heel. I dont remember any other guy having a total reversal of his character like austin.
Vikram Singh
Hello Undertaker
Vince Williams
The Hardys stink and it was weird seeing Stone Cold run from someone
Yusuke Knight
Undertaker: Hello boys!!! gets me every time Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!
So many people shit on the invasion angle but it is miles ahead of today's product
deshaefromarounthaway richardson
They had big beef back then
6:23 HELLO BOYS! I’m dead
jmo 14
was those punches real? it sounds real.
likko ram
😂😂😂😂\nStone cold Steve Austin: driver go\nUndertaker: HELLO BOYS. IMMMM SOOOOO DEAD😂😂😂😂😂
mark larkin
I was sitting there doing the colour commentary while triple h beat jeff hardy up 😂😂😂😂😂😂
mayuresh gambhire
Hey upload that stone cold payback on undertaker
monique Mkenya
I miss this....the undertaker was my all time favorite.
nawaz shaikh shiakh
Very nice undertaker
pooli ramesh
My Name is stone cold Steve Austin
random gaming videos
8:45 , you better call all the police ! hahahaha this is literal comedy to me
I hated when this happened... Along with Kurt Angle kidnapping Austin, blindfolding him, tying him up in chains having him beg for his life threatening to through him off a bridge. As a Stone Cold fan I didn't exactly enjoy it.
violent shemp
it would have been great if taker had gone around and got in the ambulance a second time. \
جنرال الرشيدي
هل من عرب العرب وينكم
ريان دي كابريو] RAYAN DiCAPRiO
What a great look of undertaker's hair