Erika Costell - There For You (Official Music Video)

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Erika Costell - There For You (Official Music Video)iTunes: MY SNAPCHAT ► ErkCostell

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Abyrocker101 msp
Who eles here after the break up with jake paul and her 🤣
Who else is just her for “I’m Erika Costell”
Allyxample •
Literally here for the \
Alme De La Cruz
Ray bro
Andrew Swanson Films
0:48 why is it so iconic
Animation Minis.
0:48 Thank me later.
Aria Rose
I don't even understand the drama, the song and vocals just suck. I'd recommend a vocal teacher and maybe a better producer.
Aura Tuomainen
I know this is the only reason you came here 0:48 there u go sisters
Avarie T
Look at all those dislikes\niM eRIkA CosTelL will stay stuck in my head forever
Aysun P
I watched this I blame Shane..
Baby Lexi
love you soo much
Banana Boi
Bekka Foreman
0:48 for \
Bonnie T W
I’m Erika Costell is just iconic now
Cara Pilly164
Any one els here from Shane...........just me oh ok...........🤭
Carys Allen
Watching this after they broke up x 😂😂
Cassis Charles
I can’t stop listening to this
It’s really sad that this passes as talent in our generation
Clorox Bleach
I was there for you
Danny Orozco
Everyone is here for *0:48*
Deon Spates
How did this song win a Teen Choice award???
Diego Aguilar
Wait didn’t they break up???🤫🤔🤔🤔
Elvia slime 900
Love this song I wish I can meet you
Flowerbaby Ok
i watched this because Shane Dawson's boyfriend always said it!!!
Frazix Gaming
This song was there for us lol. Especially I’m ErIcKa CoSTeLl!!\nAlso I’m selling replays so yeh.\n\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n0:47\n\n1 replay=1 like\n\n\n(Edit) OMG ALMOST 200 LIKES THANKS GUYS THATS THE MOST I GOT :D
Freddie Nye
What is this
Hey X
Hahah literally been singing “im Erika Costell” part for 2 weeks straight!😂😂
Hiplayz Gamez
This Is the most narcissistic Music video i have ever seen
Huyen Le
Who else is like meh until “I’m Erika Costell” 😂😂😂
I have Taelepathy
Watching this for Shane
Ichy Gaming
I wouldn't be right here without me? Does this makes any sense ?
IssaWierdo XD
0:48 yw 🙂
It’s Is gummy wear
The \
J. Shepard
& here I thought nothing could be worse than Friday by Rebecca Black..
After watching the documentary all I keep saying is IM ERIKA COSTELL like if you agree😂😂😂😂
Maybe one day I'll love someone as much as you love yourself.
Jamless ChimChim
0:47\n0:47\n0:47\nJust some replay buttons for \
Jerome Finley
I want to see u Erika\nI fell so sad because u and jake Paul broke up that’s why I fell really bad for u
Joey Ricci
Lol jake broke up with you
Julie Beanie
6 figures I was only 4
Justyne Sorensen
Kaelyn Aston garrett
Came to make fun of this but this is an actual bop. Like I actually love this song.
I only like when she say *I’M ERIKA COSTELL*
Kassandra Negrete
Stop with the Shane comments PLEASE!
Katherine Granados Molina
Are in New York
Kaylee Mikulec
Shes so pretty
Kitsune Neko
When your crush says he's \
Kylee Johnson
Btw i am so singing this when i am going on to American got's Talent!
Landon ;} Lite
If it wasn't for Jake you wouldn't be here for anyone
Mad Maga
Ever since I watched Shane I can’t stop just singing in my head “ I’m Ericka Costell”... now I’m here
Marija Paneva
America Costell
Max Silburn
this is soo good
Melanie Lopez
Who came cuz of Shane \n\
Melody Cheng
Love how even after 1yr I still can hear the auto tune
Michaela Castalaña
Damn it, Shane! You made the “I’m Erika Costell” part get stuck in my head!
Michelle Alvarez
Uhhhh I feel like she just hinted Jerika isn’t real yikes
Mike Lewis
I love you but you only have those subs bc of Jake also is jerika real????
I was just amazed at the goats walking on two legs... DAMN
Ocean River
This isn’t “there for you” this is “ I’m Erika Costell”
Olivia Fergeddes
half of these view are mine
Peter Kehoe
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Pikachu the sleeping Cat
0:48 your welcome
Pro Broz Vlogs
*Shane brought me here*
Rachael Warwick
Came here for “I’m Erika Costell” and she said it one- disappointed
Sahithi Ambavaram
i thought the comments would be better than the video but everyones just saying they came from shane or talking about 0:48
Sam Macfadyen
I love you 😍
Sammy S
“before the fame”\n\n\n\n\nwhat fame?
Sarah Jean
“I am not a rapper or an actor” ..... OBVIOUSLY
Shalana McCommons
Can you meet my daughter
She plays guitar
0:45 you're welcome
Why the goats
Suhaana Syed
I just realized that is the same couch from Powerful Emotions!!! I’m not trying to act funny I just love those songs and noticed that lol
Syriana Camilla
T'Mara Nichelle
I just can’t follow the point of this song. Are you selling your merch? Were you there for me? Are you flex in’ your subs? I’m so lost. 😂
Terrafin 15
Every like this gets I add another 😻\n😻😻😻
Why tf she playing wit goats lol
The EmptyPenguin
I wonder how much the goats got paid
i’m erika cos-tell
Trinity 18
She looks like that one student teacher that help out ur first grade teacher
Unicorn Donut
You guys came here for 0:48 😂😂
I heard snakes can swallow goats
Zain javed
IM ERICKA COSTELL. 0:49 thank me later.
a human
*I ' M E R I K A C O S T E L L*
rhyming must be hard.
I am not a rapper.\n\nI am not an actress.\n\nI'm eRiKa CosTeLL!!!!
emerson sims
iM eRiKa CoStElL
I am imagining jake saying: i‘m erika costell 😂😂
isaac shriver
1:03 looks hella green screen
loving the jenners
Savage,average from logan paul diss track.
morgyn Bronson
Is anyone watching this when Jack and erika are not together
natalie thomas
*shane has entered the chat*
its just me and my goats...?
Iam not a rapper, I’m not an actress IM ERIKA COSTELL omg that’s stuck in my head
Someone tell me I wasn't the only person who searched up \
shezi jayy
probably the shittiest song i’ve ever heard