Jason Park NEW FULL PART Teaser!

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Check out Jason's new part on Brett's Channel - I met Jason in LA a couple weeks ago and he is hands down one of the nicest happiest people on this globe! I definitely support this guy and am really psyched to help spread the word on his new part. You're gonna dig it skateboarder or not. Check it out and stay tuned for more videos everyday!

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Im still not used to shredquarters\n
9 8
Proud to be from Hawaii!
Andy Dunkirk
He's so raw
Anthony Moore
What did you do with the other whiteboard? 0.o
Applied reading
That looked freaking insane
Brad Brown
Unorthodox skateboarding, what i have been looking for way to long
I love all your vids, but this is terrible music for a skate vid.  The classic 90's/early 2000's would be ashamed hahah :D
Cian Gavin
r u fukin kiddin
Corey Vickroy Jr
Hes so original!
I just watched the video an brain snot blew out my ears! He is that awesome! This dude is Rodney Mullen ' s love child! Has to be!!! I'm actually sporting chub right now so I'm gonna go take care of that!
David Sanchez
I wanna order a revive board actually
Davish Crums
Finally, an Asian skater! To my ignorance, I dont hear/see very many good asian skaters, haha. But, he's insanely good, his style is awesome!!
Wow that was so cool now i am buying a Revive skate board
I cried a bit xD
Dylan Fundell
He's a pusher... Like if you thought of Mean Girls XD
Eldin Drljevic
This is amazing. Beautiful. REVENGE got me into skating \\m/
Enrico Bezzi
After the vid I just started listening to Andrew talk and I look up and see Jurason Park, shit is so funny. Absolutely makes my day seeing videos like this.
Football Goals HD
Fix the audio dude, invest in a mic, the echo and quality was pretty bad
Brett Novak makes the footage even better! Just like he did with Kilian Martin, Brett Novak just adds awesomeness to already awesome footage! It's beautiful!
Frank Kolondra
That was epic haha, nice dinosaur drawing man
Gabriel Mejia
The Song Is Called 'Daydreaming' by Dark Dark Dark
Gazooma Studio
''basicly Jason Park should be in pretty woman'' \n\nThat made my week, thank you Andy ! ;D
I honestly watched the video part over and over back to back for two straight hours. Such an amazing video
Nice andy
Im Veillin
lol whats with all the dinosaurs in the background
Jay Mazella
Organic/natural skateboarding. Literally.
Jeff Ortiz
Why is Brett Novak so freakin' fantastic at making videos?!
Jesse Watkins
Cool vid im the 4th comment\n
Jonny Giger
I run accidentley in to Jason when i went to subway in LA, he offered me to hang out at his place but i had to wait at the airport on the other joes... :( he's awesome!
Jovi Jenovi
Jason Park SOTY 2014
wow :D 
I thought it was Sean Malto at first lol
Ken Park
i've seen this part it s awesome :o
jason is a good skater and all but man does he have a wack style. i can honestly say i hate his style i dont know why but it just how he lands
Kyle Anderson
Andy you've got to do something about the audio in the new warehouse. 
Oh my god that amazing Video
Martin i
Cos he understands Cineramatography that's why he is so good every good shot should make a wonderful photo and the tre flip at the top of the stairs says it all . Great skating helps as well :)
Matt Moore
He is a dope skater
Matt Stawicki
thats peeeeerty sick
Matthew Reed
Michael Ramos
Hey andrew you should try and ollie as many stais as you can
Michael Youdontneedtoknow
this was on skateline right?!
I have the same shoes (:
Man! I some so addicted to skateboarding. O just wanna skate 24 hours a day, instead I'm skating 1-2. Winter sucks monkey eating a banana butt. Can't wait till the 60-90 degree weather. I will be in heaven.
Nate Hardy
Beautiful filming and editing, btw people if Andy whats to sort out the echoiness in the warehouse then he will if he doesn't then he doesn't, it won't kill you!
Oliver Cafferky
well this is weird because i jsut had the first rehearsal for the musical that my schools doing this year its aladdin
Oliver Cloyd
so good
Olivier Grondin
Wow that is some arts
Orange Juice
next Daewon!!!
that rolly polly was sick.
How can a video please me more?? My favorite skater, and a tribute to one of my favorite movies of all time! You outdid yourself this time Andy!
What's the song?
Pj Martin
Like a lot of the other commenters, I think that the warehouse echo is extremely distracting! 
@AndrewShrock Andy, why haven't you locked him up on your team?
Haha I saw this on vine
Rey \u200c
I don't know how many times I've watched that video part. Way too many but, still fuckin magical!
Robert Landrum
Is Jason Park the evolution to Rodney Mullen?
Robert Martinez
Not only does he have some crazy, creative tricks, he also has the best personality.
No offense but you are kinda late on this vid. Lol
Shadoww 12399
Wow nice style
best board controll 
You remind me alot of LEGIQN
alqaisi zaki
that was sick 
Like a white gou miyagi!!
brandon syhaketh
Best first 15 seconds of the video!
0:12 \
ideal uzair
Darkslide :)
isaac noonan
Do you sell kids T-sherts
jason iliovits
SOTY!\nfrom jason to jason
jose rios
nic broughton
You sound a bit like the turtle in finding nemo
when are we going to see some trick tips from this guy. I know he has one on RIDE ,but he has the biggest bag of tricks!
riley mccanna
Oh my god Jurason Park haha! 
If this is just a teaser than how awesome will the full video be?
JURason Park XD nice creativity :D
this dude gets around :D
cool spots
what in tarnation
360 Hard Flip!?
ғᴜʀʙʏ ɪs ғʀɪᴇᴅ
Nice teaser, it was a tease for sure. Also Andy you are getting more and more random man lol