Stealth Bomber Surprise Hit! Q- "There Will Be No Recusal"

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101 Life
President Trump, the next important agenda are:\nDrain the swamp. \nBuild the wall. \nClean voting machines.
Ace Edmond
Imagine them attempting to spark riots within the country, flooding the boarder with invaders, and then throw in ? more insane chaos.. IF we wouldve taken both the house and senate?
Anon pbob
We love President Trump\n\nWe love General Sessions\n\nWe love Q\n\nWe love Bernie!
Anti-Popular Girl
I am happy yet very saddened at the same time
Bee Lucky
Good Morning 😎🇬🇧
Benahring Khumlo
Oh, Bernie I m happy now that I understand how American parliament works. When the house was lost I was devastated, not anymore. Love from India. (You know what, America is always on my mind. I can't shake it off my system.)
Exciting times, history in the making, grabbing the popcorn for the next installment. Thank you Bernie. Love you loads
Chelita 7
ALERT! CA shooting= deep state changing news, 12 killed. Globalists' revenge on Trump's taking news focus off House win with sessions and acosta. Do not get distracted, Patriots. Stay alert, avoid large groups, pray, feel sorry for victims. But do not get distracted. It's a game. And the deep state is bad at it. Their only hand is death and destruction. Evil!
Chicago Patriot
As soon as I heard we gained more Republican Senators I knew we had it made, nothing gets past the Senate. Everything is in control with President Trump and the Patriots and the plan is right on target. The military presence will take place soon and then the arrests. Hooah! P.S. Bernie you are funny in so many ways and I enjoy your post because of your humorous ways. God Bless
Chris Bee
Absolutely agree Bernnie. It's like someone put a pacifier in Pelosi's mouth! Weird! Unfolding exactly how it has to. Think about the song at end of every Trump rally! You Can't Always Get What You Want, but you get what YOU NEED! Woohoo!!!
Chris Smith
I'm a little upset about my state West Virginia not voting for Patrick Morrisy more then we did and kicking out Libral Joe but it is what it is The Trump Train still steams on.. .. not going crazy over it like the left does when they don't get their way though. \n#WWG1WGA\n#TheGreatAwakening\n#MAGA\nGOD BLESS
Cindy Timian
Thank you Bernie. You make sense of all of this. Thank you for your dedication.
Cosmic Charlie
Sessions has new duties preparing the evidence for the Military Tribunals.
Daisy Tito
Listening from the United Arab Emirates .. but from New Zealand . Love your videos
Dason Heath
thank u    u  r a true faithful patriot with a great attitude.   I  enjoy your loyalty.
David. Majchrzak
MAGA 🇺🇸 🙏🏻
Debi Bailey
Sessions got his job done!! Moving on to the next act of this play.. Had to take a slight intermission!! Lol .. Luv MY PRESIDENT!! Pray for our troops.. Some bad people heading this way... Pray for Q n the President!! God bless America!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Diana Mancini
Playing a game like it is real life can be fun. Playing real life as though it were a game is dangerous! If one does not have the patience or self-discipline they will not be able to hang on to the ride! Hang on Patriots! God Bless all!😘
Domingo Rios,Jr.
Bring the pain!\nAnd thank you for your service, Mr. Suarez!
Eddie Grizz
House of reps win: lame duck leader liars and traders plus popular vote among lemmings and redistricting. Local dems here in Pennsylvania literally acted and sounded like patriots to trick folk. They're doing it everywhere
Found One
Our hope is in Christ alone, not government. If we would have lost the election, as his people we would still bring justice. Put your faith in God, he's in control and he's using Trump. Be prepared for something amazing.
Gary Gallagher
Good work Bernie. I`m from Uk and usually a silent listener. I find your shows very informative and a great way to keep up to date with Q movement. God Speed Patriot and Thank you for your hard work.
Greg and sue Campbell
Hi Bernie watching from Australia 🇦🇺 love your show, thanks for everything WWG1WGA
H. S.
So Movie 1 of the Trilogy ended? Movie 2 Beginning this Fall just started? My God now comes the Pain!
John McNally
I hate Government. Liar's, thieves and murderers.
Judy Bock
Funny - they (the trolls) share many Democrat characteristics. LOL. 🇦🇺💕💕💕🇺🇸
Just Common Senze Yo
Stealth bomber on board (MW ) !!!! Boom boom boom !!! So exciting!!!!
Kathleen M. Arsenault
I’m so touched by what’s going on and SO EXCITED by this news!! MIDTERMS ARE OVER! Hatch act avoided! \nGAME ON!!
Kathy Somers
Whitaker is the stealth bomber. We were to trust Sessions to create all those sealed indictments and then to make way for the stealth bomber.
Kathy Wittmann
#Sessions played his part as a stealth bomber, exit stage left - THANK YOU Jeff Sessions for your part playing dumb (Scarlett Pimpernel) and getting all the sealed indictments. Get out the popcorn, the fun begins! #Qanon #R #Declass coming. So much more to come!
Kelly Rakose
Every Child born is Hope.
Kevin Cass
WHITAKER has 8 letters. \
Laleesh Pleetu
Do I hear \
Larisa Sosis
Schumer and his Nazis are freAking out
Len Taclof
We actually gained 7 seats in the senate. Before we really only had a weak 48. Think of how close the Kavannaugh vote was. That won't happen again in the future.
Loretta D
If nothing else, we should be able to agree with the statement that POTUS has at least some better and more info than any of any of us.
Lorraine Walters
Sessions the Pilot can release some bombs then. Thanks Bernie ❤.
MNZGA 57unicorn
Thankyou Bernie.\nNew Zealand supporting your awesome President Trump...just no support from our NZ NWO cabal run government that keeps everything secret from the people\nCant wait til NZ is washed clean of all its evil in high places.\nWe need the Trump Train and much less fake news media..its just like yours in America..the same anti Trump and anti freedom narrative.\nOnly about a quarter of our country awake.\nGod bless you.\nWorld Patriots united.\nWWG1WGA.\nRepublicans have the Presidency..the Senate....the Supreme Court...and thats definitely a big WIN.\nAlso we should see lots of the house dems disappearing soon...once the indictments are unsealed.\nLove that Jim Acosta is now banned from the WH. He was sooo rude!!!\nLove your President Trump and wishing we had him here in NZ.\nGod bless you and God bless all humanity.
Maja Skogjordh
Listening from Sweden, the land of the Stockholmsyndrome.
Maria Butters
Hi Bernie, isn't it amusing that no one is talking about the \
Matt H
It‘s funny that Brennan and the dems cry constitutional crisis when the constitution was never that important to them in the first place.
Michael Ray
Watch and see , everything is going great . There was mass election tampering and it is known , none will escape , they took the bait . Big Stuff is Rollin down the mountain Fast . Either way the conspirators are going down , treason , sedition , and election tampering and voter fraud will finish the criminals and bury every one of them . The enemies of the people will face justice .
Michael Whittle
The Plan moves ahead flawlessly , stay the course. Trust in Sessions , declass soon....... WWG1WGA....... Thanks Bernie......... m (UK)
Mick Mac
Hi world patriots. From Sydney so excited the plan is going fine. The house of cards will fall.\nSoon the plug is getting pulled on the swamp!
Moonlite Girl
Bernie I'll always believe in my heart that the sessions recusal was the plan I don't think the left even realizes that the Mueller investigation has only taken down people on the left IE strzok page McCabe plus many removals and resignations sessions and Huber and Horowitz have investigated and set up all the cases sessions can't be a part of that as he will probably be a witness and the left would cry out because of his recusal they gave the left the house to keep down riots from the libtards antifa and the sjws at this point in the procedure the plan the house is irrelevant the people I E Adam Schiff Maxine Waters maybe even Pelosi any of them that are going down this gives them a false sense of security that they are in control hahaha I think the plan is humming right along take heart my fellow Patriots Q is real
I hope this signals that the gloves are off. Jeff sessions Jim Acosta gone in 1 day. I hope this is just the beginning of the daily purging of the deep state, radical left-wing anti-American, Criminal in government
Art of the deal. Ask for the moon=red wave!! But what you NEED is less. Sure to get what you need. The senate is now majority republican. Trump is smart. Now, hopfully the pain comes.
Nancy M
Acosta isn't just an embarrassment to CNN... he's an embarrassment to the country and needed to go... should've lost his pass years ago.... The reason people are upset about the House going to the demonrats is... it was nightmarish enough when they didn't control either body... we all know what bastards they are going to be and aren't up for it...hope Trump starts arresting the appropriate ones very soon...
Nicola Lin
I think, according to Q Anon, that AG Jeff Sessons of DOJ had finished his interim mission on sealed indiments of over 60,000 cases for President Trump. Now moving forward to further stage of the plan for humanity WW. God bless America. God bless good people WW.
Nixon Degey
Since i'm stumble upon with Q web accidentally, this make my way of thinking to expan broadaway to see thing differently and be critical and annalitic about incident or even that happening around us and around the world.
Offgrid Jack
Yunno, I don't see the Dems hopping up and down celebrating either. I guess the new AG has put the fear of life into em'???
Patrick Patten
Patrick Wynkoop
I hope they get more than prison!! Public hanging would be better,!!
Ram Teja
God bless America\nLove from India\nMr.president Trump is doing a great job in bringing the factories back from china and decreasing the unemployment rate in America, protecting the preexisting health care and farmers interests.\r\nI hope Mr.president wins and restores the citizens liberties.\r\nVote for Red.\r\n\r\nThere are other things that president must consider which is real enemy of people.\r\n\r\n\r1.Remove the \
Ray Navarro
Rhyannon Lallatin
I noticed that the whole NBC team live covering the election night were all dressed in their various PURPLE costume colors... just like Hillary and Bill the night she lost.... the Purple Revolution.... the Soros Revolution. If the red and blue all \
Rick Leetham
Great broadcast buddy. I get up at 4am and sometimes watch you before I even find my glasses. Lol. Justice for all!
Robin L
Thank you, Bernie 👍 ❤
Robin Young
Bernie, 🇺🇸💞😀great video sent to POTUS Twitter. please share your thoughts on Gov. Newson.. ppl worried sick. love your vids before bed. thank you!
Scary Eyeball
\u003e\u003e\u003e TELL ME THIS ISN'T CONCERNING \u003e\u003e\u003e\nre: Q post 2450 \nWhy does Q mention the term \
Sharon Newman
The devils party have cheated again
I'm Australian and I get it.. The Senate has the real power.. the House are basically Local Government Reps..\nQ Team is good to go..\nBait and Switch..keep em
Thank you sir, for all your hard work and discernment. Excellent.
Sluga Bunny
SESH is stepping aside for the PUNISHER...the STORM HAS COME!! GIVE THEM HAIL!!
Star Dust
So we are now having the deep state shaking in their shoes.. that is good news... may be we will see them all behind bars soon..
Steve Kolk
Power in the senate
Suzette Petillo
Central Part of Campaign? \nDRAIN THE SWAMP! Sessions & Judge Jeanine's fams toasting this day at dinner, no doubt.
Hi Bernie! What a great day! FISA will bring down the house!!!! God Bless the Patriot's!
Tess Santos
Most of us realize that WE are being activated FOR a REASON to deceive and confuse the Deepstate
Woofie Woof Woof
Bernie : Your \
Zia Marlowe
WWG1WGA! DRAIN THE SWAMP! Thank you for your WORK!💡🙋\u200d♀️🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💡⏳⌛⚖
anna etters
I'm just happy that Jim the Buffoon Acosta has had his press pass taken from him! Wolf Blitzer of course is losing his marbles. \nJoy Behar sounded like an idiot again, but then, when does she sound like anything better than one? \nThey still have to deal with #SixMoreYears
Hear there was a shooting at a bar outside Simi Valley tonight. Prayers and best wishes go out to the victims and justice for the criminal.
c pratt
Morning Bernie this is so exciting to watch the Plan unfold. Trusting the Plan. God is soooooooo Good. Thank you again/
dank worm
I just hope the Dems start getting charged with the millions of crimes they have committed sooner rather than later
dave mcmanus
I'm an ambitious optimist... Not only is the glass half full, but I'm pretty sure we can top that sucker off!
djon alexander
Non American here ..go Trump🇺🇸
ezekiel 369
Q predicted the senate outcome : 53-47!!!!
jai ibvr
And now :) voter fraud investigations can begin and sentences will stick like glue and off to the slamer. Think strategically :)
john Cunningham
I wasn't worried. The lower house has very limited power. The Senate is where the power is.
But with the corruption of the voting process we would have held both house and senate no! Matter the hammer is about to drop
journalistethics dotcom
Agree. This is what Trump gets from allowing election fraud in the House this time round.\n\n1. Learns modus operandi of how fraud works on the machines over the next 2 years.\n2. Keeps the civil peace for now - as Bernie says, give the dogs a bone.\n3. Gradually arrest and neutralize those involved in election fraud, even in Europe\n4. A stronger election pitch in 2020 \
matthew blackman
Who said glass half full...... my glass is\nVery soon 💥💥💥
micky dee
Now things should move at much quicker pace. Senate will approve the necessary people (federal judges and prosecutors) to prosecute the guilty ones. I do hope that not all of those traitors will be going through civilian courts. Military courts do not have any obligation to allow press and cameras during the proceedings. This is a big bonus since the press will have no chance to twist and contort the story. Session's resignation surely surprised me. Can't wait for the prosecution of Eric Holder. There is something about this guy that just pisses me off.
new york mae
HOPE: The anchor of the soul: CHRIST in U.S: the HOPE of GLORY❤
pamela peel
5 D Chess Move Mueller Reports to this new AG no longer to Rosenstein Hooray 🙏..........( they lose Rosenstien s control lol🤗).....20 DeClassified FISA pages now can be released History President Trump is Only Third President in history to gain seats in Senate in Mid Terms...During 1st Great Depression....Second during Think World our Great President Trump...history in making ...WWG1WGA ❤️🇺🇸 MAGA from Australia🇦🇺 ..(((Q+))) 😎
Q said that 2018 would be glorious...Not much left to 2018...
tx-sweet-p JG
Democrats are dummy losers ,,, that’s why they throw temper tantrums 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Thanks Bernie. Did anyone notice the change of terminology by Breitbart in those 2 articles? First one using Resigns which suddenly became Firing.