MBI Trucking Fired me.

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A Hart
You said you weren’t going to talk bad about mbi amd the next sentence you did 😂
Time to go back to Swift..
Achilles Blaylock
No matter if he makes 1000 mistakes and post it. The videos are still helping someone. If it's just showing somebody what not to do. We're watching a journey here, a life.. Jay you need these haters u need their energy. Feed off it. Love it. enjoy it. Get to the goal.
Al Hawkins
You gone get firied again once your carrier see you crying like a baby on all these videos you been wasting time making..
Amirdumptrucker85 Amirdumptrucking85
bruh..after all that otr talk,and plans this,and money that now you're talking about going back to mbi?...smh
Anonymous Trucker
You better get with a mega carrier and build your reputation back up
Be a yard dog
Dude trucking just not for you.
Bro you can’t be seriously acting like you don’t get why MBI won’t rehire you!! When u put in a 2 weeks notice, YOU HAVE TO WORK THOSE FINAL 2 WEEKS. C’mon bruh.....
Big O Ole Skool
Quit trucking and be the new host for diners,dives and drive ins!!!!!
BigMarv Madison
This video is everywhere... wow... Good luck homie
Billy Raines
Sounds like you didn’t give them much of a choice. You can’t quit half way through a 2 week notice
Bucck Jones
Make your next move your best move , get yourself in the best situation to make or save money , and level up , it don’t happen overnight
Charles Amos
Jay u are one confused brother..but i wish you well . I will continue to follow you and pray you work it out.
Charles Robey
Try Spartan Nash in Norfolk,Virginia regional..\nUnion local 822\n34 hour reset always at the house\nFreightliner trucks Governor at 65\nSign on bonus\nStay safe driver good luck on your new journey\nLove/support from Bad News,VA...
Your on your 6th company in 2 ish years? Including leaving swift three separate times? Now your talking about wishing you could go back to mbi? What’s the longest you’ve stayed with a company?
Clayton Eatmon
Give me your number young man , I know exactly what you are going through . . . [email protected] .
Cruz Romero
Jay back to being a buck. Do ur thing jay we tune in to be \
D Wright
You just don't get it. MBI is not a company you quite and they hire you back. Most safe zone companies don't play those kind of games. Most OTR carriers don't care if you stay or quite. They have a revolving door. They let drivers quite and come back all the time. That's shows how your still playing little boy games Jay. A real consistant driver know that when quite that this company not going to allow me to come at all. So yes you got to lay in your vomit. Finish what you started sir.
This man a joke 😂😂💀
DIS IS US Future Millionaires
Darion Dunbar
Now you dnt see how people can stay local lol there's sacrifices in everything local for the most part you losing 200-300 that u could have made If you were over the road... being over the road yeah you get that few hundred more but your away from your family and there isn't any consistency ...at the end of the day it's all about what's important to you
Darius Lovehall
Story Time: as a Young Man like yourself I was a little hot headed when I felt I've been wronged and would walk off of jobs. And on one particular job my boss we was getting ready to take another job and I asked him why doesn't he just leave why wait and as an older person these was his words Son you don't burn Bridges because may never know when you want to come back across. After that time I never left a job without a notice whether it was 2 weeks or 1 week if I felt I couldn't stay two weeks I will give a week notice but I never left before that notice you just learned a valuable lesson that's all.... A lot of dudes that's in this comment section giving you a hard time had to learn the same thing that you just learn and that I had to learn
Frank Evans
AMBIGUOUS.....is all I can think of
Frank Nizzy
Maybe trucking isn't for you... is there something else you are good at ?
Gary Johnson
Are you driving an MBI truck?
Grind Mode Jay
The issue is you speak too fast and ppl see it more as a contradiction than your lesson learned . That’s one of the reasons why when I make my next move I want to settle in slightly before I speak about it on my platform
HT logistics3434
Bro I'll say this just get your money right and that will take consistency that's all he safe out there. Also you would be much better off on your own
You are honest, ty for that I see your video as educational and the hard truth at times
Sounds like our company has given you many chances but you just don't know what you want to do in life your a job hopper I work out of our home terminal in Burnham, ILLINOIS been here 23 years and a few guys above me me been here almost 28 years and our top guy is probably over 30 + years it's what you make of it out here I just think your problem is is that you get bored fast
You funny.
Ok Jay let’s say you owned your own truck and hired a driver. What if that driver gave you a two weeks notice which gives you plenty of time to find another driver to keep your truck moving. What if that driver left before the 2 weeks are up which means now your truck is sitting and not making money. Would you hire that driver back???
J Dikanza
A two week notice means that you are leaving after two working weeks. You gave MBI a two week notice on a Friday and left on the following Tuesday. Have you ever held a job longer than 12 months? I would not put these kind of videos out on YouTube because they make you look like an unreliable worker and a liability to potential employers or business partners.
J Smith
He ain't stupid, but he can't make a good decision to save his life
JT Robinson
But I thought MBI was good? Why did you leave?
Jake D
Companies want somebody dependable and not someone job hopping every couple months. You want to start at the top and not have to work you're way up. Do you even have half a brain? Quit being a victim.
Jamel Williams
Usually when you put in a notice you will get a end date and if you leave before that date you breached your own contract
Jay B
Having your back up against the wall will force you to make your situation work.... now all you need to do now is put your head down and make otr work for you.
Jay Dubya
2.... two...dos...zwei....1+1 WEEKS. Not 2-3 DAYS. Oh well you live, you learn.
Jermaine Daye
John Mccain
If you train on dollar tree account, you will make a killing and drop weight quick . Facts
Jon Doe
Mbi just lost a big contract with chick fa lay so that's probably why but as soon as they need drivers they will call u
Kam paul
I wouldn't hire you to walk my dog lol
Kevin H
Go back to swift bruh!
Kspade Mangement LLC
Man fam I just feel the lack of confidence in your movement I really just feel like you never gonna get to your goal with that mindset I’m getting ready to start my trucking career and I really hope I have more faith in my decisions because I truly believe the universe will answer accordingly , good luck man hope your moves pays in spades at some point ....
Las Vegas Nights
Bro you have enough experience, go local so you can be with your son, family, and you will do more physical labor local so it can help your health! 😲
M&M Trans LLC
Lmao this dude left before his two weeks and thinks it’s ok?! You fr not that smart
Marcus Bethea
It's all entertainment yall.
Motis Parnell
Bro get out of the mega company loop and go somewhere you actually need more than 2 days of experience to drive
If you didn’t stay 2 weeks it wasn’t a 2week notice it was only a week an a half either way I hope things start working out for you!
Murray Trucking M&K Murray
Content is what u chasing 😂😂😂
Nadia Price
Jay serious question, would you want to hire someone with a work ethic, job hopping, and indecisiveness as yourself?
Od Green
You should just disable the comments section and be done with everyone's opinion.
Omar H
All this hate because his wife got a nic€ rack??!!
OutlawTrucker Xxx
Get out of trucking! Go flip burgers.
Paco Boyd
keep grinding bro find what's right for you
PerpetuateGreatness 31
The question as mentioned is would you hire you? If the answer is yes then keep doing what you're doing. If the answer is no then you honestly have to question yourself and do better. I'm a local company driver and I've been with the same company for 12 years.I definitely don't consider myself unsuccessful. There's something to be said though for a man to provide security for his family. This would be insurance, stocks, and a healthy retirement package. I don't want to miss any pertinent development aspects of my children's lives. With the way that I invest it's safe to say I'll be a millionaire before I retire and it won't be at 62. The example I want to show my daughters is consistency, leadership, and wisdom. They will do what they see us do, that's a great thing if your life is in order. Stay up!!!!
There you go calling us LOCAL DRIVERS out again smh
Ram cummins 05
Driving not far from where i live passing Fairview and o'fallon on 64
Ray David
U need to focus on one company. Stop running fresh m one to another. Research the jobs before . You got experience so use it wisely.
Rich Pianas Last Oxy
Man i cant help but to watch this train wreck. I feel like this is why we are all here. Watching a man who is as emotional as a woman on her period destroy his trucking career.
Russell Parker
Two week notice then walk off the job before the two weeks is up... And you can't see how that's a problem? You're how old? 12?
Dude u were on schedule and didn’t show what don’t u understand about that 🤷🏾\u200d♂️
Smitty Vlogsss
Jay what room you be in on in Zello
Swift Driving force
No swift won’t let you back dude
T.o 203
Hey when I was your age I was selling drugs... at least you trying.. not judging .. you still young..
Haha Haha hahaha
Well looks likre im gonna win the bet tolf you he gonna be looking for another job this mofo here. SMDH
Terrance Baldwin
Why check to rehire if u had so many issues at mbi smh
WhyNotBeGreat jones
Yo I was there when I first started trucking and I left one company for another and when I tried to go back it was a no go. But it worked out eventually and now I'm set to make about 30 an hr. Don't feel bad about job hopping because until you find what you really wanna do, you won't be satisfied.
Xclusive Sing
Confused soul.
Zack Zachary
You should just pray
bald ace
Because swift will take anybody... look at their track record
Its ok bro. You went out to Texas to buy your truck. You had to do that. You have been doing your best. And putting up with allot from these companies. Thats why we have to lean more to eventually working for ourselves. I think you can be your own boss. Drive locally and eventually working for yourself. You could rent houses, trailers, and trucks to other drivers.
I think half of the people that watch you are just riding a long to watch you destroy your own life and career. We are not laughing at the bad decisions you make, we are just taking notes. A couple of months from now, you might be able to save up a couple grand and buy a truck. But knowing you make bad decisions, as in buying a truck in the wrong time like February where freight is dead, we can only feel sorry for your bipolarism bad decision making.
When Andrew Jackson pays his taxes then he can be your hero.
keep grindin jay
Lol dude you not serious... no one is that dumb lmao
dave henderson
Two weeks is how many days?? And you don't know what MBI problem is?? REALLY ??? Swift will take anybody....You are correct its your decisions that are the problem.....and yes you and your family suffer or profit from those decisions...however job hopping is not a recipe for success sir....may I suggest that you stop looking at what everybody else is doing and blaze your on path....what others do might not work for you....i also suggest family first ...it's not all about just you....as always I hope you find your path for you and your family...
devin ambrose
I thought he was finally going to come out and be truthful and real about his situation. Then you come with this stuff. How are you going to not work out your two week notice, then ask if you're eligible to be rehired. this shitt never cease to amaze me
donte johnson
Everyone has done things....rather it be right or wrong. Some people give two weeks, some give one week, some give no notice at all. I'm not going to condemn you like some folks be trying to do. We make mistakes, we learn from those mistakes, grow and continue on with life, and do better.
These companies don't care about drivers you are just a number. Work for yourself.
Thank you for being real
joey eyeglasses
The day swift wont take you back id turn un ypur cdl
karlos slaughter
man don't pay attention to the negativity from other people and there comments what people need to understand is if another person don't move how you move that's okay because it ain't your place to tell another man what he should be doing keep ya head up bruh stay positive and be safe
Swift dedicated is where it's at man. It's easy, predictable and I get killer miles as a first-year solo company driver.
lilk kepnkar
Bro if you keep bleeding like that on the table, you might die if you lose too much blood so try to stop the bleeding brother. I love watching your video
prince is my pitbull
you and dread pirate trucker always getting fired lol
Ffs bruh . No wonder they calling you the flip flop 🙈
Don’t worry about it Jay, it’s a bunch of people myself included who have done things this way. The only difference is we are not brave enough to put it on YouTube & for that I can respect you. You give us the good, the bad, & the ugly without worrying about criticism. Keep Trucking! I hope you find your way! Much love
trollin coal
This dude really dont get it. Feel sorry for him.
Love watching your videos. I learn what NOT to do by the shit you do. LOL Just do the opposite of what you do and you'll have a great career.