Former Outlawz member Napoleon says Tupac All Eyez on Me movie 70% fake

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Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale, better known as Napoleon, is a former member of Tupac Shakur's rap group Outlawz. Beale has since converted to Islam and is now a motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

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Ali 9493
Blessings 777 777
Shut up Napoleon
Boubaker Rougab
Ohibouka fe allah my brother mutha
Em Ca
The senario was roled by the illuminati
Yeah I know I watched it before 5 days all it fake I was happy for it I shocked when I saw it
G Hollis
Not surprised. The movie was so much different than all of the documentaries from over the past 10 years.
Gilbert Melendez
Salam alaikum brother
Jon Jones
At the end of the day idk how you can talk down on ya man biopic i guarantee you that fed a lot of people in the camp an Hollywood gonna be Hollywood you should always support ya mans doe. If you ain't help make the movie better how you gonna bash it?
Jordan Reed
Juan Garcia
The all eyes on me movie is full with subliminal messages the producers of the movie have that mob mentality ...
Makaveli Last
واذ قلنا للملىكة اسجدوا لادم فسجدوا الآ ابليس ابى واستكبر وكان من الكفرين\n\n\u003c2:34\u003e و And اذ [Then/When] قلنا (be) told that للملىكة [Such] (the) Manager [Unsubstantiated] اسجدوا [Be] submit لادم Persistence (Adam) فسجدوا to submit الآ that which ابليس [Be] blind/confounded/broken ابى Father/Originator و andاستكبر [Be Have] (to) grow و [Conjunction] كان be/become/cover من of الكفرين delusion.”\n\n\u003c2:34\u003e And {then} tell that the “Avatar” is subjected to Adam/Body for which is [a] subjection to be perplexed to [his/her] roots and have to grow and [while] it is [happening] under delusion.
Mazin X
I watched the movie, the acting and actors were good, but the scenario had a lot of mistakes and additions. This film supposed to be named \
Interesting... What about MBS and his reform? He is arresting Wahhabis
Rehan Riaz
OMG... i never knew you was member of the outlawz.. i used to listen to you guys all the time.. when i turned to ISLAM i stopped listening to music.
Roy blonk
i seen you walkin in amsterdam years ago you looked me straight in the eyes cameras with you friend i was with never believed me i heard that afeni did not liked the movie and i personnely never went to notorious big straight from compton en i never went to see the all eyez on me movie i knew it was going to be shit where did the money go ?
Sadiki Akil
It's a Hollywood movie,so there will be a lot of dramatations.Straight Outta Compton that folks loved so much was the same way.
Salazar LaVidaLoca
Can you help me to get a holy koran book. I love more, to read in book. Then in mobile phone.
Sara Dobravc
Tago Jones
Much respect to Mutah - but the movie is made up of so many stories that we know - so how can it be fake
Titus Trillion
So he went crazy? Lol
Tyrone Bell
I’d even say 85%.
Do a live Q n A broo
crazy jb
mutha sing us a song...
kashif khan
2pac n kadafi were going to get 20yrs in jail after makaveli album that why allah took them away from earth
Do you sell authentic ZamZam water
All these movies are fake no one wants the real truth out there