OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

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Tune in on Nov. 1st at 6am Hawaii Time for the Premier of "White Sandy Beach of Hawai'i" and chat LIVE with IZ's Producer, Jon de Mello. Check it out here: Lyrics:Ooh, ooh, oohOoh, oohSomewhere over the rainbowWay up highAnd the dreams that you dream ofOnce in a lullabySomewhere over the rainbowBluebirds flyAnd the dreams that you dream ofDreams really do come trueSomeday, I wish upon a starWake up where the clouds are far behind meWhere trouble melts like lemon dropsHigh above the chimney topThat's where you'll find meSomewhere over the rainbowBluebirds flyAnd the dreams that you dare toOh why, oh why can't I?Well, I see trees of green and red roses tooI'll watch them bloom for me and youAnd I think to myselfWhat a wonderful worldWell, I see skies of blue and I see clouds of whiteAnd the brightness of dayI like the darkAnd I think to myself what a wonderful worldThe colors of the rainbow so pretty in the skyAnd also on the faces of people passing byI see friends shaking hands sayingHow do you do?They're really saying I, I love youI hear babies cry and I watch them growThey'll learn much more then we'll knowAnd I think to myself what a wonderful worldWorldSomeday I wish upon a starWake up where the clouds are far behind meWhere trouble melts like lemon dropsHigh above the chimney topThat's where you'll find meOh, somewhere over the rainbowWay up highAnd the dreams that you dare toWhy oh, why can't I?Ooh, oohOoh, ooh

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Arthur Mendonça
- do you promess no to cry \n- ok\n- i'm now over the rainbow\n- crying *#
Artisan Rebel
This guy looked like he was a great friend with an awesome personality RIP Iz
143k Dislikes?? You guys have no heart :(
This man never died💚💚💚💚\nI love this song!
Ben Dover
I Learned a lot about you Israel. God bless your kind soul. If we could all live that way, *dreams comes true.*
Christopher Edwards
Song that will be great forever
Conor Malone
It’s okay to cry, right?
Que tranquilidad transmite esta cancion
Jaja Busque \
Daniel B
I have listen to this son probably 50 times between yesterday and today I love it, R.I.P IZ may god have you in heaven over the rainbow my brother and in peace with the other angels, we all should share love toward each other this world would be more different if love prevails over hate, ❤️🙏🏽
Daniella Mariz Barnachea
October 2018 , anyone?
Darkstar 224
Mejor se hubiera muerto MALUMA no un cantante como este que canta con el corazón y con sentimiento.
David Zelinka
R.I.P, Is a best best big boy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😧😦😨😩😩😢😢😢
Default God
He’s not dead, he’s under the rainbow, in a coffin , six feet under...🌈
He is not dead, he is over the rainbow!🌈
Dianita Guevara
22.10.2018? Lloro cada que la oigo. La nelancolia es extasiante woo
Dominic Pühringer
This guy is a legend \u003c3\nR.I.P
Edwar 15
Maui (Moana)
Edward Gentile
How the hell can someone give this a \
Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places
This dude's voice is magic!  I like his interpretation of \
Francis Delattre
Mamie cette musique et dédier à toi... Repose en paix je t'aime tu me manque
Friday Harlowe
*He's not dead, he's over the rainbow...* 🌈
Gabriela Best PvP Girl
He's not dead dudes, he is playing and singing over the rainbow 🌈❤️
Gabriela Hernndz
😞✝😟\n21/10/2018\namo está canción me ase sentir k estoy lejos en otro mundo 😭😢\n10:42 p.m
George Chor
How many are still listening in Oct 2018?
Fatos desconhecidos, obrigada por me fazer lembrar dessa música! 😍
Guilherme Mansor
this song and Love Generation- Bob Sinclair are the best songs in the world 😢❤️
hi new friend here... thank u nice video....
I am Son Goku
He's not over the rainbow, He is the rainbow. This song is the pot of gold at the end.
Illuminati Favelado
Ahh dps q ouvi essa música me sinto mto mais relaxado
Isaak Montano
Octubre 15/2018 \n11:12 pm \n\nEsta canción me relaja como ninguna otra 💜💜😍😢
Jaytee Taquiso
Who's watching this in 2018? 😁💖
It's his soft voice that makes this song. I don't think anyone else can give off such a feeling
Jonathan Steyer
Ich liebe dieses Lied \n🎶
Joost van der Have
rip big boy
Jose Martinez
A mí me encanta la música de YouTube de los amigos de los compañeros he bajado tantas música para Facebook Instagram que ya tengo saturado esas dos páginas Gracias amigo y sigan pa lante y pa lante esto se llama felicidad paz amor y democracia
Josh Long
2018 October anyone?
Judy Tory
Voice of an angel 10/21/18 may be Rest in Love.
Julio Daniel Chaca
que lindo tema trasmite mucha tranquilidad y paz para el alma
Kangrix el pro
who listens to this song in 2019
Kim Humphrey
*T H I C C* SONG💙😍
I always will love this song,If you love it click the thumbs up
Read this if you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost, scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature, this is for you\n\n\n\n\n\nYou Are Beautiful.\nYou Are Wanted.\nYou Are Wonderful.\n\nDon't quit on yourself. Don't hurt yourself. You are worth the world and nobody wants to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now will pass. Peoples minds will change. Things WILL get better.\nWe love you and are always here for you. Do NOT do something permanent over something temporary. \nYou're better than that.\nAll stars need to see darkness before the light.\n And always remember, Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself & the right people will find and love the real you.\n\nYour\nown\nunique\n \nMindset\nalways\ntrys\nto\nengage in the\nright ways\n\nNow read the first letter of every word\n\nYou Matter! no matter what other people may say. Always know this is true. It helps. You are worth my time to write this. I do care. \u003c3 Continue on \u003c3 be a soldier. Fight that war. Because YOU can. I believe in you. I'm rooting for you! Good luck!\n\n❤️❤️❤️
Lcs Lcs
Sou o único br que não venho pelo fatos desconhecidos?
Le Epic Meme
My man is now over the Rainbow smiling at us
Lestynx zk
Les français l'écoute beaucoup, je trouve cette chanson toujours aussi magnifique, ta voix est incroyable est illumine nos cœurs 💞 💖💖
Lil Strap
Even if I’m not Hawaiian I still like it
M. Kakauridze
i love this song ♥ !
Malachi Thornton-Fukui
0% swearing\n0% nudes\n0% twerking\n100% real song\nR.I.P. Bradda Iz
Mercedes Borda
Agora me pongo a llorar te amo nun cambio moriste para mi🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Cette musique et tellement belle elle me donne plein de frissons c est impressionnant 😭❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍
Who’s Watching In 2018? \n\n\nR.I.P *Legend*
Mølly F
ONE MILLION LIKES!! I love this song. 💕💕
Nicole Ferriz Diaz
El hombre que canta murió?esque tiran unas cenizas
Nika . l.
Niko Svetic
RIP LEGEND enyoy over the rainbows my frend WE ALL LOVE YOU😭😭😭💪💪❤
Nikola Jasika
when you start day with this💃
Norma Laguna
Esta canción me hace llorar , recuerdo mi infancia , cuando la inocencia de ver el arcoiris y sabia que habia algo mas alla de lo que mis ojos veian....😢😢😢
Cudowne 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I love you 💗😭
Nothing Nothing
My dad always loved this song/singer. We played it at his funeral. I cry whenever I hear it. Reminds me of him so much.
I miss him.😭😭 R.I.P We Will Always Remember You!!🌈🌈
Ongolzin TV
Great! He naturally left two pieces of music mixed with a salad.
Pa Teu
🎗❤He is not dead,he is *OVER THE RAINBOW🎗❤
Paolo Borghi
out my video on Hawaii 💕
Poopy-di scoop
R.I.P we love you my friend
His spirit lives on, over the rainbow.
я случайно попал сюда класс!
Random Vids
Maui, before he was in a movie
Riccardo Abdine
he's fat cause he's filled with love
Ryan Parnell
This will be played at my funeral
Sachindra Bhattacharya
good job YouTube recommendations
This is so beautiful :)
Eu amo essa música
Taro Xota de Cobras
Nuss, todo mundo pelo fatos desconhecidos...\nE eu vim Aki e nem sabia que eles tinham recomendado.. vi agora pelos comentários
That Dude
I'm surprised most of the comments are nice and supporting, if only the internet was like that always
The Glorious Mighty Perfection
No im not *crying*
ThėNėwGėnėration X
When I saw his ashes fall into the water I started to cry. He made holy water
Tundra Beats
It´s been 21 years since he has passed away 💔 But his music will live forever
muy bonita cancion me encanto mucho like si la ves en 2018
For as long as I live, this will always be one of my favorite songs.
Warhead 808
E ho’maha i ka maluhia e aloha mākou iā oe meaning r.i.p we love u 🤙🤙
It’s midnight and I’m crying over the death of a guy whose been dead for over 21 years. \n\nGuess that’s how you know it’s good music.
He didn't die friends, he rised up somewhere over the rainbow.... 🌈
Zaxter WWEG
Such a beautiful song,singer and Message :) :) :) ❤️😊😊
alphastein größter Fan alpha
baruyr sevag best
Whenever I feel this terrible, infinite agony I always tune to IZ. Just so you know kinda makes the pain barrible with a breath that says don't give up, keep going, push it forward... Then you come to realize how beautiful this life is, how beautiful everyone is, trees, rocks, butterfly's, no need to struggle, swim to the shore etc, because you are the ocean and not the swimmer, you are the joy and not the agony, there isn't a knower facing the known, because you are both what you do and what happens to you,don't be something so you won't fall in a trap of black and white in a game where the white always wins, remember your human and that means your super, both black and white are the same. Just let your ears hear whatever the want to hear, let your eyes see what ever the wanted to see, let your feet move wherever the wanted to go, and let your mind think whatever it wants to think, so you walk the wind and let the wind walk upon you... One love❤️
なう(2018/10/17 23:02:32)\n毎日聴いてます!!😀
duane colbert
all these years I saw the thumbnail but never clicked and tonight I did and wow!! this was so nice,the man seem to me to be a good soul and it was beautiful how he played and sung and how the people loved and celebrated his home going,wow!! \npeople can be a beautiful thing
fabiana di lorenzo
Gracias Edison por tus palabras las abrace por autenticas y por la verdad q hay en ellas !!!
gabriel fiore
Avanza por Spa to take a bank card it was a gift card but also bank card they also took kind of down and they said you're stuck with them now so the other one was on the registers God now so now you know where Andrea yeah I'll be Jeff Harvest Time she's gone I'll see you soon
im happy
*You are in the rainbow now my friend, R.I.P*
jhon ponce jilaja
Mis respetos por el hombre! :')
michael morales
I want to be listening to this song when I'm on my deathbed saying goodbye to the ones I love.
pikachu 113
Alguien más habla Español?
ugh potatoes
This is my favourite video ever it makes me so happy whenever I watch it 🙃
I love this song since I know it......and since I knew this version 9 years ago...I love still more....god bless you much respect.....
ツ¡AndresRex YT!
Alguien es colombiano/a (latino :v)
We will still miss you IZ!\nMy favorite ukulele song to sing ❤️