Terry Rozier on seven teams having interest in him: “There should be more”

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Boston Celtics Terry Rozier on seven teams having interest in him: “There should be more”

Alex McLellan
It’s not like he’s been playing well
B skrillz
Real Talk Terry Rozier might just be one of my favorite players on the Boston Celtics right now
Bess Snow
Another Reggie Jackson. And that’s not a knock, if he can lock up a starting role and get the money, then good for him. But cmon nowwwww, you can’t split even with Kyrie. That’s Kyrie we talking about. His future is bright, he should be humble and stay ready, and kill it every chance he gets until he gets his own starting team.
Brendan Duquette
Thinks he's better than he really is.
Bryan Ralph
He should go to the Lakers
Cc Cc
Come on man I hope he his ego don’t ruin this team saying stuff like that
D Most
3 team trade: Every one wins\nBoston: Beal, Oubre, Porter, Rich Holmes\nWashington: Scary, Hayward, Theis, Williams, Oje\nPhoenix: Wall, Jaylen Brown
Darkwing Duck
yall really think this Celts team can win a chip (beat the warriors) without Kyrie?? Yall drunk lol
My G u averaging. 7 a game on 35% shooting lmfaooo should be less. Larkin better than u
Try winning something and not pretending you did.
Join the pacers w/ Oladipo
Jays Raps4eva
Jayson Tatum
Rozier is overall better than Kyrie, he has defense!!!!!!
Damn reading these comments is very disturbing... you the Celtics fans have an amazing team, but your still not happy. Always wanting more Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson my goodness... you want Jesus Christ too??? The Celtics are at the top of the food chain and fans are still not satisfied smh!!! Before you write an angry comment, please read some of these ridiculous Celtics fan comments... my goodness!!!
King In The Making
That mature young man will find his way. Keep pushing
Lee Hoti
Terryyy keepin it real😁
Michael Green
Mike Merrill
trade kyrie for anthony davis, let rozier start and hopefully we can draft zion , beat the warriors end of story
Mr Prolific
Starting in the playoffs to coming off the bench !? Cmon bro u was only starting for Kyrie being hurt
He will get his, just stay professional
Snicky G
A NOTE TO MR. ROZIER...I just want to remind you that humility always works better than arrogance! Just be grateful you have seven teams interested in you!
SoGravvy Productions
To be honest I hope he stays with the team for the long term because he's actually a solid guy with a killer mentality with much more to offer
Arrogant and selfish, Raptors vanfleet is better.
Willie Jones
He knows that a championship is going to come very soon. Stay patient my brother. #WeBleedGreen🍀
[ RMranda]
His big head can't fit his headphones nomore
I can name at least 5 teams that can use his talent right now to win a championship, Houston, LAL, OKC, Toronto, and Milwaukee and he would start on all of these teams. He's a raising star in the NBA. I really like how he play basketball.
Lmfaoooo unselfish? Dude hate passing
I believe that Danny Ainge and the Celtics organization keep a tight, heavy lid on their in-team operations/goings-on. I believe Danny Ainge chastised Terry Rozier for revealing the Celtics' draft pick live, but it never got out. I believe Terry Rozier DID complain about playing time/role, and other teams DID express interest in him, but Danny Ainge is forcing Rozier to keep it all under wraps because he wants to maximize his trade value. This is my theory as to why the Celtics have such a healthy team culture. They don't allow the media to play a part in how their team operates.
this guy is overrated
lashaun flamezington tv
i fk w tro, but damn dem teeth lol
What they need to do is get AD for butler and kyrie. Obviously kyrie isn't necessary to reach ECF
nelson shut
This guy is trash is fg percentage is 36 in his career he at best is a backup point guard
Would love to see Terry as the PG for my Suns.
ray whorton
I am a huge Terry fan right now. Ainge would be a fool not to choose him over Kyrie. You don't need Kyrie. You need Jason Tatum, Al Holford, Anthony Davis, and Jaylen Brown starting with him next season. You have no business mortgaging the future of an entire team on an oft-injured Irving and a recovering Gordon Hayward. Just add Davis next year and you will win the entire thing.
shamar turner
Rozier \u003eWall
truth hurts
Lebron is God.
yung bull
Yall b hating scary terry is the goat u seen what he did to bledsoe😂