Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Legendary Rangers and Cameos (Episodes 5-20)

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Legendary Power Rangers and Cameos in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.Alex Heartman, Rene Naufahu, Jason Smith, Jason David Frank, Danny Slavin, Melody Perkins, Reggie Rolle, Selwyn Ward, Patricia Ja Lee, Sean Cw Johnson, Alison MacInnis, Jason Faunt, Hector David Jr, and Brittany Pirtle made an appearance in Power Rangers Super Megaforce.These scenes are from Power Rangers Super Megaforce "A Samurai Suprise", "Spirit of the Tiger", and "Legendary Battle" episodes.More cameos will appear in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel in 2018. .All-new episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel air on Nickelodeon. Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Hasbro) premieres in 2019.Like (Thumbs Up) and share this video with your friends. For the latest

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Forever Red is still the best ranger team up in history and way less corny and cheesy all around
Andrew Gabriel Tetangco
Look at dood 1:18 hu hu hahahaha
Andrew Ngo
Feel bad for the yellow mighty morphin ranger R.I.P
Android Gaming and WWE
Why the hell does carter look like edge from week
Angel Ibi
Worst show ever ..who still watches this??\n\n\n\n\n\nAlso 2018 anyone ?like if you are
Antonio Giron
This generation of power rangers are weak !
I don't care how bad it was and how many things were wrong, *THIS WAS AWESOME!!*
Bogdan Iemets Zabincov
Mystic Force Forever!!!
Cade Guydon
I bet Today's kids wouldn't know the old school rangers
Captain Pumpkin 12
power ranger super megaforce was weird
Carter Gonzalez
Karone: *Flips her helmet and looks at it.* Hmm. I love being a Power Ranger. *She raises her helmet and a Astronima's head appeared for a brief second.*
Chad D.
I didn't really like this season, but I did like all the cameos
DareDevil The Tester
I liked the power rangers from mighty morphing power rangers to samurai \n\n\nThen everything went downhill and I was 7 when I finished my power rangers phase
Davidcito Gutiérrez
#legendarybattle #troy #Noah #Gía #jake #emma #Orion #SuperMegaforce i am a fan for Power Rangers Super Megaforce, greetings
I wish dino charge and ninja steel was in there. But, They're ahead time period
Done With this
The cameos were the only good thing of the show tbh
DonutNinja Gaming
In the beginning it showed tommy as the white ranger but he showed up as the green ranger
You gotta admit, it was kinda cool seeing all the Rangers at the end, especially Tommy
Dámaso Cazares Official [El Rey de la Musica]
Were is SPD Rangers
Eren Uzamaki
Give Disney back the Power Rangers, Nick made the acting terrible!
Exoetic Lynx
That kid in that car like amazing spider man
Se le cae una columna en la pierna y le revisa los latidos? . _.
class reunion
G-man lives
The Legendary Battle has got to be the best team up in power rangers history.
Legendary battle had so much “POTENTIAL” but didn’t bring it. I ain’t gonna lie tho I was still happy with it even if it was bad since they brought back all of are child hood rangers whether if you was born in the 90’s or 2000s I’d admit I was happy as hell when I saw zeo, timeforce, and Dino thunder.
GamingPlayer Zeo
Why not spd ;-;
Genesis Luna
Omg omg omg omg 1:10:0
Love how they just ignore that Alien Rangers ever existed
GoldenGamer89 [GD]
Hey, Mia's cooking WILL get better
Gotta Watch'em All
Tommy the longest running Ranger.
Heero yuy
the only thing legendary about samurai is how garbage it is
Hi I'm Cloudy
Mighty Morphin\nMighty Morphin Alien\nZeo\nTurbo\nIn Space\nLost Galaxy\nLightspeed Rescue\nTime Force\nWild Force\nNinja Storm\nDino Thunder\nSPD\nMystic Force\nOperation Overdrive\nJungle Fury\nRPM\nSamurai\nMegaforce\nNinja Steel\nLong live the Power Rangers!
I wonder if Tommy struggled deciding which outfit to wear.
That pink ranger is a cutie
Izuku Midoriya
*jungle fury was definitely my fav*
J-Breezy_ 0819
I love the fact I could see my favorite red ranger come back. I grew up with Power Ranger Samurai that was my favorite show when I was growing up.
This is awesome
Jacob Gerard
I like to see that the Rangers of past generations are still helping out in the world, even though they’re no longer super heroic defenders of Earth and the universe.
Jazzy Jonas
all the red rangers were hot
Joao Pedro Nogueira Stutz
Vida longa aos power rangers
Joaquin Baku
My fav power rangers is jungle fury
Josue Rievra
Samurai was the childhood
Julian Baltierra
rangers forever
Kaitey Price
Ken Trooper
Honestly the Legendary Battle would've been confusing. Tommy is the Green MMPR, but then who's white MMPR, or Red Zeo. TJ could've been Red Turbo, but he was Blue Space. Was Rocky Red MMPR or Blue Zeo? Was Adam Black MMPR, Green Zeo, or Green Turbo? Did Trini and Zack go back to becoming MMPR? Did Justin grow up? Where's Kendrix? How come they only have Power Rangers posing but in the fight, some Super Sentai appeared? Did the Samurai Rangers look at Cole and say \
So much wasted potential.
Kylie_ 536
It's sucks how they can just change into any ranger I was watching the theme to this and it shows how these super mega force ones can change into any power ranger they want it just ruins it and power rangers was officially dead when Samurai ended. RIP power rangers
Linden Tyson
Alpha- \
LoveMark 207
Samurai was my favorite that was my childhood
Lylly Moreland
Casey: Aren't you going to ancwer your Morphers? \n\nBest line ever!!!!!
Lynne burland
Samurai was the best season of power rangers like if you agree
Mac Maizer
Ok, how could they have ALL these full ranger teams if Tommy was in 66% of them?
OMG I LOVE How they showed Karone when she was Astronema that scene made me flip out!
Maximus W
Leo looks like Jason Segal
Micheal Torres
Mikki-Draws :3
The people in the elevator is me when I'm lost in Wal-Mart and the savers is me finding my parents..it's weird that im in tween stage
okay but if tj was in the blue space ranger suite and tommy was the green ranger who was the red turbo ranger?
Mr Gusso - Gussmenh Prod
SPD rangers?? Here they are:\n \nPAUSE the video in :\n\n12:38 all 5 SPD rangers\n12:43 rose and yellow spd ranger\n11:56 Blue spd ranger, behind Tommy Oliver\n12:14 blue spd ranger to the left and red at Right\n12:24 green spd ranger at thr right, in front of Blue Ninja storm ranger (tori)
Mr Swag 010
No No No these legendary rangers worked hard and had to fight their own final battles let the megaforce rangers do it alone. They deserve it for putting on a shitty season.
Mystery Warriorcat
Thanks for making this
Narcisa ibarra
Nicolas Chandler
Power Rangers Are So Cool But Why There Jayden & Casey Doing at This Scene
PainSplits SplitsThePain
How did Tommy not say \
Penny Serrato
GOD I Would Love To Have Been There It would be Amazing to See All Parts of My Childhood
Pita Qiooo
did they really bring back the phukin cast
Power rangers zeo Fan
Who seed black rpm ranger like if you agree
Pro Zomi
I'll admit the legendary battle wasn't that great but it was still cool to see all the past rangers suits and actors
It's kinda sad to think that all the rangers that kept their helmets on were not the original actors inside.
Scott Mac
Would've been nice to see bulk and skull giving advice😎👊🏻✋🏻
Sideke Fogo Jr
I LOVE Dino change
Sonic Praa
I'm 25 years old wtf am I doing with my life
Stupid Samurai
Tommy's ranger was weird because zordon said the green ranger powers were gone forever
It's so simple! We just call upon the all the rangers to defeat isis!
The Assassin
Power rangers infinity war
Does anyone know the music title at 11:53
Timmy Latinos
Where are the SPD?
Total Control 871
this tells me a lot of children spent a lot of money on a lot of crap over the decades.
Transfromers guy Gaming
Where's the red zeo ranger?
Trent Rider
And one episode from Episode 10 of Super Ninja Steel makes this season look so lacklustre in comparison. That's just sad to realise...
The acting just gets worse and worse as the seasons go on. 😒
Vedantham Medepalli
Nice episode and really legendary
Will Common
I don't get it. how the hell is there a red turbo ranger??
lost it when I saw Casey 😍
You think i'm funny?
a brick has more acting talent
abul hashan
Wares power ranger dino charge?!
aldilatama hs
Stay in shape rangers, so all of you can appear in the future anniversary series, lol
alejandro martinez
*_Y S . P . D_*
Who else was wondering \
Without Jason , the original red ranger this is just wrong and incomplete.......
quartez tillman
They all should've taking off there helmets
12:12 wow... hottie🤗
My problem with this is consistency. I never understood why the original rangers come back when their power coins were destroyed. That's how Mighty Morphin became Zeo. And Tommy should have came back as the black dino thunder ranger, as that was his last form. Geez writers, get it together!
îćë jøńeś
Its emperor grum