Life Goes On - Tupac

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Life Goes On

Goes Life On

Abasigo Alsina
Demcember 2018 who's around?
Abishek David
2018 december man still listening to this legend. Time is nothing compared to his vision and words
Adam Evans
2018? Nobody? No? Ok... :(
All Factz
Give me a paper and pen so I can write about my life of sin..a couple bottles of gin in case I don’t get in... 🔄. God pls Take it easy on PAC rip
Ayanabh Paul
RIP 🙏🔥😍 anyone in Dec 2018??
Azzouz amine
i am from algeria and for me Tupac amaru Shakur is the greatest rapper ever
BHD army!
Who's still bumpin tupac's music 2018 (this song by tupac gets me emotional!)
Banshee Sneak
Top 5 rappers:\n1. Tupac\n2. 2pac\n3. Tupac Amaru Shakur\n4. Pac\n5. Makaveli\ufeff
Bente Olsen
Tupac Amaru Shakur the king of Rap
Brian Perkins
My idol the soldier Tupac Shakur 🤞🏽🖤
Chris Hughes
Thank you 2pac you got me through alot
Christian Green
🌚Only a few ppl will really understand this song🌝
Christopher Castro
I was a Freshman when this album came out....Im 37 now and it still feels like the first time i heard it.....Jamming.....Rip Tupac We miss you....
He was only 25
Daniel Miller
It's nearly 20 years yet still no one on pac's level.
Dom Sansotta
Pac woulda been proud of how this came out I know he’s looking down smiling
Dylan townsley
Ring Ring
EfinStark Gaming channel
2pac my Favorite 💯 👑
After loosing my good friend from middle school from an accidental overdose, I’ve been listening to this a lot. 7/6/18\n\nRest Easy brotha.
Ernesto Valera
God Bless The United States Of America All The Democratic Parties In The Whole 50 States Of America. Please Please Please Please,
Fl E
He died before i born.\nBut his music will their forever.\nTupac was intelligent singer.\nRIP Tupac.
Franzziie Burangen
October 2018 who still here??
Fresh Orange
Why god why 2Pac why
George Mpofu
Pac forever\nMakaveli
Greenlightquez _
2018 anyone
Hussein Ali
Life goes on...2050 I.A will be listening to your hits pac..R.I.P
I love everyone
the only good rapper who didn't sell his soul
Im last Soldier
They will never and ever another tupac
J Dizzle
man i mis this MF all these years later
I love this song from south korea
JJPOD Gaming
Bumping to Tupac till death do us part, RIP Pac ❤️
JM Caperocho
Javi Durán
Everytime i hear this song, I feel connected to Tupac's soul. A true artist, an eternal inspiration... His legacy lives everyday all over the world, no matter age, no matter race. \n\nLife goes on brother. Make sure it's poppin' when we get up there ❤
Jay Blac
December 2018 anyone hit a like !
Jayden Salcedo
Love tupac
Rapper's don't write about these real life situations anymore. sad. \nThis is a legendary classic.
Jm Shin
flawless.. who else is listening to this in 2018 october
Joe Goliath
Life is a balla\nAlcohol and booty calls
Joe Johnson
My dad died and they played this at his funeral
John White
Still better than gucci gang
This video is still going strong after 12+ years on here, please Google have some sense and keep it on here, it's legendary.
Karanvir Khinda
October anyone? Honestly pac one of the most humble dudes to live
Kd Roofing
R.I.P Andrew \
Kim James
2 PAC until the end of time. Thank you Jesus for this man Thank you
Imuuuuu tpac 😢😍 I can't wait it till Jehovah resurrect u and can see u in paradise 😊🤗
Laura Cartier
Ill be listening until the End Of Time \nLegends Never Die\nRest in peace Tupac\nYou will live on forever\nWe will make sure of this
Lil Nyholm
You will be forever number one😢😭😭💕💖
Lord Lucas
I want this to be played when I die.
Lull Jitt
Rest In Peace to the 17 souls that were lost in Florida school shooting
Tupac is the MJ of hip pop. There will never be anyone greater. Both similar in so many ways. My absolute favorite artists of all time. Their music reach millions if not billions of people all over the globe. RIP Pac and MJ. Your music will live on for generations to come. 🙏🏽
Marie Joy Alagar
never forget you pac ❤
real rap guys not that mumble trash of today also dang this video is from the beginning of youtube
Mike Hudock
NOBODY will ever touch Pac & Big.
Mr. 89
There’s a heaven for a G 😎
Mustapha Bouchaqour
I am a muslim and I respect this wonderful man 2pac
Mydang Forrester
Navdeep singh
Come back TUPAC....
Obuile Bodigelo
The world was blessed to have Tupac Amaru Shakur.
Oladipo Adeeko
Life Goes On. It's 2018 and the legend lives on.\nRIP Tupac Amaru Shakur
Rahnel Catoy
Listening dawn of 10/19/2018. If we could just bring you back sir tupac
Rainbow Sugarsocks
i lost my dad on the date of April 10.04.18 and this is his favourite song so please like this comment for the respect of my dad❤
Raphael Gongora
This song will never get old!!
RIP Tupac and Stan Lee, both true OGs...
Ricky Bobby
Song 20 years later still makes me feel like I'm 18
Ronaldo رونالدو
December 2018 anyone???
2018 any one ???
Sam Muliango
Now this was a tough track ..
Samantha Chandler
RIP Tupac Shakur.\nNot only was you a rapper, but a daily inspiration in my life. 💯💖\nThank you for the music the word's the less fortunate need to hear in hard times, thank you for the voice you gave women. God bless eternally.💝💙💝 13th - Sept. 1996.\n20 year's on & we still miss you.💯🎤✌
Se Chaisandee
I love song's 2pac 🎵💽
Sidney Albury
Beautiful song
Who else cried. Only me? Remember Tupac was the first thug to cry can’t say rip enough
Tupac was the Martin Luther King of rap.
Story Rap Morocco
T-Series Is Gay
And today mumble rap took over :(
One of the oldest videos on youtube
Tavis Townsend
RIP to my homie Willie...just lost you yesterday
Trigga Man
I’ll always listen to this song
Tupac Shakur
Just checking to see if anyones still listening.. anyone ?
When I lost my sister, this is the song I played. Every time I remember her, I play it. RIP sis, RIP pac
Vince Mok
when at high school 1 of my homie died in car accident and this was his funeral song wearing a northface jacket kappa pants yankie hat in his coffin. That was 15 years ago. rip mike
When I leave this earth I want this song played
Warsama Siciid
Dec 8/2018 1:18 am
Whanau Aotearoa
Scrolling through all these comments showing nothing but love and respect an that you should. Rest in paradise real G😥31/10/17 love from New Zealand😥😇
William Baltase
chafik souna
alone in my room,lights off,headphones on highest volume,swimmng in fantacy while listening to this piece of art,not worrying about shit in the world,just jamming and yes I know life goes ON!!! life goes on y'all to all of you..I love y'all people..#positivevibesonly
christina kaiser
I played this  song at my adopted brothers funeral
jeff wooten
after my car accident that killed my best friend I listen to this song all the time. 10-06-13. R.I.p brother
krime scene
16k dislikes?? Must be 16k lil pump or 69 fans.. 2pac music still sounds like it's fresh and new if you aint know any better you would've thought it was made recently
lesley kamtukwata
Till this day, the world can't get over your death. We love you Tupac #goat #NA
lyrical gee
October 2018 anyone
niesha cross
Why him😇😥😥😣
our funny family
November 2018 anyone else???
pelevizo lone wolf
2018 jan anyone..warning:iam still gonna listen thz song in 2030,31,31.....till death do me apart
Happy Thanksgiving y’all \nRIP Tupac ❤️
secret guy
This was uploaded on 2005 one of oldest videos on youtube
shady rocks
October 2018 anyone listening with me 😍😍
sila fala
tupac is the G.O.A.T....The rest are farm goats
the fighter
Long live 2pac😭😭😭💔
the little blaxican V
I miss Tupa