Life Goes On - Tupac

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Life Goes On

Goes On Life

1236_teezy DaVIs
Hard not to cry listening to this RIP da 🐐
509 Kicks
People remember!!! Who listen in: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, ... ?!!!!!!
Adam Evans
2018? Nobody? No? Ok... :(
Almighty E L
22 years today. Cant believe it. The best rapper of all time that changed the music industry forever. Miss you Pac🙏
Amad Rahim
Rip. Mac
Anthony Gonzalez
2pac I love you man 😭😭
Azzouz amine
i am from algeria and for me Tupac amaru Shakur is the greatest rapper ever
It's Bout To Be 2019 & THIS SHIT STILL HARD! #LongLive2Pac
*Real LEGEND of rap*
Salute to one of the greatest!! There’s still positive hip hop around check out ‘I love you’ and ‘this for you’ on my page. Thanks in advanced
Billy Weldon Giles
rip Tupac
Bobey Atom
2pac 4life
Boss Dizzle
man my life is good and I  away  miss  2 - pac
Brianna Nelson
I’m over her deadasss crying
Cashh Washington
Rip bruh. This was your fav song 😭😭😭.
Chassidy Thacker
Pac =Life
Christian Green
🌚Only a few ppl will really understand this song🌝
damn. \nSmh i hate today. Its like he was all of ours best friend. ! \nRest in peace
Dee Sarivong
This right here is a CLASSIC!! 💯💯💯💥💥💥
Doggy Father
September 2018 anyone listening with me? ??
Edgar Hernandez
Rip 2pac but his music is timeless
After loosing my good friend from middle school from an accidental overdose, I’ve been listening to this a lot. 7/6/18\n\nRest Easy brotha.
Erwan Syahmi
I'm feeling sad when hear this song😢😢
Fresh Orange
Why god why 2Pac why
George Mpofu
Pac forever\nMakaveli
Gerron Gross
Sounds bring a chill over my body.
Ghida Redouane
anybody here ? september 2018
Hans Tumamao
SEPTEMBER 2018!!!!!!!!!!!
Himano Shisha
Today we poor out some liquor for ya.. rip 2pac 😞😞
Hussein Ali
Life goes on...2050 I.A will be listening to your hits pac..R.I.P
Im last Soldier
They will never and ever another tupac
Incredible Smoke
Who is here because he was shot today 22 years ago
Irregular-Joe *Joseph Johnson*
My dad died and they played this at his funeral
J Dizzle
man i mis this MF all these years later
Jeljel Nolasco
2018 anyone?
Joe Mcdonald
I love how PACs music keeps me loving people lyk I read the comments and were all PACs fans and hearing his music makes me feel lyk I'm not the only one going threw struggle and were all getting threw it
Joey Kouwenhoven
I will remember you for all of my life..You are gone..But your music lives ya
Josh Guevara Cena
RIP 2pac 😔😔 22 years
Karanvir Khinda
October anyone? Honestly pac one of the most humble dudes to live
Killian Yenni
just the best song of tupac i love u you are a inspiration for me ❤️
Kim James
2 PAC until the end of time. Thank you Jesus for this man Thank you
Imuuuuu tpac 😢😍 I can't wait it till Jehovah resurrect u and can see u in paradise 😊🤗
Latasha Conorquie goes on...😏
Laura Cartier
Ill be listening until the End if Time \nLegends Never Die\nRest in peace Tupac\nYou will live on forever\nWe will make sure of this
Live From The Gutter
I’ve attended to many funerals of loved ones and friends for only being 22. This world is cold...
Tupac is the MJ of hip pop. There will never be anyone greater. Both similar in so many ways. My absolute favorite artists of all time. Their music reach millions if not billions of people all over the globe. RIP Pac and MJ. Your music will live on for generations to come. 🙏🏽
Marie Joy Alagar
never forget you pac ❤
Marli Galdino
forever 2pac.biggie.eazy.1990 1997. rip eternal
Melik Gumustekin
Tupac amura shakur The best song Im from Turkey. .
Mike Hudock
NOBODY will ever touch Pac & Big.
Napolyon Teklu
I miss you Tupac
Ndamase Lwandile Lwandile
Unforgettable soul... The more I listen to his songs I gain something everyday # Pac on this!!!
Rip TUPAC😪 13/09
Obuile Bodigelo
The world was blessed to have Tupac Amaru Shakur.
Penny Biebuyck
Qash Services
22 Years later, you're the best one and you're still breathin'...#RIPPac
Damn 12 years is a long time who's watching this on 2018!
Raghav Raj
What ya'll cryin' 'bout? He's alive! Alive in our hearts!
Rahnel Catoy
Listening dawn of 10/19/2018. If we could just bring you back sir tupac
Raouf Djebaili
Rip 💔😟😢😢
Sidney Albury
Beautiful song
Who else cried. Only me? Remember Tupac was the first thug to cry can’t say rip enough
RIP to the best rapper of all time. Man it hurts to say your gone
One of the oldest videos on youtube
TenJeden NaMilion
22 years ago The Legends left this world...
The Realist
This vid linked with these comments are sad y’all
13th September 2018 anyone?.. Wait for me in heaven brother, we will meet soon♥ RIP
Tiara Love
True legend PAC rip💜💛💚
Tim Hardman
tupac is the G.O.A.T \nHe may be gone from the world, but he will always live on our hearts\nLegends never really die
Tim Lewis
Trigga Man
I’ll always listen to this song
Venus Yhum
Iloveyouuuu tupac
When I leave this earth I want this song played
William Baltase
Wonhyuk Choi
legends\nwe want u back \nrip 2 pac
Yâsamin Mëlânin
Bruh the memories that come to mind.. I love this song & Tupac, he will always be an inspiration and a legend simple. 💯
Zeweldi Rishan
To me tupac was like he was from another time or dimension of the future or some other stuff like that coz believe you me as long as the human race existing Tupac will play forever RIP from Nairobi Kenya
art m
no rapper will ever out rap tupac
beat it up
Why there's a dislike button on this video?
frank tank
2018 still jamming..reast easy g
jeff wooten
after my car accident that killed my best friend I listen to this song all the time. 10-06-13. R.I.p brother
joey freitas
22 years later and he still #1
13.09.2018 RIP HOMIE
lyrical gee
October 2018 anyone
mash ahmed
No matter how music has changed 2pacs music will always be in my heart as the realest person to ever do it, till this day his music sparks my brain.. feel sorry for people who wasn’t born in the 90’s because pac was only brother that spoke the truth and his music still impacts people to this day an will always be remembered
THE DAY THE RAP DIED 13.09.1996\n2018
muhanad khatib
(How many brothers fell victim to the streets )\nYou’re one of these brothers 😢
nzeng nding
rest in peace pac forever in our hearts
Makaveli live on
One of the oldest videos on youtube 2005
secret guy
This was uploaded on 2005 one of oldest videos on youtube
shady rocks
October 2018 anyone listening with me 😍😍
talat ahmed
R.I.P legend !!!
the fighter
Long live 2pac😭😭😭💔
the little blaxican V
I miss Tupa
the realest shit
rip pac.
white shadow
As an 11 year old white fan of 2pac in the mid 90s, I couldn't understand why another black man would want him dead. He helped bridge the gap, R.I.P one love