Mac Miller - We (feat. CeeLo Green) (Audio)

From The Divine Feminine, in stores now:

This song is nice af hahah
Man this song is dope but I can't dissociate Cee Lo with being that low key raping dude
Abby Haaa
RIP sweet baby ❤️❤️ fly high with the rest of them ☹️
RIP Mac... \u003c3 Thought of this song instantly when I heard your passing. Bless you. You got me through my years in college. Good times, bad times, you were there always.
Angelique Rivera
Mac Miller changed my life! This man was a true inspiration\n... And its heartbreaking.. His music has been playing non stop in my home and Ive been crying like crazy! It must be true when they say that the good really do die young! RIP
30k likes and barely a thousand dislikes. Thats efficiency. 🔥🔥
Austin Pastal
His stuffs different every time and every time, it's pretty unique.
Basically Jaye
Whhhyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! There's gotta be something we can do to bring him back!!!!!!! This isn't real.
Brittany Hill
WE are thankful for Mac Miller.
Brycie Staples
Top mac albums/tapes so far:\n\n1) Faces \n2) Watch movies with out the sound\n3) GOOD:AM\n4) Macdelic \n5) Blue slide park
Cashin AeF
damnnnnn, cant stop listening to this masterpiece
R.i.p Mac
ChillPill / BVXTR
R.I.P. Legend!
Chris Hernandez
Loving this new sound Mac Miller is doing pulling it off
Christian Rosales
CoffiBlaq Productions
RIP Mac Miller this song on my top 100 songs ever made
Cris Mike
The Devine Feminime was album of the year quality.
Dakota Randall
Rest easy mac miller we love you dearly ❤️
Deadman Club
Rip Mac 😔💔
Derek Norris
mac changes his music every album, much respect.
Dezz Carter
Looks like mac finna have his first classic album comin from a person that never fw his music this is QUALITY.
Dominisha Jett
R.I.P. you will be missed 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Elliot Riley Lindblom
Okay I'm officially excited for this album
Excuse myfrench
Was \
My ex girlfriend said \
Filip Dziewięcki
Rest in Peace 💖
Honza Nosek
I hope there will be a VINYL form of the album, because these released songs simply want to be played on gramophone :)
Itzel Celis
This Song Makes Me Feel Some Typa Way... I Love It
This is the kind of song where you play it an drive for no reason.
James Kissinger
Mac Miller will never get enough credit for the diversity he brings to every project. He prides himself in bringing something new and refreshing every time. This guy could easily grab a Metro Boomin beat pack and flex on everyone for money and views, but no. He makes the music thats true to himself and he always will. Keep making great music Mac!
Jelle Medendorp
I always get so sad when songs remind me of harambe :( #dicksout
Jo-Jo Smiley
Lyrics:\nYeah, well you can be my\nSaid you can be my\nYeah, you can be my\nYeah, okay, well you can be my\nBaby you can be my\nBaby you can be my\n\nWell okay, it's alright, it's okay\nOkay, well you can be my...\nWell okay, it's alright, it's okay\nYou can be my...\nYeah, well okay, it's alright, it's okay\nSaid you can be my...\nWell okay, it's alright, it's okay\nSaid you could be my...\n\nWell, you ain't in the mood to argue\nBaby don't you worry, this some shit to get along to\nSome shit I right my wrongs to\nWell, I've tried to call you, have us a discussion\nWe never talk, we always way too busy fuckin'\nI'll think of something to say, I always do\nI'm in love with the way that you say my name\nEvery time it sound brand new\n\nAnd you, always wonderin' what we'll be\nI say we sound better than you or me\n\nBaby you could be my... (woo!)\nWell okay, it's alright, it's okay\nYeah, I feel like you can be my...\nWell okay, it's alright, it's okay\nAnd I can be your...\nWell okay, it's alright, it's okay\nOnly if you be my...\nIt's alright, it's okay\n\nYeah, okay, and time will tell\nIf I'm alive and well, cause when I'm by myself\nI find that I keep flying high, sometimes I must remind myself\nThat change is more than pennies laying on the floor inside the well\nYou cross my mind, do not apologize for being fine as hell\nI'm spinning here inside your spell, my mind has start to wander\nI missed a day, I stay up late admiring your posture\n\nAnd you, always wonderin' what we'll be\nI say we sound better than you or me\n\nBaby you could be my...\nYeah, well okay, it's alright, it's okay\nAnd baby you can be my...\nWell okay, it's alright, it's okay\nAnd I can be your...\nWell okay, it's alright, it's okay\nYeah, only if you be my...\n\n[Cee-Lo Green:]\nThere's no more you or me, me or we, sweetheart\nJust be your sweet babe\nAnd I can see, I can see, so much better\nI can see\nI'm carefully, precious things fall apart\nJust let them be, let it be, forever\nOh, loving me, in spite of me\nBless your heart, bless your heart\nI can breathe, I can breathe so much better, yeah\nI won't let anything tear us apart, no, no, no\nWe are we, we are we, forever\n\n[Mac Miller:]\nYou can be my...\nWell okay, it's alright, it's okay\nYeah, I feel like you can be my...\nWell okay, it's alright, it's okay\nAnd I can be your...\nWell okay, it's alright, it's okay\nOnly if you be my...\nIt's alright, it's okay\n\n[Cee-Lo Green:]\nYou gotta deal with Mac Miller, bitch\nHehehehahah
John Rivers
This is bothering me so much, does anyone NOT hear the skipped beat with the tom drum at 1:00 ??
Jonny B
i love mac because he always bring something new to the table every track
June Jara -.-
Damn this song was sexy, I love you Mac
Justin 11133
R.I.P Mac Miller ❤❤
Justin Rawlins
From Faces to this I'll always love him, one of the best artist ever!
We need an album with this vibe... i feel like only mac could do it
Lg Stylo
gotta blaze one to this real chill beat
Lorena Garibay
I quit getting high but I swear his music 🎶 makes me feel high. Rest easy Mac. 💔
Luca S
This about Ariana
Luke Donohue
Mac Miller and CeeLo Green on the same track is like having your cake and eating it too.
Lupe' Reyes
This guy that I really like sent me this song and I am so loving it. Ceelo killed that part
lowkey SpongeBob vibe. This is something Bikini Bottom stoners would listen to.
Mahmoud Mostafa
RIP Malcolm. 🙏🏽
Margo Nastic
I used to come here for the song, now I came here for him...Rest in peace
Miguel Towers
Para darte un viajesoteeeee 🙌
Monica Monroy
Love this song, thx for the music you shared. \nWe are weee, we are weee for ever... I can breathe so much betteeer... 🎶 🎶 🎶\nBon voyage Mac Miller ❤️🙏🏼
R.i.p the 🐐🐐💯💕
Naͣfiͥsaͣhͪ Oury Bah
Rest in power Mac, hopefully things r better up there
I swear I would dig most of Mac's music if his voice wasn't so... idk I just don't like his voice. Song is cool though
Nick is Dank
if its mac miller you know the song fire
Niko Joshi
Listenin to this drivin through london city @ 5 in the morning. Just thinkin n shit
Oster Tv
hyped up for the album always been a mac miller fan his music always good to vibe to
Patrick Stephenson
And this kids...This is how mixed babies are born..
Pierce Hoof
Man, I’m sorry Mac. We all loved you and your musical talent. This is my favourite song from you good sir. Gone but not forgotten. Prayers to him and his family.
Prince Chauke
rest easy Mac. you're GOAT.\nLONG LIVE MAC
Raja Leonardy
Rest Easy Mac
Raphaelson III
This is better than dang. Andersons part was good in Dang but Mac goes with this song better than he did with Dang
Ricky IO
R.I.P Larry Fisherman !! See you on the other side... \u003c3 #LEGEND
Sad Sahara
I love how he just says \
Sean V
Beat is good. Mac sounds like he's out of ideas. that harmony was weak
Sergio Carrillo
#TreeJTV what’s up Mac Miller I’m going to buy your albums now there good
Sid Albert
Damn Mac! He's coming up with some very smooth tracks.
Mac is so good. Why wasn't this guy appreciated more during his lifetime! did we all take him for granted? To call Mac a rapper is an insult, this guy is an artist, a creator of wonderful music. His ear for what works is amazing. I see him in the future composing movie scores among other things. To think there is no more to come from him is heartbreaking.
notification SQUAD ASSEMBLE
this song got me feeling some type of way. great instruments, vocals and message. good work
Steezy Shaw
“Time will tell if I’m alive and well because when I’m by myself I find that I keep flying high”
Rest in Peace .
Stevie French
Mac is like the Pink Floyd of hip hop.
Tantu Beats
This album is going to be delicious
Tawanda Batana
Mac Miller is definitely the most improved Rapper in the past few years, Hope he keeps making new music and developing his sound like he has ✌ God Bless Mac
The Life Of Androo Joseff
Mac miller is a crack dealer & is that much iller than a black gremlin on a pillar.\nYou know what i'm sayin?
Well, guess who just became even more excited for the album drop!\nMac, you genius!!
TheReal MYTI
My favorite Mac song! \nRIP to the young legend MAC MILLER!!\n🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Mac went back to his roots yo. The beat is CLASSIC.
Tony Spade
RIP Mac.
Trust YouMe
It won't even be a year since GO:OD AM this guys a machine.
Wyatt Meyring
Wow this is so amazing.
Can never go wrong with a groovy ass bassline like that.
Yourfriendlyneighbor Hittingyowifey
R.I.P homie you got me through tough times, I was homeless last year and this album did so much for my morale, I’m forever grateful..
I love you mac you are a genius (good music too be high too).
The way Mac changes his style every album is impressive, actually every song he does
mac miller been smoking on some good vibes lately.. lol
r.i.p. dude first song my love sent me....
joe maldonado
anybody else feel like certain music finds its way into your life at the perfect time ...
My favorite Mac song\n\nRest Easy Mac 💔
i love the guitars so much it sorta sounds like Perfect Circle / God Speed
miguel landa
Cant wait for RARE ORLANDO. MAC MILLER! PRE OREDERED THE ALBUM TODAY! .SO HYPE. First album I bought from MAC even though I've been following him since KIDS. I learned the importance of purchasing and supporting my favorite artist. MUCH LOVE MAC!
moon z
revisiting his music keeps leaving with these unsettled feelings... but it's addictive, and his music is too.
Why do I recognize that string beat with such nostalgia, it almost makes me cry...
Who else feels like it’s all bad this happened to a real one ... mr lovestien R.I.P. 😔 #macmiller #fan
Mac is just a good ass, dope rapper. you can't not like him.
Album of the year
mac miller making real hip hop these days. bless up
It's weird.. I love ALL of mac Miller's music. Like I like the party side of him, and the chill side of him, and the deep side of him. Honestly I also really like Mac Miller as a person. His energy is so positive, like you could just feel it. I love you mac miller man.
i love the graphics. Simple but puts me in a chill mood