Haddaway - What Is Love

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Video Edit By Km MusicVideos1) Elena Cruz-Nichipor - Countdown to EDC Las Vegas 3 2) EDU X Ephwurd - Vibrations [Cutting Shapes-Shuffle]3) elena cruz Dance4) Ephwurd - Vibrations Dance Shuffle SISSTA DUO Choreography by Tutti Fruttiz5) Hayley Toth Dance6) Elena Cruz-Nichipor - I Ware House7) Parov Stelar - Libella Swing (GAME OVER) - ft. NEILAND8) Parov Stelar - The Phantom (Street Performance) ft. NEILAND9) Gabby J David - Say Less ShuffleShapes10) Sven Otten (JustSomeMotion) - Balduin & Wolfgang Lohr feat. Andrea Carolina - Go Round11) Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It. Zumba FitnessMusicHaddaway - What Is LoveHaddaway - LifeNestor Alexander Haddaway (born January 9, 1965), better known mononymously as Haddaway, is a Trinidadian-born German vocalist and musician best known for his 1993 hit single "What Is Love". Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Haddaway moved to the Washington, D.C. area at the age of nine, where he grew up to the sounds of Louis Armstrong, which encouraged him to learn how to play trumpet at the age of 14. He attended Meade Senior High School. This eventually resulted in him forming his first group which he called Chances. Haddaway moved to Cologne, Germany in 1987 where he mostly worked in bars. Later, he formed his own company, Energy, which was involved in organizing fashion shows and photo-shoots.Haddaway's break came in 1992 when he was signed by German label Coconut Records. His debut single "What Is Love" rapidly became popular in Europe, reaching number 2 in Germany and the United Kingdom. In Germany, the single sold 900,000 copies, in the UK, it was certified Gold for shipment of 400,000 units. It later reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified Gold for shipments of 500,000 units. By the beginning of 1994, worldwide sales of "What Is Love" had already reached 2.6 million.His second single "Life" hit number 2 in Germany, number 6 in the UK and number 41 in the USA, and its worldwide sales had reached 1.5 million by 1994. The follow-up singles "I Miss You" and "Rock My Heart" were also top 10 smashes in Europe and established him as a successful Eurodance artist. His first LP, The Album (also known as Haddaway in the USA), was a multi-million seller which reached Platinum status in Germany for shipments of 500,000, and Gold in the UK and in France for shipments of 100,000.In 1995, he released his second album The Drive, which spawned the UK top 20 hit "Fly Away", as well as "Catch a Fire" and "Lover Be Thy Name". "What Is Love" enjoyed a resurge in popularity as the theme music for the Butabi brothers (Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan) on Saturday Night Live and the subsequent film A Night at the Roxbury.[citation needed] Haddaway's subsequent albums were more soulful, but since 1998, the singer has struggled to repeat the mainstream commercial success of his early hits. Albums Let's Do It Now and My Face (the latter re-released as Love Makes) all failed to chart, producing only a handful of moderately successful singles.Haddaway appeared on the television show Comeback – Die große Chance in Germany in 2004. He then appeared on a similar UK show Hit Me Baby One More Time in 2005 and subsequently appeared on the U.S. version. This exposure led to him scoring a moderate chart hit in Germany with the ballad "Spaceman" from his next album Pop Splits. "What Is Love" was featured in a 2008 Pepsi commercial (for diet Pepsi Max) which parodied the leitmotif and included several stars including LL Cool J, Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes, but not Haddaway.[citation needed]In 2008, Haddaway teamed up with another Eurodance star Dr. Alban for the single "I Love the 90's". In 2009, "What Is Love" re-entered charts after German DJ Klaas remixed it. The track resurfaced again in 2010 when it sampled heavily in Eminem's single "No Love" featuring Lil Wayne. In 2012, Haddaway released the single "Up and Up" with The Mad Stuntman, which was a top 20 dance hit in the USA.Haddaway now lives in Kitzbühel, Austria, and also has a home in Cologne, Germany.

Haddaway - What Is Love

1985Viggen ツ
A night at Roxbury xD
i wana to know whats name of the guy with suit and tie wow so great dance
Alean Garcia
Lake 2018👍📀🔊🔊
Ammar Abazovic
Could watch it all day.
Anderson Cordeiro arraso
Eu amor essa música essa música é da minha vida
Andrew Astin
Dios bendiga a estas personas\nMe hacen muy feliz
Antônia Magna
°very good• ~Congratulicion
Ari Demopoulos
best dance video by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bake Semey
Бляха.....где моя молодость.. ...плачу
Bali Khartum
Basem Anaya
Awesome & Song 😍❤️
Billy Jack
Dam awesome talent..
Brian Fairlamb
God I wish I young again.
Cassio Martins
Maravilhous dancer!!!Uauuu
Chuck Norris
0:09 who is she!!!!???
Boys will be boys... the mime guy and the roof guy both are great
Dani Witt
I hear this Song 10 times a Day! And i can't get enough!!!!!
Daphne Garcia
💕💕la mejor canción de todas🌻levanta el animó al 100👌
Denisa Cuprova
DENISA super písnička hlavně jak z pívá
Don McNeil
All were Oh So Good. Loved this Video.
Dr. BoB
^sooo much respect for the younger generation ...
Eliasjauas Esmarico
Son los mejores impresionantes.
Emile Voltaire
Awesome moves, fluid and well-rehearsed. Talented youngsters who obviously put in major time to perfect those moves. That young dude on the roof absolutely shakes it. Great choreography on a great song from my younger days. \n\nThanks guys
Erwin Boodhoo
Girls are awesome dancers..but the guy in the blue jacket is really good also..fantastic video..cheers
Ethan Hunt
I love it, song and dancers, bravo
Just here for the birds and music 👌
Farid Ali
These gals are propa sexy.
Frank Esposito
Guy with the Hat don't Play!
Grooming By Rudy
Great talented,hard working dancers..love it!
Harinder Singh Grewal
Lovely remix
JFields Dembogurski
Better than Despacito.
Jacob Snodgrass
Can't [email protected]
Jamila Andersson
Wooww I Still LOVE This Excellent Song\n2018...A Masterpiece\n♥ ♥ ♥
Jarosław Fedczuk
Muza 2019
What IS love?
Jen Martin
This song was made in the 1990's and will still be listened to in the 2090's 😁😎❤
Jo M
Looks easy but is really not
Joe Smith
Everybody needs somebody to love? I think everybody needs to BE loved.
Jordan .Holland
I frickin love this video!
JudgementRavi Judgementer
Great music. I love it have a nice weekend everyone.
Km Music
Videos\n\n1) Elena Cruz-Nichipor - Countdown to EDC Las Vegas 3 \n2) EDU X Ephwurd - Vibrations [Cutting Shapes-Shuffle]\n3) elena cruz Dance\n4) Ephwurd - Vibrations Dance Shuffle SISSTA DUO Choreography by Tutti Fruttiz\n5) Hayley Toth Dance\n6) Elena Cruz-Nichipor - I Ware House\n7) Parov Stelar - Libella Swing (GAME OVER) - ft. NEILAND\n8) Parov Stelar - The Phantom (Street Performance) ft. NEILAND\n9) Gabby J David - Say Less ShuffleShapes\n10) Sven Otten (JustSomeMotion) - Balduin & Wolfgang Lohr feat. Andrea Carolina - Go Round\n11) Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It. Zumba Fitness\n\nMusic\nHaddaway - What Is Love\nHaddaway - Life
Kristijana Fersen
Da sage ich die Waldfee Kristijana Fersen das war ein geiles lied von 1993 bis 1994 ach ja lehrzeit bei Bäckerei Erdbrügger am Goetheplatz in Bünde als Backwaren Verkäuferin bestanden die lehre 1996 beendet und ich das geschafft genauso wie den Autoführerschein
This has more views than the original video.
Lupe Gmez
Que musica de carnaval todos los sabados. Era de dance.
Mano ad
Maria Sonia
Super tare este muzik cu dans
Markino Markino
MITICA - Uno dei pezzi musicali più belli degli anni '90 - Ciao a tutti - Pollice in su a chi la sta sentendo in questo momento - 07.10.2018 -
Melody Gacha
That man is da best
Milan Anclin
Gremo Plesat ... DJ . MILAN ANCLIN
Millennials have tattoos but zero character
Millennials love drug culture but not their country
Monello Cane
song good, video nothing extra
All the dancers on here are so damn good its impossible not to smile as I watch them. So fluid, relaxed and effortless as well as amazing rhythm and just enjoying moving. I`m 60 and can remember dancing to this when it first came out. Just wish I could still move so well. Thanks you`ve cheered me up after what has been a real shit day. Enjoy your youth, it goes so fast.
Nadeem Wolverine
The guy who mixed this video........ Hats off!.....And I mean it!
No Man's Nomad
It's difficult to type with one hand.
man i m old skool 51 i love the young enjoying themselves
Paul Kersey
These humans make me smile.
Powder Beast
Pussy Slayer
So many sex kittens in this vid 😊
Still love this song in 2018 💝💝💝
Rashid Fitness Protocol
This video does absolute justice to this Immortal song.... Awesomeness!!!!!
The girl with the red hair out of rhythm lol
Richard Weyne
The man is the best performance
S Sitya
amo la cancion y el video.
Selicer S
Guy on the roof and girl in yellow top have mad skills it's a pleasure to watch all of the dancers tho
Serega Verbov
Люди не хотят войны. Люди хотят танцевать. Любите друг друга. Из России с любовью!\nPeople don't want war. People want to dance. Love each other. From Russia with love!
Serge Scorpio
Уау... Танцуйте, люди, танцуйте! Жизнь коротка и надо танцевать...
SoonTatt 45
Best song and best dancing!
Stephen Tuthill
Most excellent video... Very well cut together.
What is love? \nAnswers below please.
TLOU Strategist
2:22 This segment is completely \n😎👌🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Wonderful mix and matches perfect with the videos. Thank you for the good work!
The Winspear
All the dancers have just danced into my heart. 💓💓💓
Thiago Thor Cb Twister Da Galera
Ai . Musica do meu tempo. Dança moderna perfeita. Otimo vídeo parabêns vc merece. Mais aqui like certo.
Treasure Island
*I tried doing these bad ass moves until i pulled a serious groin..so now all i can literally say...\
Trioxa Shazly
Vanio Costa
Cara esse é um dos melhores vídeo que eu tenho visto no YouTube, as pessoas dança muito bem, sem falar na música muito boa e me fez relembra o passado, quem viveu sabe do que estou falando, muito bom merece muito like!!!!
White Night
They think we're locked out ,There Wrong !
Woman in Love
I almost wanna cry thinkin bout the early 90s.If you weren't there you'll never understand.Great tune great times!
bhavesh mishra
2019 anyone?
chetz kumar
Myself : WHAT IS LOVE ? start dancing\nMy feet : Baby don't hurt me ...don't hurt me .... no more
dj Daniel
Quien es el hombre de 0:40s
1:27 Eis que você se acorda com vontade de dança (só que depois você realmente se acorda, e vê que apenas estava sonhando.)
What's girls in 2:37?
I love it
Only found this today and watched it five times. I'm an old granddad and disabled now.... but in my dream, I'm still dancing.
guy with blue suit killed it
rodrigo o nieto
un rap moderno
That flawless woman!
vitor manuel
Omai god
ŠïSī Tâÿłš
xD THIS WAS MaDE Before i was born! Lol im born in 2008!
Алан Плиев
От этой песни болит шея
Виктор Витчинов
Как можно такой музыке ставить дизлайк????? Может люди вверх ногами смотрят...
казнь читеров
SEXY !!!
марат токтосунов
Слов нет и песня классная , идевчонки , и парень зажигают одно наслаждение.
семен семенов
классно девчноки от жигают прям не знаю с какой встречаться