Not Here, Not There, Not Nowhere, and Not Everywhere—Superposition in Real Life

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racist electron sorting box 1:10
ASF Reviews
damn, these electrons out here getting hard on no nut November, pray
Aayushya Sahay
It bounced off
Abhirup Bera
Are you wishing We Indians happy #diwali ???
Aden Branson
0:08 somewhere 😓😓😓
Aditya Yempalle
0:10 had me like XD
0:04 me opening my homework in front of my teacher
0:16 happy Diwali effect
Andrew Markizon
I’m not sure but I think what he’s saying is that to achieve complete superposition you need use a bounce pad and hit Kevin the Cube
video is complicated for ape brain, ape got confused
Arya Bhushan
0:10 Those fireworks 🔥 FOREIGN VERSION OF \
Not here, not there not everywhere. Who you gonna call? Psychic friend fredbear!
Biba Maurer
why did i watch this right after i woke up expecting i'm gonna understand what this video is about lol
Caleb Edwards
Why was the firework thing, a thing😂
Chuper Cabra
He’s not here \nNot there\nNot everywhere \nWho you gonna call?\nPsychic friend Fredbear
Control Man
Does ‘s’ mean superposition? Btw the nucleus is always found in the middle while the electrons and neutrons and protons are orbiting in an infinity symbol but while the superposition state they are all obiting in a circle. I know im nine but im kinda a nerd 🤓
Craigslist Assassin
It’s called friendzone
Daniel Asher
Brain = broken
Daniel Modesto
I'm a qualified quantum physicist.
Diamond- Gaming
Duane Amos Tuazon
I understand all of your discussion because you always explain your words
It's Diwali in India and fireworks time
The most interesting thing will be appear if you add the third polarized panel.
Eduardo AlCaminó
I was happy because I understood all videos I had seen from Action Lab, but this, just mind blowing
Eli A
Yeah that's pretty cringey plz stop
F Azar
USB ports also have superposition which is why you can never insert the usb cable the right way til you look
Fruit roll-ups Boi
Can we get an f in the chat for schrodinger's cat
Ghost Of Sparta
Legends says if you're early and you say His name 3 times He will like your comment and respond.\n-The Action Lab\n-The Action Lab\n-The Action Lab\nBut is this legend true?Nobody knows.
After I finished this video my iPad turned off ... does that mean! ... no.. ok..
Guilherme Lourenço mind is absolutly blown, lmao. There's only one thing that doesn't make sense: if those photons are in superposition until they hit the polarizer, which means, \
HFox : HaxFox
Is this a meme channel now?
“Any electron that comes out of the black hole”. Nice. We’re pulling electrons out of black holes.
HelloBoy Mysurname
who cares
I do it all Nate
0:16 my mom thought I was watching porn
Ian Yankelov
Lol quantum physicists are really freaking good at explaining that they have no idea wtf is happening😆 props to em
Those firework effects in the beginning tho🔥🦄
James Thompson
This video is lit
Jayasuriyha Mohanraj
Your videos are really great and I love seeing them
John Cena
I have so much respect for quantum physicist..
Kampftroll 1
You know that thing thats called cringe?
Kevin Schofield
Sooo...will I get my certification in the mail...or is it just on file...or is it in a state of superposition?
Thumbnail looks like ORA ORA ORA lmao
Khawab Raghuvanshi
Hlo Mr action lab I'm from India and today is India's biggest festival DIWALI so I think that the firecrackers that u edited is to wish ur Indian subscriber. If not then OK
Koceme GaminG
My last 5% battery for this vid\nVery worth it
Hes gone mad 0:12
Lord Megatron
What about a third path; Not.
Does that mean they’re constantly spinning at such high of a speed it’s impossible to tell that they are, that way it can lock on to whatever position you make them go?
Magic Weapon R0
I feel like this has something to do with the fourth spacial dimension you talked about in a different video. Like maybe the electrons and photons move in 4D space and it effects there position in 3D space?
Mike Clark
“Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth” Mike Tyson
Momma O
l've been there! This is mind boggling! loved the fireworks at the beginning Lol.
I really like watching science videos that are correct. I study physics and work at a local university and oh boy I really enjoy your videos as you explain stuff without dumbing it down or making it wrong.
Nish K
I watched the MIT course in high school and it is really worth the time. It is actually what got me interested in quantum mechanics. Now I am a second year physics student and from time to time I make sure that whatever I am learning, I can teach others in the simplest words possible. As I am taking new courses, I realize that not everything can be explained in simple words. But people like you amaze me. It takes immense understanding and talent to teach people as effectively as you do. Kudos to you! :)
Oliver Siemens
Who after watching the video still have no idea what superposition is?
Om Patel
Happy Diwali To You Also (0:11)😹😹
Papai Pal
Heisenberg told us that we cannot measure two things simultaneously. \n\n\n\n\n\nA scientist shows us the path to light from darkness, while look at this man; he just threw us into darkness...
Peter Zanchelli
You should make a video about the Theory of Special Relativity: Time Dilation and Length Contraction!!
Pro Player 1⃣
0:17 someone make this a GIF ASAP
Pugnation Games
The answer to the question at the beginning is yes
Random RimRock // TripleR
I'm currently in a superposition
Random Stuff
Its somewhere :p
Rohit Rayte
If a photon is in superposition, then how only 50% of them pass through a 45 deg polarized filter. All of them are in superposition right?. So every photon must pass through 45 deg polarized filter.
Rudy Rdx
Is Light a Wave Of Particles ?
Rvem Gamer
Do they know that the concept derived from results of many many experiments correct 100%..🤔😧🤕
Saad Arshad
Please make a video on how to make a normal laser light at home. Thanks.
Samuel Maranzano
I lost you at “photon”.
Shiva Reddy
That Interstellar theme song in background....\nJust epic
Source Port Services
Easy... style=\
Super Steazy
14:09 I need to put that on my job application
0:17 - wow. One of your jokes that actually made me laugh. That's a first. But then again, I don't watch your videos for the comedy. 😘
YouTube gave me a notification that is 1 day late....\nPvvvvvwahhhhh! Pvvvvwahhhhh! * mind blows *
The Black Reaper
The evil squid Thing
What does a Liberian say \n\n\nRead more
Thomas Horsman
I always go into the hard hole then come out of the soft hole
Tiernan Flynn
*When you find the particle you want in a measurable position...*\n\n\n\n\n\n“Oh hi Mark.”
Umar Balushi
how the frizpy work
Vaishnav The Gamer
Didn't understand anything!
Vicky Vignesh
Whatever that firework is, it was the weirdest thing I've witnessed in my life
Waffle Person
USB ports explained.
It's here
Yash Jha
I have this doubt, when you describe the picture at 4.7 then how can we get 50 50 at the end if we are sending only black electrons in the beginning??
Yovani H.
0:20 had me dying 😂
I failed no nut November with my hard electron 😂
To Anyone That Reads This!\nMay You And Your Family Always Be Blessed With Good Fortune!!
_Bob McCoy
*_I am in a Superposition_*\n\n_weird flex, but okay_
can we hit 5000 subscribers with just few videos?
Why is this guy not a meme yet
dragon 52
But why the photons don't get a superposition at an 360 degrees?
im really stupid
He was black, wearing all black, black hair, black mustache, oh and he walked with a black.
le me Otaku
0:11 to 0:24, yeah, happy Diwali to you too.... 🙃
lebecca deevs
0:11 the beginning of the best part
wattuser Kasso
Mate... the fireworks though lol
Great video!! Now how do I get my brain to stop bleeding?