WWF In Your House 15: Cold Day in Hell Review

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This is my review of WWF IYH: Cold Day in Hell. If you enjoyed or have a differing opinion, leave a like and comment. Subscribe for more content and take care.

In Your House (Recurring Event) In Your House 15: A Cold Day In Hell WWE (TV Program Creator)

Afro Physicist
although so far 1998 raw is more consistent I still think 1997 was an awesome year and is currently my favorite thus far (trying to watch all of attitude era Raw episodes. ! Its strange how much I used to love the undertaker as a kid growing up in the 2000s, but for some reason I find his matches lackluster, in 97, 98 so far. This match with stone cold is probably the the best or 2nd best (counting summer slam 1997) match of his 97 title reign. I barely remember these matches because I was so young but is it me or were undertaker's matches not that good until the mid 2000s?
Deep Ghoul
Two things of note:\n\n1.On the Free for All, Rockabilly (with The Honky Tonk Man) defeated Jesse James by pinfall with a DDT in under three minutes and thirteen seconds.\n\n2.In a dark match which took place after the PPV, The Legion of Doom defeated Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith by disqualification in under six minutes when Bulldog accidentally hit Owen with the European Title after Hawk ducked. As a result of the DQ finish, LOD did not win the Tag-Team Titles.\n\nWhat's even more odd is that this match was advertised on the back of the box for the Coliseum Video release of this PPV.
Jay Shepherdson
It's amazing going back and watching rock vs mankind and to see were they would be 2 years later and the reactions they would get unlike Here were the crowd does not care