Yes, Georgia’s Governor Election Was Rigged By Republicans There Is Proof

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The long lines and packed precincts in Georgia on midterm election day were not an accident – that was exactly what Republicans wanted to happen because they knew that it would cost Democrat Stacey Abrams votes while giving some much-needed aide to Republican Brian Kemp. More than 1,500 voting machines have been found that were locked away, voting machines that could have easily prevented the long lines and hours-long wait times. The state lied about why these machines were locked up, and Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what really happened. Link – More and more information continues to pour out about the election process in the State of Georgia where a recount or run-off is basically triggered at this point because the margin between Stacey Abrams, the Democrat and Brian Kemp, the corrupt Republican have gotten so close that it triggers that automatic run-off. Here's the thing though. It didn't have to be this way. It's only this close because Republicans decided to make it this close.Otherwise Stacey Abrams would already be confirmed as the next Governor of the State of Georgia. And here's how we know that. Reports began coming out yesterday that over 1000, some estimates up to 1500, voting machines in three counties in the State of Georgia, almost 1500 locked away so that nobody could use them. These were the three counties that also suffered from the longest wait times, some three to four hours.They all happen to be counties that were heavily Democratic leaning for Stacey Abrams, so it cost her a lot of votes. The counties are Cobb, De Kalb, and Fulton. Those three counties that did not have enough voting machines, that did not have enough extension cords for the very few voting machines they have, those were the three counties that were starved of these 1500 voting machines that were locked away so that they couldn't be used.Now here's what state election officials are saying about those machines being locked up. "You know, this wasn't to keep people from voting.", they said. It's because there was a court order not that long ago that says they have to sequester some of their machines because they need to be evaluated because they're very vulnerable to hacking and there's a lawsuit going on about that right now.The only problem is no judge ever said you had to sequester all of them, that you had to lock them all away or that you had to short your polling places in order to put these machine in safe place until they can be evaluated. They're absolutely lying in the State of Georgia right now about what the courts ordered them to do. It's not true. If they were short on voting machines all they had to do was tell the courts we do not have enough. We have no choice but to use these and their request would have been allowed.They didn't do it because they knew that having too few voting machines was going to benefit the Republicans and so it has. This election would not be close right now. We would not be headed for a run-off with Brian Kemp in the the lead had these voting machines and all of these precincts in these heavily Democratic counties been properly equipped to accommodate the number of voters that they knew were coming.And that's the other part of the story here. They knew they were going to have historic voter turnout in those areas. They knew the Democrats were energized. They knew they wanted to vote so they did everything that they could to prevent them from being able to vote. This is an absolute conspiracy and part of it actually involves the Republican Brian Kemp who is running for Governor. This is corrupt. This is criminal and 100% of it with by-design to make sure that Brian Kemp became the next Republican Governor in the State of Georgia.

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Alfred Pasly
Brian Kemp is like a baseball Manager who wants all 7 WS games in his team,s ballpark,to be their own umpire,and have the other team only use one pitcher each game.
Andrew Cummings
Ok Election Day needs to be a national holiday and the voting system in America needs to change
Andy Stinnett
Just another attempt to spread there lies and can't see that no one here in ga cares about these demarcate who will do anything to win like cheat and God only knows what else staci is no good for this state and would be the worst this for this state...she is a cancer and should be cut out just like all Democrats ...\n..
She is the winner and God will make sure she everyone what lairs and Cheaters the Republicans are. The devil is a liar, I rebuke Kemp efforts to steal the 2018 election from Stacy Abrams in the name of Jesus! AMEN
Awake Now
America, so critically sad and divided!!! We need to forget our differences and seriously pray for OUR country and it's leaders!!! God help us!!!!\n😥😥😥
Republican's Motto:\n\n\
Bonnie Urso
Republicans always find a way to cheat.I mean to have the guy running be the one who oversees the recount or the runoff is ridiculous.Kemp should be ordered to step down .Stacy Abrams won and she will be validated and confirmed the winner in the end.I have to try my best to still believe that the rule of law is respected.
There are several problems with this \
Carole S.
Again, this is JUST NOT TRUE. I voted DEMOCRAT. Cobb is NOT heavily Democratic at all, but a Republican stronghold. There were, again, WEEKS AND WEEKS to vote and PLENTY of machines and FEW LINES in Cobb County. YOU ARE WRONG.
Dadson worldwide
Why do you think election sites should expect anymore voters than th es yearly average dictates ?\nI'm applied at these dems who think you need to go door to door and pick up votes.\nPeople have the day off of work to vote.\nA majority of dem voters are unemployed ,disabled retired or lazy but either way they have plenty of time to drive to a site even if its 15 minutes from there home.
Dan Tran
death people voting too, stacy's sister is a federal judge, how corrupt is that? Stupid!!!!
David Deberjerack
Voting machines are handled by local precincts. The only people they can blame is themselves.
David Flippen
There should be jail time for the people who did this for this level of corruption. This man should not be rewarded with possibly becoming governor. What can the constituents expect from this creep if he does?
Dog King
We knew it was rigged before election night. They rant and rave about kneeling during the anthem but then openly suppress American citizens right to vote. \nRepublicans are a disgrace.
Edmond McDonald
I think you're full of shit buddy. You're saying just because there wasn't enough voting machines that's why Stacy Abrams is behind. Stacy Abrams is a socialist and all you guys are trying to do is give it to her when will not make Georgia a good state. Sue wants to take away our gun rights and the stand your ground rights to disarm us slowly for governmental take over. It all starts here in Georgia than moves to the rest of the country.
Eduardo Orama Del Pilar
Drop dead republicans
Ershkin said that
😭😤😭😤😭😤\nAnd the exact same thing happen in 3 districts in Houston TX that are predominantly republican. It’s legal . I don’t agree but , it’s legal . And dems are caught trying to slip 3 diesel loads of ( provisional) votes that have absolutely no chain of Id.also we’re all Democratic votes. Stop freaking crying . We as republican have been putting up with the opposing ideals for 30 years now . With enabling welfare to further weaken people to the healthcare that allows lazy , pussyfooting freeloaders to not be responsible for themselves .
Fernando Zevallos
There is no point for Russia to meddle in our elections. Republicans do that very well...
this is trying to take the focus off of florida
Goldn Messi
DEKALB, FULTON, COBB, It doesn't get ANY MORE DEMOCRAT than DEKALB, Fulton..\nYet Repubs calling little children & Moms criminals, breaking the law, because they are \ntrying to feed their families. I am refering to immigrants.
Hamish Lamont
Kemp is a corrupt Trump acolyte. Shame on him.
Hul'yah Hadassah Yis'ra-EL
My Open Rebuke Poetic Justice:The Trickery of \
Tracey Abrams should be governor now.
James Brown
James O.
If they didn’t lock them up and kemp won, they would have said kemp was hacking. He locked them up and they said Kemp rigged the election. Damned if you do, damned if you dont.
Jay Dooley
Id say the amount of illegal voters that abrams got more than evened the playing field. The canidate might have been right for metro atl, but she was not right for the rest of us. You can talk rascism and partisan polictics all you want. Ga didnt want gun rights, or our agribussinesses infringed on
Jennifer Greene
Our government officials are piss-poor morally. Smh...
Jerry Jarrett
Well we all know who the socialist, communist candidate is. Anyone who isn't God fearing and God honoring is the one most likely to corrupt the voting system. Stacey Abrams, wants nothing more than to totally corrupt Georgia, and in her own words the south.
John W
Democrooks calling out Republicans for voter fraud? REALLY?! That's friggin priceless! Look at what's going on in Florida. Leftist liberal pukes.
Joseph ondiek
Kemp should step down,he simply rigged this election in public face and he doesn’t represent the freedom of choice as enshrined in the constitution
Josh Lanier
But no one wants to talk about the multiple people that cashed checks from Stacey Abrams on election night In Macon Georgia
Josh Swett
They only left the voting poles open until midnight in Georgia so she could get as many votes as possible....that's normal lol but republican's needed to be blamed when the demorats lost after trying every cheat in the book to win.
So to clarify what you're saying is she lost the election because her supporters didn't care enough to stand in line for 3 hours to vote.\n\nI believe the problems with the supporters.
Karen Echols Smith
Sheila Markel I am trying to find out exactly what cheating acts have been done by Republicans. Please enlighten me because what I'm familiar with is the DNC/Clinton Foundation paying for false information, completely fabricated to present to the FISA Court so the Trump Campaign could be illegally spied on. Or I could mention Uranium One or emails on private servers or the FBI giving amnesty to Cabinet member and staffers before they even question them at all. Shall I go on?
Lol. Oh well if you say so. So since the democrats are being accused for voter fraud the democrats are firing back with bs
King Imperious
I'm not surprised after they stole the election from Gore and been suppressing African Americans for centuries now these Republicans will stoop low and do anything to win disgusting never trust a Republican secretary of state
Lou Hutson
All this should mean is that Kemp is disqualified. Stacy Abrams is governor, party, paaarrty.👊👏👏👏🎉🎊\nKEMP goes to jail. 😝😝👮👮
Luis Gonzalez
Mansa Musa
Yall Republicans and Democrats better stop inciting violence and civil discourse in this country.. It's about to get out of control if yall don't stop it.. And Trump needs to shut up and listen to President Macron of France
Michael Coville
Any Republican who is celebrating the \
Michael slaucitajs
And nothing will be done because America is officially a slime infested hellhole to be avoided by any decent people and countries. The world used to look at America with envy. Now the world looks and at America and cringes.
Mike Johnson
The state allows early voting for 2 weeks before the election. Everyone can vote. Everyone who wants to vote can. The truth is that the country is very divided.
Mike McDaniel
None of this is true, only 3 voter machine were stored, and there were not in working order. No runoff has been triggered, Abrams is still 63k votes off from triggering a run off.
Miriam Jiggetts
A difference of $63,000 votes indicates a transposition. The unofficial gap between Stacy Abrams and Kemp could actually be $36,000 !
Make no mistake about it if this was the other way around and Republican populated counties had this issue the state of GA would be on fire right now...Leader Abrams should in no way concede this election to that crook and fight this to the very end even if it doesn't end in her favor it will at the very least make a statement...
Republikkkans are cheaters. Abrams is the true governor.
Nykia Rodriguez
Republicans are always cheating that's trump's party
Pamela Gilbert
Pamela Rachal
You know how to end it since they cheated give it to her or ask him do he want to go to jail for fraud
Patricia Ray
Kemp depressive vote in Georgia he is nothing but another crook which is under investigation. And some thought it was okay to elect politicians who were under investigation and looking at being prosecuted. Some people in this country are very desperate to bring it down to a disaster. Trump keeps on spinning his hatred to have his followers to follow out his hatred Acts. What they don't realize is that he is using them to do his crimes hate crimes for him. That way he doesn't end up in jail they do. He doesn't care about them like he tries to let on to them that he does but they are so blind by his lies they would follow him straight to hell.
Paul MA
The lying and corrupt Dems are in charge in Florida; Brenda Snipes anyone... Dems are a disgrace! MAGA! 🇺🇸❤
R Geel
We dodged socialism and loss of rights for a few more years. No one can learn from California.
Ray Kirk
Then have voter ID for legal tax paying citizens.
Rayenal Owens
They gotta cheat us to beat us
Richie Sahlin
Kemp should be disqualified and immediately arrested for election fraud.
Rick Conner
The demonturds r the nastiest player in the game. If u dont believe it then explain 2 me why all of the \
Robert Greer
Republicans and this administration was schooled by Russia via the Trump team. Didn't Columbus and the colonist do this? Just take, steal, lie, plot, plan, make excuses and justifications?
Robert Muckle
I think John Wilkes Booth showed Lincoln a crystal ball where Honest Abe witnessed this Trump era, and he shot himself in the head!
Rodolfo L. Roiz
Conservatives claim they love the constitution but they have no problem trampling the constirution as long as they benefit.
Ronnie Stewart
I am a Republican, any tampering , would not be ok with me ! But I would want investigated proof before I would support either results.i also believe as a country it's citizens need to decide for themselves what direction this country is taking .\n I am friends with several Democrats, and they condemn ANTIFA , but not publicly, we as a nation need to understand it is we the people that decide not politicians ,it is we the people that MUST educate ourselves so we do not rush to judgement , I pray that the truth comes out and the guilty party pays for it VIA we the American people vote em out ,it closing I believe that in the 2020 elections negitive attacks on your opponent will viewed in a negitive way
Rude Dude
They cheated, discriminated hindered and lied just like they had in the past. This is \
Science not religion
This needs to be top news on every liberal channel every day til mainstream media has no choice but to cover it adequately.
America the nerve of you trying to spread democracy around the world all these years....never understood anger around the world towards USA BUT I DO NOW DEMOCRACY MY ASS..
Slyarno. Rj
I knew it there was rigged at Georgia and Republicans are known cheaters.
Stacian Mcneish
I believe Georgia, Texas and Florida suffers from extensive voter suppression.
Stella Blevins
Should Make Voter Suppression , Tampering Federal Crime !!! \n Congress Start This Policy To Be Put In Federal Laws
Steve Jawback
Anyone who voted for Abrams is an idiot, yeah vote for higher taxes and sanctuary cities freakin idiots
Steve Johnson
Pure horsecrap and propaganda. I live in Cobb and it is not now, nor has it ever been a heavily Democratic county. Yes, lines were long, but getting through them was only slightly more time consuming than last election. The problem wasn’t poll stations, but rather the volunteer poll workers weren’t able to keep the polling stations full.
Steven Heigh
Every single comment that I've read here shows how idiotic people can be there's not a single shred of evidence that shows anything at this point yet all of you have appointed yourselves judges and juries thank God it's not an actual court case I believe you should look at evidence before you make a decision on who's guilty or not
Super Gumbe
even if all thoses votes are still hers she still lost so stop complaining and move on. plus if he is a nazi then shes a african warlord who has killed millions and isnt being held responsible see any one can be label something there not so stop freaking sayimg retarded stuff till all facts are clear and out in the open cause all these politicans are corrupt regardless they dont have your well being and mind just their pockets and that goes for everybody. Brain Kemp and Stacy Abrams dont care you nor me and trust me i live and Georgia I alot more than what your being told by cnn, fox, nbs, and all these other bs news networks that are just increasing there ratings for them. But Gumbe who did you vote for I didnt vote for either because neither was the lesser of 2 evils so i sat back and just watch the chaos to insume as everybody gets butt hurt cause she didnt get her votes to win and he isnt governor after 4 days after the election was held
Timothy Antoine
It's Rigged , says Farron his Math is as good as Stacie's . The Ring of Fire is funded by George Soros .
Unel Mitchell
Brian KKKempf should be considered a Defacto Governor and a fraud if they decide to go along with this corruption and lie...
Valerie Brown
Brian Kemp \
Voncile Kibsgaard
Ty for this update this is so sad and discussing.God sits high and looks low everyday. My parents instill in us God DON'T like liers and thieves (Rep) With that being said when u meet ur creator which is GOD not Trump where is no Color pls explained how u can steal his Vote on letting In the Kingdom
Will Bear
You all will at some point understand that you've been brainwashed.
akim bah
This is unbelievable they practically stop people to vote when they know they are going to vote for democrats
american patriot
America has been fraudulently counting votes for republicans for many years, its fear that drives these Republicans, they're afraid of losing power
apolo kabali
This man and his people were the one counting the votes how fair was that but i still dont think a black woman can win a state wide office in redneck Georgia.
aussie jim
I really don't understand how Americans can tolerate such blatant corruption and still imagine that you are \
barry mike
Mainstream media what's the most destructive device for a person's mind .......lies on top of lies on top of not reporting at all..... Google stories that mainstream media never reported on or Xtreme Delayed Reaction lol.... if the mainstream media did one thing that would never be another Democrat politician... Report the truth
ReFUCKlicans are so corrupt since this maggot DUMP took office. They are learn from their new found rapist father DUMP. So sad the good ones are no longer there to fight for justice for our country.
don pep
Brian Kemp is a vile monster..
jack hook
Florida election is rigged by Democrats and has been for years same 2 counties doing it and nothing ever gets done about it
leanard flow
No, no democrates are proven to be sore losers and vengeful hateful losers. Pray for the democrates to see the light of truth and justice.
lilli harlow
It's official, republicans are now the lowest life form in the entire galaxy and beyond. Pond scum, sewer silt and toe jam everywhere are rejoicing. Lock them all up!
mark elliot
I'm surprised the Democrats were not wise to the Republicans and their voter suppression and vote rigging. Conservatives will do anything to stay in power and that includes rigging the election. It's the same in the UK too. Not only Georgia but Florida, Texas and Ojedas neck of the woods. NEVER TRUST A REPUBLICAN.
Funny bc when we say Florida was rigged we get accused of being conspiracy theorists. Even when the vote counter of Florida already got caught tearing up ballots. So give me a break. Hypocrites.
michael gray
Yes go check this out and see the truth !!
mocha princess
#1 \n\nThe Courts or State should have made him recused himself BEFORE RUNNING for Governor. She should not have been able to oversee this election AND Run for Governor.\n\n#2. He should be put in jail and there should be prosecution for voter corruption.\n\n#3. They need a RUN OFF that's the only FAIR way to do this and the Abrams Camp should take this to the Highest Court in the land.\n\n#GeorgiaGovernorRaceRecount\n\nGo Stacey Go! Don't give up!!
mort c krahn
DemKKK still follows Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals? dedicated to LuciferSatan the father of lies, a liar from the beginning....remember theGarden of Eden? Lies, every slanderous claim, in comments against decent people,. Are all \nDems really conned into being AntiAmerican Marxists that has infiltrated with venom to fundamentally change our country into a banana republic..Cuba, Venezuela et alii \nWhy is the DemKKK counties create smoke, problems, then “fix” with con man lawyers as HILLARYs Markie. Who using same tactics to create porno clown Senator in MN\nMaricopa Co., same tactics......\n1. cloud of confusion. Issues,\n2. Dem lawywers enter for “ FIX”\n3 Contuie facade of voter rights while STEALING ELECTIONS...\nTruly American Democrat or republican would not not tolerate such FRAUD.
You are full of it.... what about all the “found” boxes of votes that was 90% democratic? That’s what got her close enough for a run off.... where did those come from? County poll hours were extended until everyone could vote. You are a liar!!!!
Grab your popcorn once again folks the TRUMP TROLLS ARE OUT IN FULL FORCE!!!!!!!!!
timika pearson
I live in the A, this man not lying Fulton County. Lines was bout 4 hour wait. I waited, took off work too but not everybody on line had that luxury
I firmly believe the Beto/Cruz election was rigged too. They had votes changing from Cruz to Beto that was acknowledged by Texas. The R's can't win. They have to cheat
White tRash confederates are nothing but criminal swine
victoria brown
I am so confused about this story. How could he run for office if he is the man who was in charge of the Voting system in Georgia.