The Tommy Oliver Saga (MMPR to Super Megaforce)

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (TV Program) Power ... Power Rangers - Season 20 (TV Season) Power Rangers : Super Megaforce Tommy Oliver (Fictional Character)

Tommy Oliver is the greatest Power Ranger of all time!
Adrian O'Sullivan
Andrew Zayas
😂😂😂😂😂 Can't believe I use to watch this!!
Bima Permadi
tommy = green ranger, white ranger, red ranger, black ranger.. maybe he can make a ranger team by clone him self.
23:44 sounds like she's getting turned on...
Bryam Anaya
just to think y was a tenagger when I got to watch the dino one o memories :'( I wish y had 12 years again :'(
Charmaine Blair
Tommy it's morphine time Dino thunder power up Ha dragonzord
Chris The Ghost Hunter
Did anyone see kimberly fainted wheh Tommy took off his helmet as the white ranger?
Christopher Johnson
Tommy is the best
Connor Wilbur
jetix I miss it so much!
Craig Smith
Tommy craig smith
Crazy funny lazy Aaliyah Rad girl
18:20 Aren't you a little old for this.. These actors have been so time cast they can't be anything other than MMPRs.
Tommy, and Wes from Time Force are my two favorite Rangers.
the white ranger look like he got the armor from the saiyans.
Dean Winchester
The best
Deronne Kincaid
And Turbo but I guess he was not a Red Turbo Power Ranger that long so I see why it wasn't a \
Now he's part of the UFC.
Wow.. they tied the Rita = Green ranger in nicely
Ezequiel Morales
6:45 Amy Jo Johnson looked good in those shorts.
Fandom Warrior
anyone know where I can watch the original power ranger series not on Netflix?
Frank Houttave
Zack was my favorite ranger ever
Frank K
Tommy is legend
Gabriel Dias Arruda Lino
Power Jack Johnson
Omg my childhood 😌😌😌
Hawk Satoshi 'The Hawkshot' Sniper Ketchum
dude this is an awesome power rangers video...great job and Tommy Oliver is my inspiration :) just saying
Hector Rodriguez
Kimberlys reaction when he reveals himself as the white ranger
I am someone you don't know
Did Jason just punch Tommy in the nuts?
The best fight was against Goldar You are, OUT OF YOUR MIND
J Matt
2:39 I don't think Jason, Trini, and Zack actors were present in the filming of this episode. That's why the Rangers are wearing their helmets in the command center, and also Jason's line sounds dubbed by someone else.
J'tone Jackson
I like how everybody slick left Kimberly lying on the floor lol. but besides that I remember the White Ranger reveal it was like you we're going to be the biggest loser ever if you did not watch that episode
I am a huge power ranger fan.( call me what you want) but if I met Tommy in real life I would be geeking out
Tommy is a boss n I love how they don't show Kim Or Jasons faces in the Turbo Movie recap lol
Jacob Oakes
got to meet him at comic con XD
Jodee Rebecca Davey
in The Megaforce Finale,Why Didn't All of The Rangers Take Their Helmets Off?
It's almost like earning those martial arts belts when he goes from green to white to red to black ranger, like someone who has developed experience and rewarded along the way to Sensei.
Kuswendar harry
Wow my trip my adventure
so how come they never had the the first ranger in this movie
Marcelo Oliveira
está ponto
Mateo Sepulveda
this actually brough a few tears to my eyes
Michelle Hill
Jamie Hill love xx 50
Mormon Hobbit
JDF was & will ALWAYS b my 1rst celebrity crush! I wish I was in Kim's shoes back then. Perhaps my feelings 4 the character/actor is the reason why I always fell 4 the tough, bada** guys who were really a softie at heart? lol If there had 2b 1 \
Mr Anonymous
Anyone find it funny when the ranger passed out, no one paid attention
Thanks for all the views, likes and positive comments guys!! If you want me to do a similar video for the saga's of other long serving rangers in the franchise (or even other characters) LET ME KNOW and let me know what you want in those videos.
how old was I? 12 when all this happened. jesus.
Tommy's literally carried this show on his back for years... Kimberly was dope!
PIDU Pizano
red ranger=captain america green ranger=bucky
seeing green ranger reapear was so bad ass
Princess JJ Cosplay
yes so do one 4 Kim i love her she was always my fav ranger
Ray Kirk
lol, there was a ninja character named Ninjor. That's hilarious. I'm gonna stop watching this and leave power rangers as an awesome childhood memory of epicness and stop spoiling it with truth. going back to the matrix now
Rene Vinet
36 years old and still a Tommy Oliver fan!
Rizu Ya
I wish he will be back at the end power rangers movie 2017 not as green ranger but like Nick fury, maybe a sage ranger.
I stil think that when tommy was the white Ranger that was his best color.\nI was so happy that he returned in the series, back then when i was like 5 years old
Rogelio X
Tommy se parece a Reese de Malcolm XD
I wonder if he'll still play a ranger in his 80s.
Jason David Frank is the Harrison Ford of Power Rangers. His appearance alone revs up the awesome to a whole new level.
i'm sorry but the megaforce reunion special was so bad....i'll stick with forever red
Sahil khan
it's super awesome
20:03 If I was a power ranger and I wasn't Tommy or Jason, this would have been the biggest nope in my life.
why is it so cheesy yet still watchable today?
Damn I forgot Kimberly was all that and a bag of Chips.\n\nShe moved onto a swat team last I saw
Wow I never noticed the subtle color changes between the Japanese footage of the Rangers outfits and the American footage. The Japanese Green Ranger had the gold shield, but it had a slightly different design. And the American Pink color is so candy bright she almost looks like cotton candy.
Tyguy2k7 Studios
What Am I Chop Meat
Unknown Savage
That phrase though lol \
VampirePrincess Yuki
all hail gokaiger XD
I to like the expression of the one guy at 15:44 or so..'Um, you guys realize we just got fired, right?'
If tommy was the mighty morphin green ranger who was red ranger in zero?
a. mxgo
Wow at the end all of those legendary rangers look old and they can still fight but great vid
this is a great video
alexis lopez
watching this makes me want to watch every episode of every ranger series..thx. I think you started something for me
OMG, 1:49 the \
dee dinky
:') the memories man when turbo came up I nearly cried lol
disney era power rangers
the most overrated power ranger in the franchise.
ice storm
Please make a video for adam
He better be in the new Power Rangers movie.
what dino thunder episode is the that plays at the beginning?
kenji harima
Time travel, get the good green ranger, get the white ranger, get the red ranger and the black ranger Tommy can form his own Power Ranger team by himself.
killerflash 20
history was in the makeing
i dont remember the little version of tommy probably cause i didn't realize alien rangers was a thing lol
mastersquid the boss
wheres the forever red episode in power rangers wild force, he was in that and he showed his head more than 3 times, lol
look at 12:20 to 12:30 they made him a bit shorter
green ranger will always be my favourite ranger
Who else is here after the new Power Rangers movie?
ricky dona
Dragon Ranger, Kibaranger, Oh Red and Abare Black
18:22 Best line for him.
scarah 245
Man Tommy was awesome loved his evil laugh when he was under Rita s influence
did anyone else realise the fact that tommy was AS BIG AS THE FREAKIN MEGAZORD at 1:02?!?!?!
As much as it was was epic to see Tommy in the last appearance as the green ranger, I wish I saw him also as the Zeo red ranger as well
19:19 to 20:55 - I was comatose for from August 19, 2003 to September 17, 2003... IT WASN'T LIKE THAT!! and my recovery took more will to live than the Green, White, Red, Black Ranger, Tommy Oliver & Jason David Frank COMBINED...
💜Lavender Fae🔮
My god I had the hugest crush on him as a kid lolz!😂😀😊