Inside Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai's largest open air laundry)

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Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat - Mumbai's largest open air laundry. 5,000 people work here, washing up to 100,000 pieces of clothing everyday. Clothes are marked individually and are returned to the owners after washing without getting mixed up. Hospital clothes, brand new "pre-washed" jeans and shirts etc are washed here. Old saris are treated with chemicals and given a new lease of life in the 2nd hand market. With the introduction of washing machines, fewer people are needed. Productivity is increased but the livelihood of the washermen are affected. Its a tough life.I am lucky to have met Samir during my recce of the place the night before the shoot. He agreed to be my guide and commentator. We had a short discussion and did the video shoot the next morning in 1 hr.

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Aliff Chandra
are u a journalist?
Anvita Sharma
Hi Chen, Its a great video and great work. Indeed something which needs to be brought to the notice of people in India. I am the editor of an online publication and would like to take your permission to publish this story under our series which talks of change in India. You can get in touch with us at [email protected] .Look forward to hearing from you.
amazing documentary man!! u have shown the reality...
Marie Constance
Wow ! They work so hard!!
Paulina Albert
Our teacher showed us your video in class! Very educating, thanks for sharing your experience!
Srikanth P
When traditional dhobi Ghats cease ,small modern marvelous dhobi Ghats arise.
Stan Kormy
These dudes need a coin-op laundromat!
Umm E Abed
Nice video
No thank you
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