Salems Lot - Tobe Hooper

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Spooky scene from the Tv Miniseries.

horror snoid

Alex Harvey
I forgot how awesome this movie was.
Vi esta película de niño y esa escena me pareció que eran maricones. El niño vampiro venía volando y ambos se darían por culo mutuamente. Que vaya cara de gay. Joder el vampiro tiene una cara de chupa pollas que no puede con ella
Alyssa J.
Why doesn't it show him biting him?
Anthony Smith
one of the scariest and creepiest scenes ever made, in the scariest film ever made. been watching this film since i was a child, and it still scares me now like no other film can. the music in this scene makes it even more scary. a masterpiece of horror.
Bagus Giyandi Wiswanata
Shit, this is so terrifying!!
Barbara Donegan
I feel better about myself when I see people wearing socks in bed in horror movies.
Cecelia Wolf
You NEVER open the window to a smiling child I don't care if it's your brother.\nNO SMILING CHILDREN!!!!!!!!
Charles Bronson
I remeber this movie my parent let me watch it wen I was a kid and I'm still ...omg I was 2 and I remeber it lol 😨
Ufff!!! Espectacular menudos recuerdos, esto si que era puro terror ochentero uauuuu!!!
Clown Centralia
Kid looks like he's 30 years old already....
Cosmic Creepers
This scene always made me sad because the vampire looks pleased to see his brother again, but it also traumatised me for years and still does.
Darrell Pasion
This movie scared the shit out of me when i was little kid ,its one of the scariest vampire movie even till today
Derekus Maximus
Gave me nightmares as a kid. Still scary as Hell all these years later. Don't watch it before bed!
Dragon lair
only the director of Texas chainsaw massacre could make such a creepy vampire film
Love reading comments from all the 40 somethings (me included) who were scared sh*tless watching this as a kid! :o)
Edwin Gamez
This scene screwed by life forever!!!!
Elaine Clements Finn
This scene kept me awake for years !!!
Elena F
If that were me, I'd say 'Dude...not only are you creeping me the hell out...But STOP. SCRATCHING. THE. WINDOW!!!' Undead siblings can be so obnoxious! 😜
Erika Lomeli
I remember this movie
Gerry C
RIP Tobe Hooper.
Guess I'm not sleeping tonight '
Green Lantern
This memory in particular stuck with me when I was a kid. Windows freaked me out for a god damn minute.
H. Wolfe
That's just wrong....scary as hell...
Helena Dan
Did he not see his face? I wouldn't even open the window for a fly. Stupid! Very stupid!
Jared Shank
Why is the vampire boy in pajamas.
Javier Herrera
This scene made me sleep with a crucifix Under muy pillow during my childhood.
This is the reason I NEVER keep my blinds open.
Jeremy Stillwell
This scene scared the shit out of me as a child!! Couldn't sleep with the curtains open lol
Joel Tinsman
Im 29 years old and this scene stil freaks me out ever since my dad first bought it when dvds first started comin out in the 90s close to early 2000 when i was a kid. When i first watched it i wasnt afraid of the little creepy vampire appearin at my window, i was afraid of him already bein inside my house without bein invited we lived in a 3 apartment victorian blue house and our upstairs apartment was huge with an a huge upstairs attic and a long hallway witha big window at night i would be afriad of seein a shadowy figure floatin around down the hallway in the dark infront of the big window with a street light shinin behind him and his eyes glowin and comin at me.
John Nault
This still scares me at 45...
Can you imagine watching this in HD on Blu-Ray? (Come on guys, please release this on Blu-Ray) I would still be scared shitless!
Kates Talking
Omg this shit is as scary as it was way back when. Utterly chilling
Kid Poe
That little kid is foolish.
Kutta Kyte
I've just noticed, why was the vampire kid dressed in pyjamas when he died fully clothed??
By far one of the scariest tv movie scenes second only to Trilogy of Terror. This floating kid scared the bejesus out of me as a child!!!
Lee Morgan
It terrified me when I was a kid I wouldn't sleep for months & them curtains were closed for months even in the summer honestly .
Luna McLean
I'm not sure if Stephen King stole this sequence from Bram Stoker's scene, or the Bram Stoker-based movie stole it from this scene..
Mike Hunt
Pull my finger. Tobe Hooper did and he got, got.
Ms. Gutsy Mummy
Love it.
Brilliant book, brilliant TV. Needed to put the alternate 'shotgun' scene in the two-parter though.\n(Close your eyes.Close 'em,,,) Saw the two-part around '81 (?) and again in '83 or so. Got the book early '83.Despite the main change (Mr Barlow) it's still awesome. James Mason was just so sinister,
Oliver Twist
I watched Salem's lot when I was about ten years old and it scared the shit out of me,I was terrified to go to bed for weeks after!
One of the scariest clips in horror movies ever, this scene gave me chills as a boy and it haunted my dreams for days. This 1970’s mini series is a horror classic but not for the faint of heart, you need to be made of tough stuff, I love it though...
PenDragon 24601
To this day cannot sleep without the curtains drawn because of this scene
Shitting my pants here like a little miss smart guy!!! :-o :-o :-D
nope, not going to the windows, putting the blanket over my eyes
Ricky Ricky
At 42 years old, I still will not leave my curtains open on a foggy night.
Ron Delby
Something got Ralphie the boy vampire in this scene before Barlow got out of the crate. Who was it. It shows Straker opening the plastic bag with the dead body in it. If the body was dead, it could not be vamperized. Seems like they got the timing messed up in this film.
S Waseem
Picked this up at a bargain bin from walmart. I hadn't seen it in decades (i'm 39 now) and it still freakin creeped me out shite
I was 10 years old whem I saw this movie on HBO. This scene scared the hell out of me! And it still does!
Sam Caraballo Jr.
Rip Tobe Hopper
Shannon Lee
First time I seen this movie I was around ten. I was a horror film junky none of them scared me. But first time seeing this gave me the creeps. And would ya know that very night the wind was high and a branch scraped on my bedroom window, flew out of that room so fast!
Sherron Mcfadden
That litter creep. I was not sad for him. He left his little brother to get Eaton. ..
I literally ran and hid behind the couch. It's that damn music.
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. \n“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
I remember being in the kitchen at my grandma's house, watching from the doorway, when this scene came on. I was by myself and you know damn well I bolted into the living room and into the safety of the family crowd. haha
Simon wadsley
RIP Tobe Hooper
Steven Cohen
One of the things that made this so frightening was that Stephen King wasn't afraid to pull any punches. Even children were at risk in his universe.\n\nLittle Ralphie Glick was more frightening than any Dracula, in my opinion.
Straight Jacket
The music just adds so much to it!!! The eyes, the teeth, the music!!!
Suneish Basu
Do they float? Ha.
I haven't seen this film in years, yet I woke up in the middle of the night about a week ago and could only think of this scene..... Strange.
Surya Darman
seram sekali,kok bisa ya seperti hantu sungguhan,sebanyak aku nonton film horror,tapi film\nhorror jenis ini bisa buat mimpi buruk dalam tidurku-THE SALEMS LOTS.
The Holy Mackerel
Off to Neverland!!!
The Necessary Evil
I remember watching salems lot when I was 6..... I'm 42 now and watching this scene still sent shivers down me
The natural disasters
Wooooow! Scary and disturbing at same time eh 😨😨
I'm 35, I don't know if this has anything to do with me never opening my bedroom curtains?!?! :D
Tia Thompson
I am 43, and after I saw this movie as a child, I could never sleep in a bed that was close to a window.
Tom Fennell
scares me every time what a classic
Tom Price
2017 version:\n\nBoth the dude and the vampire are much better looking....\nDude lets vamp in, they stare at each other while a nice pop ballad plays....\nThen they fall into bed together....have sex...\nVampire flies away while dude texts his gf to let her know he may be bisexual now...\nShe's like, \
Tyler James
Would a kid really be that stupid ?
W Leon
That crap that is 'Twilight' has destroyed the portrayal of vampires. This is how vampires should be portrayed, pure evil, with no essence of humanity about them. Instead, what we have with 'Twilight', is a lot of slicked-back gelled hair, and pretty boy, pretty girl imagery.\n\nIt is absolutely ridiculous, how a series like 'Twilight' has decimated the way a whole new generation of people see vampires now, as nothing more than MODELS trying to play at being evil. Take us back to the days of Salem's Lot, when vampires WERE vampires in the true sense of the word.
Welsh Warrior
This scared the absolute shit out of me as a kid. For months I was afraid to open the curtains in the dark. Great series.
Then they did massive bong rips for the rest of the night of the dankest vampire blood nugs
Peter Pan, you've gone Pale?!
Yarelis Acosta
This scene of the movie has haunted me forever \nI’m 33 yrs old and still haunting me 😂
benny murillo inda
no me dejaba dormir esta película cuando era niño, pero aun así la mire... excelente..
this is the most memorable part of this movie. this scene terrified me as a kid. saw it recently again, I'm 29, and tbh, it still freaks me out...
charlene adkins
I'm surprised that scene still freaks me out after all these years!
clay irwin
Man I wish my music was in the movies Clayton astoforoff on Facebook
dale lgribble
this haunted me for years. this and Jaws destroyed my childhood lol
This scene really creeped me out when I was a kid.
this scene always scared me as a kid
gregg mikulla
creepiest scene in history
inca guaya
One of the best vampyr films of all time.\nThis should be re-mastered and reprinted but never re-made or rebooted.
I never saw the movie, but I saw a tv trailer for it showing the kid slowly bobbing up and down with that smile floating into the room. That was enough to bother me. I was young at the time, and in my head maybe I just compared it to dysfunctional family members and how they act in insane fashion, knowing how you'll react. It mirrors how a movie presents itself, designed to make you react a certain way. I never worried about anything coming in my window, though, because I slept in the lower half-level of the house. My fears were whatever wanted to come in through the crawl.
I don't know if my standards are just too high but I'm in the process of reading Lot now and I have to say everything I've seen of the miniseries kind of makes me nauseous in comparison. The vampires lose much of what made them great monsters when they ceased to be so superficially beautiful as they were in the book and in lore. They also lose the effect of that look of inhuman hate and evil when they are challenged. But then it was made in 1979, and for tv at that.
funny but we're mostly in our 40s now and watched this as kids, I remember vividly it was shown in '81 in England, I was 13, it was shown in two parts with the cut when nosferatu kills the priest. The end also had that bit where they're in the hut in the desert but its the only time iv ever seen that ending, its always edited out, even on the official dvd. Anyway, to say it scared me is a bit of an understatement.
mark quigley
Still freaks the shit out of me.
now this vampire movie trumps every other vampire movies. Sadly mostly all vampire movies have moved to suave vampires instead of scary. They have lost the creep factor and eerieness. And that is what we miss.
omggggggg i was soooooo scared as a kid couldn't sleep for weeks as an adult i only watch this in the daytime lol
Hey, Ralphie didn't become a vampire.
ron damico
And now we hear about the black eyed kids coming to peoples doors.  Its so eerie and similar to this. Look up black eyed children...very strange.
rufus Zufall
This thing has creept me so out ween I was a kid.i was aeound 10
how many times does david soul try to shut the Jeeps door in the film but the door refuses to be closed annoying. great vampire film all the same.
This is the scariest thing i have seen on tv , i was around 7 when i saw this and couldnt sleep for many nights .