Face The Master - SALEMS LOT (1979)

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It's faith against face when you face the master. A pivotal scene from "Salem's Lot" (1979) directed by Tobe Hooper. Based on the novel by Stephen King.

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519 Forestmonk
I'd like to see a match up between The Master and Fr. Merrin.
Aaron Turner
Great and terrifying movie overall..but this is the best scene in the movie !! 😀
Alan Morris
I'll never forget watching this in 1979 when I was just 14. I sat far away from the TV, but this was my favorite part of the movie. \
Bill Brennan
I love how he says “back holy man, back shaman” as if the concept is totally alien to him. Genius writing.
Bubo 25
Who's the creepiest, Mr Barlow or James Mason? They did exactly the right thing, making Mr Marlow a speechless Nosferatu demon, whilst Mason played the equally creepy gentleman type familiar. Whilst Barlow is the growling monster, Mason provides his sinister voice.
Chri Morhen
Scary movie on your own
Chris Irrera
One of my favorite movies of all time. So well made. And F Barlow!!
Nope, hell no. This is awfull. It made me laugh (and I LOVED this movie as a kid) it didn't age well AT ALL. It's a shame.
Cool Jackster
Crypto Hunt
Daz Capone
BARLOW needs a lady friend, to up tight
Classic that terrified a 10 year old boy in North Jersey!
Dome Tjader
What a remarkably 70s , so real
Dude Monkfish
I would've chinned the buck toothed tit head.
Earle Smith
This scene really put the hook in me...the black cape thingee moving on the floor...even at age six I knew it was gonna end badly lol
I gotta check this movie out!
Ethan Del Prado
Honestly it was a disappointment. Kurt Barlow is supposed to resemble almost Dracula. Not some goofy looking Nosefsratu. Kurt Barlow had red and can actually speak for himself.
Frank Berst
The words \
Gary Ridgeway
Stop Holy Man 😂
James Mason: Faith against Faith!\n\nMe: Well, I'll try. *Pulls out guitar* Well I guess it would be nice... If I could touch your body...\n\nMaster: Dafuq?
Greg LaPlante
‘ I’m going to kill you ! Greeeeerrrr! You didn’t tell me the little boy would say that to me!
Helena Dan
The child was very afraid of this movie!
Who’s the old creepy guy in the hat?
Johann Schultz
You expect a Catholic to stand up against The Master? lol\n\n\n......their just as bad as he is.....
John Paul
Why didn't the cross work
John Rohlfs
Good movie move 🇺🇸
Ken Mills
Great scene but when the music stops it kind of falls flat, the scenes with the older brother at Mark's window and the gravedigger in the rocking chair were masterful and you know horror at its' best when you watch something for the first time and your mind is telling you you're gonna regret this when you're alone in the dark.
Kurt Barlow
I'm the master
Louis Ryder
Mr. Barlow is the superior vampire, like if you agree. Maybe Mr. Barlow can grace me with a reply...I would love to know if you agree or disagree....or is your faith in your design and mastery not enough?
Malcolm Abram
I am not easily frightened. Indeed I find most horror films rather silly. Bit this film is a big exception.
Marcus Maher
Is your faith enough\
Marshal Ironsides
Bleh bleh bleh
Mr Zeus
The scariest looking vampire ever put to film... Mr Barlow 👹
Mr. Barlow
Face the Master!
Ms. Gutsy Mummy
That headbutt though. LOL
Negan Cat
I like the remake better
Neil Scott
For the best author of Cujo to The Shining and misery Stephen King is the world's greatest novelist of Salem's Lot the world's baddest meanest movie that I got on Blu-ray I think it's blood curled in fun-filled movie of all times ever since Blockbuster hit the big time I just love this movie even my own Brother David loves the movie 2 and I enjoyed that movie other 1979 version of the horror classic tale of Salem's Lot by the novelist Stephen King
Newton Numpties
Starker should not be in this scene
Barlow looks crosseyed in this scene. They didn't put the yellow contacts in right.
i dont know about u, but i liked the 2004 version better, in all ways besides the design
everyone knows that dog barking n phone ringing n lights blowing means the 1970's meatloaf is almost ready
Primus 777
Poor little boy....you can do nothing against The Master!\nClass.
I guess his faith didn't cut the mustard.
Rafael Rolon Santini
La mejor pelicula de vampiros la vi a los 8 años gracias por subirla
Rhys Seddon
Love this, I especially love the look at me teacher scene
Robert Baker
What a great movie. I remember watching this when I was about 5 years old. My parents knew nothing of parental guidance. Maybe that's why this movie stuck with me over the years of being one of the best horror movies. \n\nI just finished the book and thought that the movie followed it very closely, with the exception of the ending that was a little different.
Robert Smoothy
This is the best scene in the book and the movie.
Rocky G
Brilliant Horror Movie,one off the best.
Whenever there is a dining scene in any 70s movie I think of the house of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru eating with Luke and Obi Wan.
Where's Blade when you need him? Oh, right, in jail for not paying his taxes...
Talbot's Place
Very good film but I preferred the second one. Just didn't care for David Soul in his role. Good creepy vampire though.
The Marvelous M
Why wasn't barlow given more screen time! I understand the mystery element behind him in the movie, but his face isn't revealed until an hour and a half!
This pig has appetite Pig rove
So does the priest die or what?
Thompson Thornton
Faith against face I guess face won😂
Vaughn Lowe
How did they get in the house without an invitation?
William Long
This scene was always pretty cool.
Zoes Dada
In a situation like that how could you lose faith? At that point you are pretty much looking at proof of the existence of God and the devil.
abbas Ali
Why is there 4 thumbs down? Unreal
alessandra conte
I don't know if make me scared more the vampire(!!!!!!) or SIR JAMES MASON.......he's really terrifing.......but this is one of most amazing movie tv that I'seen in my life.....
anthony barlow
For all the nay Sayers you should be so lucky to live when TV and movies were original and acting meant more than Insta or YouTube followers..... what a waste
arseman arse
SHOE SHOP STAFF. If I ask for a size 9, and all you have left are a size 7 or 12, then for future reference, I would rather not 'give them a try.' Call it intuition or whatever, I just don't think they'd fit.
A blue vampire? lol
jerry dandrige
This, lost boys and fright night deffo are the best vampire films.
I think this movie needs an update. Heck, they're doing IT. Why not is one? It could be potentially great.
philip kemp bell
0.37....wait for it..... wait for it..... I've seen Lego more frightening than this.
political assassin
This was wicked
Faith against Fate...funny thing though, Mr Barlow had no invitation to go into the home when he entered, braking one of the golden vampire lore rules. Also he was so small to fit through the window, could he have been a bat?
wonderful quality...this should have tons of views.