Flash "New Powers?! Strength Force!" - Complete Story

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A Slightly Disapointing Salad
Hulk vs strength force barry
So they just keep villains in their suits all the time? 🤣
Alex Rees
speed force = run Barry run!\nsage force = think Barry think!\nstrength force = flex Barry flex!
Aluminum Wire Flowers
Flash smash puny cape man
Aron Long
Top 10 dc heroes can beat thanos
B Black
oh boy, I can already see the Hulk vs. Strength force Barry debates now..
Would the still force slow something down or just make it immobile?
What about...\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPower Rangers Mystic Force!
Bema Osei-Kwabena
Strength Force = Gamma Radiation.
Ben Howard
11:42 that’s the wrong arm, the rock one was his right arm not his left
Clark A Farrell
Commissar Purity
The flash becomes the smash
Crimson Maker
So what now he’s the Thrash?
Cryptic Armor
The Flash is no longer The Flash. He is now The Force.
So Hunter Zolomon is the most op character stronger than prime, faster than wally when not in hypertime, smarter than Lex luthor and far more superior telepathy and telekinesis than manhunter\n\nWhat if hunter Zolomon is the next crisis
Daemon Raze
Imagine you hit by a fastest and strong punch like hulk!
Dark Illusion
And I really love your content, keep up to be my #1 comic YouTube
David Madureira
the speed force can do anything part: 1208110928109281
De'Andre Malone
Please bring back mangastorian Benny
Diet Sexual_Chocolate
The speed force is more convenient than hamon at this rate lmao
DjaniTheGamer SFM
Please do venon the hunger
Drago 710
With the strength force, I hope they make it when you get it and manage to control it, you control the size and power outage. e.g. the more power you use, the larger you become. Just a thought.
Edward Thatch
Comicstorian is the reason I'm into comics 💞
Fawzy Nahwi
I know that Darkseid has parademons but can someone explain to me what are paraangels ?
Fernando Rembao
The flash is hulk now, awesome!?
If Flash balances the strength and speed force he'll be a super Saiyan xD
Gotta Watch'em All
So they made Flash the New Superman.
Gratis Beu
May the force be with you...\nWait wrong fandom
Why is it called the strength force and not the Brute force?
Heath Stedman
I’m glad they’re focusing on these other force dimensions
Hillary Trump
*Can i get pinned? Today is my birthday*
I am Steve Rogers
Ibrahim Tarawally
But What happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object?😕
Jammy Wang
JasONismadeIn B00ND0CKS
DID YOU KNOW\n\nJesus WALKS ON WATER\n\nChuck Norris swims on land\nAnd \n\nJackie Cham slides on air
JoJo is not an anime
Barry \u003e Wally
Joe. A
Even in the dc comics, the flash is 14 trillion times faster than the speed of light and he is even faster than an instant teleportation. He can easily run circling the earth 7 times in an atto second. And with his time travelling and super punch far more deadly than superman's deadly punch , I can say he is the most powerful justice league member.
Joshua Taylor
I can’t say I’m a big fan of the new forces
Jyoji Tsukikage
What happened to the Wentworth Miller voice?
Kamenrider FaizWizard
So hulk Flash, then Professor X Flash, and another type, If flash can absorb all those forces then he will become better than superman.
Gama flash
Koustuv Dey
Why not do something different..... Like animal man or swamp thing from new52......
If the flash gets all of the forces...he can finally beat Batman
Krptic Unknown
I refuse to believe flash can save all the inhabitants of a city but not 5 ppl
Live Ps4 Gaming
I stopped reading after \
Matthew Murray
Michael Chambers
Barry Allen master of all forces but when the world needee him most he vanished
Michael McCann
Can I watch The Flash live on the CW app?
Mikey Mike
I've always wanted something like this, flash getting new powers is great now he can actually fight heavy weights with solid punches instead of pushing people really fast.
MovieBlocks Productions A.K.
What's next? The athletic force?
No Name
I think they should've stuck with speed force with speedsters and stuff
Originality Died
That one time Flash became Juggernaut...
Otaku Sempai
Lord....Dc running out of idea....where were these forces when flash went through his life in previous continuity or future people never mentioning it?
Whats next? luck force? intelligence force ? endurance force?
in spanish Stregth Force would literally mean Force Force because there is no other word for strength..so they would have to rename it
Pixel Wish
I bloody love this channel you got me into loving characters I never thought of like Robbie Reyes ghost rider and many others like the Poison symbiote
Pouria Pakdel
Yeah the thumbnail looks like Hulk
Qais Al Bulushi
Soooo what type of Force Batman use ?? 😐
Like DC superheroes isn't OP enough smh
Rishit Singh
Can I ever be first😂
Scott Henderson
Seems smart. It's like the Phoenix Force from X-Men. Having a bunch of these would let them power up characters to be really strong when required. If a villain had all of them they could compete with superman superman he c
Shadow Paradox
More like: the *SWOLE* force
ShadowVanish 42
This...this doesn't make sense. It defeats the premise of the Flash.
Sharil Shahed
My name is Barry Allen and I'm the THICCEST man Alive
Snappy Lights
And people say Shounen anime have power scaling problems.
Steam Punk
That Blackguy74
Does this mean he's stronger than superman because he now embodies the strength force?
The Critic
The strength force turns people into the hulk
TheReacting Gamer
Is it bad that thumbnail Flash reminds me of the Hulk
Travis Brown
I wonder if the strength force is stronger than the hulk
Tremaine Maxwell
Its always got to be white ppl. why irish gotta b white. why she couldn't b the one from the tv series
Tuala Rhys
I haven’t listened to yo sexy ass voice in a while! Missed watching these vids! 💙😂
What's next *Agility Force?*\n*Stamina Force!?!*
Victure Highbaugh
When you get the chance you should do black lighting comics
Vlad 1
Yey more forces to make ME confuse and now we know that hulk isn t gama Based... No, it is the universal strenght force. 😪#my head hurts
Weapon H
Now imagine Hulk with this.
WhiteNinja489 Whiteninja489
Barry Allen becomes the white flash, avatar of force
Xan Kreigor
So The Flash is being retconned into another \
Yehonatan Levy
Please make Daredevil videos. He's my favorite superhero
Speed Force + Strengh Force = Hulk
*NANI ?!*\n\n\nWTF DC ?!?
billy garner
Wtf are para angels? I looked them up and got nothing. Anyone know?
evorex Wolf
So this is how hulk is strong
giv me the succ
Can’t wait for viagra force
Superman: \
jc mcrazy
Whats next he can shapeshift or something?
kakashi sensie
Can you read spider geddon
It's the incredible flulk
omega wolf
Imagine hulk with the strength force
shivam kanojia
Please make a video on iron man armour wars
that shit you stepped in
Imagine the flash with the hulks power
1:22 if it was one letter off then, Trickster would have to face the worst thing ever, a Psychopath with emotions and very very fragile emotions at that,seriously i would show him that just since he is fictional it dosen’t mean that he can’t bleed liquid blood like none fictional beings..........i really love October because it’s the time to be crazy for!...but seriously i did react because i thought that Benny some how talked to me
Strength Force . If only it could be contained and channeled . Perhaps via a gem or stone .....
vos kaeon
Hulk flash!!!!!!!, wait isn't that just a faster juggernaut?
yash pant
I was waiting for a DC comic book video for such a long time (for a few days but come on that's long)