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A Purple Tac Shotty Boi
This video is mainly about how you feel against 2v1 in dodgeball
- You can't dodge in mid-air!\n- That's where you wrong kiddo 👉😎👉
Abhishek Nath
If king yama and yamcha fuse will it be king yamcha
Ajay Sharma
Definitely in my Top 3 Kamehameha of all-time 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Alec Cao
3:06 Kamehameha blast sound from DBZ 3 times
Alex Williams
2:59 that was so smooth
Andrew FTW
Be. Gone. Thot
Anime Archives
I came here after watching Beerus vs Goku and now I am wondering how Kefla is still alive after getting hit by that Kame-Hame-Ha.
Aurélien Craye
Nothing compared to Gohan's father-son kamehamha against Cell.
Baby Shenron
Damn she got blasted so hard that it replayed 3 different times
Bites The Dust
Goku.exe has been booted to Ultra_Instinct_Omen.engine\nUltimate_Battle.ost has started running\nGoku.exe is moving\nKefla.exe is updating\nKefla.exe has finished updating\nChampa.exe has stop working\nVados.exe is responding\nChamp.exe is rebooting\nChampa.exe has notified Kefla.exe\nWhis.exe and Beerus.exe are responding\nKefla.exe is loading\nGoku.exe is moving\nKefla.exe has successfully loaded Last_Resort.atk\nRoshi.exe and Krillin.exe are responding\nKefla.exe is updating Last_Resort.atk\nGoku.exe is loading Kamehameha.atk\nGoku.exe is moving\nKefla.exe is updating Last_Resort.atk\nGoku.exe is updating Kamehameha.atk\nKefla.exe has finished uploading Last_Resort.atk\nGoku.exe is updating Kamehameha.atk\nKefla.exe has uploaded Big_Blast.atk on Goku.exe\nGoku.exe has redirected\nKefla.exe has crashed\nUltimate_Battle.ost has stopped\nGoku.exe has successfully loaded Kamehameha.atk\n\nPotara.item has crashed\nKefla.exe is redirecting\nKefla.exe has been closed\nCaulifla.exe and Kale.exe have started running\nCaulifla.exe and Kale.exe have suddenly stopped working\nUniverse_6.exe has failed to respond.
Charlie Lainez
*Teen girl, takes a huge load.*
Chris Thompson
Hands down the sickest Kamehameha in all of Dragon Ball in my opinion I guess number two would be Gohan's one-armed Kamehameha vs Cell
The most disrespectful kamehameha ever
I ship it tbh
Cindy Fletcher
When yo lil cousin tryna fight you
Clint Matthews
Goku handling all the savage mode boss mechanics like a champ.
Communist Doggo
When u the only person left in the dodgeball team
Conor Murphy
When you blow your load over her face and she’s not expecting it.
im so sad the anime is over, it was so good ;-;
Dick Grayson
Someone better upload this in pornhub now 😂😂😂
Dragon King Oscurare
You know the Kamehameha is seriously badass when is replayed 3 times to show it awesomeness multiple times.
Wait a second...\n\nIf Hit and Cooler fuse, do they become Hitler?
Eddie Bacon
I really hope faulconer comes back for the American version
Epic Gaming Tube
Legendary super saiyan 2
Estefany Balcita
Zuno said is sparkly and pretty i said u like it
Eurna ラン
omg, I seriously can't wait for Sean to do this scene.
FerociousDark Gaming
Thot begonemehameha
Frank Potter
So many things wrong with Super, one need a book to list everything.
GG. Sphinx
Top 10 satisfying wins in Anime
Gaming Dragon
When you lose 1st place in Kahoot.
Garhome and suna GT
That's what I get for bullying goku
Be gone thot!
Harshit Jain
You mean to say that this cauliflower (some shit) is so strong that our very own goku needs to use his ultra instinct even though ssj red should have been more than enough which technically means that this cauliflower (some shit) fusion is stronger than vegito ?
Hiccup H. Haddock.
Say what you want about Caulifla, Kefla and Kale...\n But her scream in this scene is TOP NOTCH. \n\nSo much hype with those vocals.
Ian Ford
This was such an emotional Kamehameha. I had flashbacks of his first Kamehameha vs Vegeta, Cell. But he dug down real deeeeeeeep for this one.
Intense Gamerz
Probably gonna be the most badass English Dub Kamehameha no doubt
Damn! Goku hit kefla so hard, it replayed 3 different times!
Isiah's Roblox Daily
He just rode her move
Man sometimes this series doesn’t make any sense. So when Vegito used “full” power against Fused Zamasu, Vegito defused. But when Kefla uses “full” power against UI Goku, she doesn’t even defuse. And she does use a lot of power.
This video is just filled with memes
John Romero
I can't wait for this to be dubbed
Juan David Morales Taibel
ka me ha me haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa DEAHT KEFLAAAAAAAA
Juanya Gaines
that Kamehameha was the coldest shit i ever seen
Just Another Random Person
Klefa got hit so hard she blacked out 14 poke-centers back
Damn..i remember when kid goku first did his first kamehameha...and now look at him doing instant replays..hes all grown up
Kal-El fan 49
Fusions are so OP in Dragon Ball, and I love it.
Khylie Bunny
It was this moment kefla knew he f*cked up
Kobe Kola
To add insult to injury, when he blasts her and it loops him saying \
Kefla: You can’t dodge in mid air!!!\n\nGoku: Hold my beer...\n\nEdit:510 likes YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING
Liam Puiu
It was a male that girl with the god cat (I miss the name I’m sorry) *TRIGGERED*
Lucas R0535
This show\n1% actual talking\n99% screaming
Meme Lord
Najim Azeroual
Who's the strongest if u say the right question i Will say my favorite character in dbz or dbs
Niga Relax
Nikolai Orr
Keflas power level: absurdly high\n\n\n\n\nGoku: hold my beer
Olamiposi Betiku
how do we know all I know is that this is the best battle Royale ever
Player Družijanić
ssj4 eye??? 1:31
Pritus Das
0:04 It was this moment Kefla knew she f**ked up
Pro ssj3
waw dbs it's my life \u003c3
Random guy
Kefla:omae wa Mou shindeiru\n\nGoku:no you\n\nKefla:Naniiiiii!!!!!!!!-
You know for all the hate Kefla received from the community, in the end this is probably the most memorable scene I come back to watch. Not fights with Jiren, not Hit but Kefla. She felt like a true Saiyan warrior to the end.\n\nEven at 3:17 when she got hit by Kamehameha you see fighting spirit in her, that she's angry that she's losing and fighting to the end. Most other character would just have terrified expression on their face. That side of her character I respect. Oh and yeah, she actually had some character and personality than \
That was the slickest, illest kamehameha I've ever seen in dragon ball xD
SaiyanMist Z
Definitely 1st place in best Kamehameha
Sebastian Cancel
Sean is gonna make this scene 1000x more epic!
Shaun Dixon
Kelfa: you can't dodge in midair\n\nGoku: hold my beer
Shivam Mehta
Eliminated by Ultra Instinct Goku
Sin Cara Kaonashi
Se lo tragó todito completo
Spongebob Gamer
Swifty Unknown
The best Kamehameha in Dragonball history. \nThe Cell one doesn't come close.
Taitai I
damn he hit her so hard it replayed 3 times
Tasos Zagos
The Mido
Hot man shoots huge facial on amateur teens
I used to think the Instant Transmission Kamehameha was cool but then this happened
They replayed it three times so Goku could laugh at her.\n\n“HA HA HA”
Ultra Spawn
I was really trying to listen to Vados and Whis explain the situation to the Gods of Destruction, but all I got was:\n\
Vegito Bruu
Bruh that kamehameha was disrespectful asf lol
Why Rage Bruh AceToshimi Ok Boujee
I don't understand how Kefla can stay fused for so long with the potara but when vegeta and goku fuse they last maybe 20 minutes and it unfuses then. So this doesn't make any sense how they stayed fused for so much longer
That is so cool!
XxVaraxiz xX
Kefla : you cant dodge in mid air\n\nGoku : Zenó hold my beer 🍺
Zaid Maher
I can shave my beard by kefla's beam
alaa el houl
ultra insteinct or haki?!hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa
big boss
Who ever said kefla can beat vegito is out of there minds she couldn't beat goku by himself not alone goku and vegeta
champiñón Artorias
03:05 when you have not run for a long time 😂😂🍌💦💦
cypher elite
The animators knew how much we hated kefla so yh that’s why they repeated the kamehameha 3 times to show our hatred melt away
ionisator idk
jack luffy
3:28 idk why but this made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂
THOT BE GONE!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
life sucks
where is the farmer with a shotgun? He’s the strongest
lil Søāp
Kamehameha so strong they had to replay that thing three times
mehboob khan
Kefla's power level\n\nVegeta: ITS OVER 9000
olozagaste valle
goku: this is ultra instinct...\nKefla: TEACH ME PLZ\ngoku: what?
puke till i sneeze
3:05 when the studio was impressed by their own work
ultron prime
Great vid 💪🏽 God Bless
*Hot amateur girl gets a huge facial*
Damn that Kamehameha hit so hard it replayed three times