Ultra Instinct Goku Eliminates Kefla | English Sub

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-Putato hed -
Pause at 3:06\n\nGoku: omae wa mou shindeiru...\n\nKefla: NANI?
- You can't dodge in mid-air!\n- That's where you wrong kiddo 👉😎👉
Abstract volt
0:31 what the.?She copied Shin Godzilla's power?!Howhowhowhowhowhowhow
Andrew FTW
Be. Gone. Thot
Andy Nguyen
2:23 a raging girl in a cartoon
Anime Archives
I came here after watching Beerus vs Goku and now I am wondering how Kefla is still alive after getting hit by that Kame-Hame-Ha.
B choaib
I love dragon ball it's my life and best anime 😘😘😘😍😍 broly coming 14/12/2018
Bites The Dust
When Ultimate Battle comes on, Shits about to go down\nBTW Ultimate Battle is the theme played in the fight
Boxe Gt
Good Good Good
Flexible buff man unloads himself on thick blonde girl.
CeroneGames Go
And here i thought Gotenks was cocky, Kefla takes the cake as far as most cocky. At least she is a better fusion fighter than them two.
The most disrespectful kamehameha ever
Clint Matthews
Goku handling all the savage mode boss mechanics like a champ.
Communist Doggo
When u the only person left in the dodgeball team
Dam Son
That kamehameha hit so hard , it replayed 3 different times
Dan Veg
This has to be one of the best eliminations in Dragon Ball Super. This is also the only time that Goku does a trickshot with a Kamehameha. This scene would look really cool if it was an MLG video.
Dick Grayson
Someone better upload this in pornhub now 😂😂😂
Dragon King Oscurare
You know the Kamehameha is seriously badass when is replayed 3 times to show it awesomeness multiple times.
Dragonic Gaming
It was this moment kefla knew he f*cked up
Eddie Bacon
I really hope faulconer comes back for the American version
Elite DOGE
Kefla: You cant dodge in mid-air!\nThats where you're wrong kiddo
Epic Gaming Tube
Legendary super saiyan 2
Erick_504 !!!
Fullmetal Shenron
Damn she got blasted so hard that it replayed 3 different times
GG. Sphinx
Top 10 satisfying wins in Anime
Gaming Dragon
When you lose 1st place in Kahoot.
*BEGONE THOT KAMEHAMEHA* Now that's a move that deserves three replay's. 3:42 Plus the end results are priceless!
Godly Star fury
I walked up and did that to my girl on the couch last night haha2:45
Hate how people hate on this show
Hiccup Haddock
Say what you want about Caulifla, Kefla and Kale...\n But her scream in this scene is TOP NOTCH. \n\nSo much hype with those vocals.
Ian Ford
This was such an emotional Kamehameha. I had flashbacks of his first Kamehameha vs Vegeta, Cell. But he dug down real deeeeeeeep for this one.
Infamous Echo Unreal
Young Teen Takes Huge Load
Isaac Granger
I wonder who would win in a fight Vegito only using 10% of his power with both arms tied behind his back or kefla full strength
Jagjit Singh
Superman dislike this.
Jampong Popong
Yea finish that xD
This video is just filled with memes
John Romero
I can't wait for this to be dubbed
Johnny Lara
That gotta hurt. Kamehameha that kept on pushing and pushing and poof. You dead, lol.
Joshua Walker
So we're just gonna ignore the fact that he could have just instant transmissioned over to her. He didn't have to put on a whole damn show.
João Matos
Am I the only one who sees Kefla's battles as a massive asspull?
Juan David Morales Taibel
ka me ha me haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa DEAHT KEFLAAAAAAAA
Juanya Gaines
that Kamehameha was the coldest shit i ever seen
You can't dodge In mid air- I win\n\nGoku: hold my beer
Kal-El fan 49
Fusions are so OP in Dragon Ball, and I love it.
Kishan Kumar
KriszMagKekse •
My fav. elimination!
Tokyo drift Kamehameha
Kefla: You can’t dodge in mid air!!!\n\nGoku: Hold my beer...\n\nEdit:510 likes YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING
Esta pelea es digna de ver
Magic Shoe
Bruh champas voice actor had too much fun with this tournament 😂😂😂
Marocking 69200
3:01 😍😍😍
Miguel Veliz
Mobile Gaming Android PC Gaming
She is attempting Super Saiyan 3 but Goku is way too fast
Orochimaru -San
Mission Passed \nRespect+
PK Jose
Welp Kelfa looks like your Peppermint Beam didn't quite reach it's mark now did it???
Player Družijanić
ssj4 eye??? 1:31
Pooran Dunraj
3:04 it was at this moment she knew she f#!ked up!
Pro ssj3
waw dbs it's my life \u003c3
Ray Diaz
Am I the only one who didn’t care for Kefla?
Robert L Heaton
Friking owned
Russell Westbrook
I call that Kamehameha “ move b!#* get out the way, get out the way”
Ryan Chun
I heard about the kame hame ha but what's a kame hame ha ha ha
Side Flip
This was a victory scene for everyone who hated those two cocky girls who have a bullshit power level and knows this is what they deserved.\nBesides, we don't give a damn for these two anyways.\n*bring it on haters*
To me, most of the dragon ball fights are boring and extremely slow but there are some golden fights like this.
Super Sayian 2 Vegito
Man I love Kefla, her fusion is awesome, she went her full Lssj2 power and her showcase of being a female sayian and to be so strong; makes me happy, this shows the shows the magitude of her limitless power, she was able to let off all that energy and not defuse!!!
Swifty Unknown
The best Kamehameha in Dragonball history. \nThe Cell one doesn't come close.
When goku did that i was like you dead m8
KEFLA throwing all, these attacks and gokus just there stepping side to side like seriously 😑 KAAAAAAAA MEEEEEEE HAAAAAAA MEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Tasos Zagos
The Mido
Hot man shoots huge facial on amateur teens
The lone Wanderer
If only they traded Kefla for ultra instinct shaggy
Thomas Orr
Keflas power level: absurdly high\n\n\n\n\nGoku: hold my beer
Tony Marcus
3:09 To be continued ———\u003e
They replayed it three times so Goku could laugh at her.\n\n“HA HA HA”
VD Mui
0:37 Kefla is raging looking like she bout to blow herself to pieces\n\nZeno: it’s so pretty
Wegee 02
This scene will be 10 million times better when it gets dubbed I know Sean is gonna go crazy
That is so cool!
Xenon Agoncillo
The power of the Kmaehameha, is unbeateble.. Hail Goku!
#360 NO SCOPE OR 360 Kamehameha
Yusoff Karta
I bet goku loves his first master so much(master roshi)...hes the one teach the kamehameha to him, and he still use it in big match like this
Zueira Gamer
O Goku parece um coelho fica pulando com o instinto superior carandá
blackgaming yt
First of all kefla mad cute if she were alive I would go on a date with her
demon shadow
I hate the art style in dB super.... I mean look at those lasers... looks like hand drawn cartoon stuff that I could do with a red crayon....
di Angelo
Kefla : You Can't Dodge In Mid-Air!!\n\nGoku : Ha! Ha! Ha!\n\nxD
ionisator idk
THOT BE GONE!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
lil Søāp
Kamehameha so strong they had to replay that thing three times
pala bloom
this fight reminds me of my girlfriend when she gets deeply angry. prob is i cant do the kamehameha \nbut im working on it!
puke till i sneeze
3:05 when the studio was impressed by their own work
uki amimoto
when you tell her to leave after you hit but she wants to cuddle 3:06
xXvegitogamer Xx
Kefla : you cant dodge in mid air\n\nGoku : Zenó hold my beer 🍺
*Hot amateur girl gets a huge facial*