Tom Jones- green, green grass of home with lyrics

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Tom Jones l Tom Jones lyrics grass green home old music

Best song ever , wonderful voice
Abig jrres
He. Is a great singer that brings memories back,
Alvin Platon
Amiel Abangan
Well stranger things take me back here. haha
Andrew Sweeney
Just brilliant
Anthony Bird
Songs you grew up with. With people no longer around and times so changed. Always tugs at the heart strings when i hear songs like this one. Such beautiful vocals, amazing lyrics and fond memories of times long past.
Armie Lene Forever
Belen Whittemore
I love old song. The song now a days are no meaning.
Beverly Lindsay
The welsh can sing..its in their blood 💕💓
Craig Connolly
buried my nan to this song
David Walsh
Tom Jones made so many tracks that became classics. He has that special way with a song. This is a lovely performance.
Dayzey Rayne
WOW!!! I never knew this was of an inmate in death row, going the next morning....Just, WOW!
Den Ismael
I remember my father 😭 he like this song
Dhanko58 Ahmad
Tom Jones..great I love to sing this song to fmly everytime am coming lovely will run to my open arms and never let me loose as if am going to die the moment she let me go.. Its really wonderful..Thanx to you guys..!
Diane Dormal
Thank you for loading this great song . Sang by a great artist!!!
Enrique dominguez Iglesias
El mejor del universo de por vida bendiciones para ud sus musicos y compositor,11;48 PM, 12/15/2018/,Raleigh,NC.
Faheem Waqar
Lovely song
Festina Lente
Oh, this was only dreaming...
Fuafiva Alosina Wulf
Still enjoying listening to this classic donkey's years beautiful rendition
Gaetane Wells
this song is so great thank you
Gerard Sauvage
C'EST très joli j'aime beaucoup super... Magnifique chanteur...
Gica Balista
i dedicate this song to my beloved mother and father i love you both of you ..
Helga W
Wundervolle Stimme - tolles Lied
How to It
Who's listening in 2017
Ian Gracias
great music, cheers me up every time i hear this song ! :)
Jenine Tongha
Golden oldies never die!
Jennifer Williams
True only Tom Jones dos this song \nGood.
Jerzy Chrzastowski
moja mlodosc piekne
Jolan Rieger
super   Jolan
Jon Blake
One of the saddest song written.....makes a Man thinks about his own life and what he is doing with it or not.
Jorge Mario Rodas
This is the song of someone sentenced to death and it describes when we are certain our life shall soon be over we appreciate more what we had in it. Very good to hear and to make one think we should appreciate people and things around us better as we really do not know how much time we have left.
Kamile Sabulyte
I sing it at school it is so nice do you agree
Kenneth Moore
My Dad loved this song.
Khyle Dominguez
My Favorite song😍
Kitty Harvey
this is his best song
Kobie Nagel
There is Nobody that touches my Soul like this song that Only Tom Jones can sing
Leo Javarez
I like the music of tom Jones namely green green grass of home, which until now is favorite in every occasion like birthday and other celebrations.................
Liasa Mimi
Beautiful!!! Thank you
Lisa Owen
l love the song
Lydia Vandensavel
Formidabel liedje \nHet herinnerd me mijn jeugd 💚
Apparently Elvis loved this version, ordered it played over and over again. Reduced him to tears.
Maria Francisca
Me llena mi corazón con tan bella canción
Maria N L Hansen
Every I heard this song I'm always remember my dad.. This is his favorite song.. I miss him so much but I know his happy in heaven now.. 😂💟♥🇩🇰🇵🇭
Matt Munro
Listened to this song for ages and only realized today that he's on death row.
May Mccracken
My da his sister was called Mary she died few months before he married my mum she was blonde hence hair off gold. Long story short my da passed 2007 this song I think off him meeting up with his mum dad and sisters
Mench S_L
It’s March 2018 and been listening to this song for decades and still give me the goosebumps...
Miriam Jones
Tom Jones, no one else
Mr. Theodore
I've listened to this song my entire life, and had no idea that it was about an impending execution, until now. The dream of a condemned man, the night before his execution.
Nelly MARLENE Stergiou
👂listening in 2018
Nesefora Catambacan
ohh Tom you made it..
Noel Clavecilla
One thing good about old songs is that they have a very touching story line. Unlike songs of today although not all, it's all too commercialized losing their artistic value, with all the display of vocal range and electronic instruments. Though there's nothing wrong about it, but at least musicians of today should write songs that all of us could relate to.\nShow less\nREPLY
Overcomer Archery
Nobody can sing this like Tom can. It brings me to tears.
Phillip Muir
Soon we all will be apart of this harsh reality by whichever means \n#death
Ramesh Lutchmedial
He was the best in his time
Ramlah Hudodo O
lirik yg selalu membuatku teringat ke masa masa yg penuh dng kenangan yg tdk mungkin terulang kembali
Raul Martinez
Great Singing Talent Tom Jones.
Rose del Rosario
Thanks for sharing this beautiful song of Tom Jones!
Sahm David Gaceta
Im 15 years old and i love to listen to classic songs,
Sandra Scott
First class singer nobody like him
Sarah Chin
One and only Tom Jones.
Selvin Thomas
human beings are going to be at the world quite a bit more about it here and install thanks in a row and install the thanks ina I love your video games are you going to be at work by a little
Shauna Duncan
Me and my sis love this song RIP GRANDAD♥♥♥
Stehanie G
How this brings back so many wonderful memories listening to our parents sitting around the camfire singing the oldies drinking drewerys beer out to the lake.Not a care in the world...
Terry Esposito
Still love him.
The Dragonsnort Channel
Tom Jones is legendary
The Indigo Traveller
It was 1973 and me and my little sister are sat at a little table building lego. my mom is singing in the room to the radio and tom jones is singing. I was 4, my sister 3. we lived in Singapore. I always cry when I hear this . along with a few others.
i cry its so sad .
Tiesse Warden
Tin Aung Win
One of my favourite song sung by my idol artiste.
Tracy Kynaston
Love this 😍 🎶 My Grandma's funeral song in 1992, she was the BEST 😘 My Granny Betty 😇 🙏 ❤ she would be 91 now the same age as our Queen Elizabeth ER II ♕ ❤🇬🇧
Vision 20/20
Thanks for posting.
Wan Faizah Wan Khalil
He mention himself as if he is dead and is on the way back to his home to be bury under the old. Oak tree
barbara timmermans
This song makes me feel so homesick 😔 Beautiful song, which goes deep into your soul 👍👍👍
bunga raya
old moment that won't be back again, only our age will tell
Composed by Curly Putman, Jr. in 1965; Tom Jones -- with that unmistakable voice infused with emotion and sentiment -- took it to Number 1 worldwide in 1966.
Mary . . .
hilde knotzer
Eine tolle Stimme😘hat der Mann 😍😍😍
howard hall
We lived in Pontypridd and church village near to his family love him
mama en papa never you coming home, it brings me to much tears , i miss love .......
james bodman
One of the best songs ever. Tom did a great job with this. It's his song.
john cooper
joseph job
Beautiful nostalgic song
kratus XD
Feb 23 2018 anyone?
mahil ranga
I’m from srilanka I like Tom Jones like anything 🙅\u200d♀️🙅\u200d♀️🙅\u200d♀️🙅\u200d♀️🙅\u200d♀️🙅\u200d♀️
matthew MAhtew
When I hear this song i always imagined that I am at Green plain grass at sunny day and I saw a house and one tree
nessa isaacs
Yes I was only dreaming for ever sir Tom's classic x
poeta sonoro
I love Tom Jones.
sammeke danckaert
ever when I hear this song I must cry is so beautiful
Your a true Welshman with the lovely voice of our choirs god bless Wales. And Tom.
shane williamson
He is cool.
shirley B. mcdaniel
Who is listening in 2018??
This is one of the favourites at the old folks lodge, followed by \
tegan wilkinson
Who's listening to these in 2018 😁😍
travis wolf
I remember a lot of singers doing this song, but none as good as Tom.
wendy williams
we played this at my moms funeral it was her favourite miss u mom xxxx
Thank you so much..\n♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥