2Pac - Pac's Life ft. T.I., Ashanti

Music video by Tupac Shakur performing Pac's Life. (C) 2006 Amaru Entertainment/Interscope Records

Amaru Hip Hop Shakur Tupac

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R.I.P God of rap
100BANDz Fr
legends don't die
2pak Krutoi
Тупак был великим человеком!
Abdoulaye Sow
Reste in peace real thang life man 2 PAC awlo California love ❤️ will miss everytime
Ahmed Ali
2pac is a king
Ashley Mo Naè
Who Else Is Listening In 2018...????
Attila Dobruczky
2014 is Pac's year...Come back KING!!!!!
BG Gamer
2pac we will never forget you! 'died' september 1996 his music is still better than any other rappers today 21 years later.. legend!!
Boss ⓧ
20 years after death, Tupac is still way better than anyone that tried to top him.
Car STUFF274
faq rap today
Cee La Tonga Productions
outlawz ✊✊✊✊
Oh tupac, when will you come back....R.I.P The King of Rap.
Coach Coop
Y'all just gonna ignore that T.I. killed this and he's underrated asf? one of the absolute best to ever do it
Daniel Thompson
Brings back memories this sick
Dirty Dick Dan On The Scene
Happy birthday Pac. We love you and miss you.
Ducaale Xaji Cali
Tupac the best rapper ever lived 🖖🏿🤞🏿💪🏿
Extreme Bass Man
i beileve the goverment killed pac becouse they dont want nothing to change ...
Gabriela Ribeiro
2018 e não paro de ouvir 😆
Ghanaian Love
Rip bro u always in my heart
Gladys Dark
Tupac Shakur (bar none) was, is and continues to be the best rapper that ever lived! #past #present #future #PacLifeforever...he was a threat as M.L. King and many other greats so they assassinated him. #longliveTupacShakur
Hop Gh
I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world , but I guarantee ill spark the brain that will change the world \
House Of Hoops
T.I. and Pac - Tha Kings
I love everyone
the only good rapper who didnt sell his soul
Ivy Martis
Anyone watching this on. \n2017!!!💯💯💯
Jerontae Davis
T.i. Got bars u can't even lie
Jooe Mcdaniel
This is the night?
Joshua Burks
Long live the king of Rap and Hip Hop for 20 years. No one could replace Tupac.
Jtbh 45
R.I.P gone but never forgotten
Justin Espinoza
\n 2017???
Ashanti is soo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💓
I miss you 2pac
Kash j
Classic track
Ashanti is fine asf 😍😍
Koray Sessoms
1.25 tim duncan
2pac is dead here but alive in heaven and in our hearts.\nRemember this.
Laraine Lacap
Last Soldier
He will never die.\nBig love for 2pac.\nHeroes remember but Legends never die.
Lina Garibay
Pac forever!
Litty Tunes
Damn T.I still looks the same😭
Louise Powell
Tupac the king 👑👑👑👑👑👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋 rest in peace!
It's a blessing to see PACs sister in this video, just to show everyone the Shakur legacy still lives
Lucie Horvathova
Hes the only rapper I can listen to all day... truly amazing and inspiring lyricist #legendrip
20 years without you ,it s hard man .......Rest In Piece my nigaa 💖💖
MajkyB _Official
Tupac Amaru Shakur is Legent Forever 1971 - Forever ! \u003c3
Manish Ahuja
was born in 1997 jan after pac's death. but he is insperation in my life.his songs helped me in all my good and bad time.\npac We all love you. Peace Thug Life\nlove from india
Marius Martinez Ruz
everybody needs to chill ... love pac till I die
Mbam Francis
R. I. P 2pac
Montana Gior
He would've been amazed with how much people do for him now & the respect they give him
Mr Peterson
Ashanti truly the Princess of Hip Hop and R & B.. she got hits with biggie an Tupac after death!! My girl
Mz. Ladii
Love this, hit it Ashanti, drop that T.I..... Pac forever🤗✌️🙏
Nikki Contreras
R.I.P 2pac I will never for get you
happpy birthday king 👌
Oury Sow
what do u know bout pac's life hun? ?
Pedro Lucas
R.I.P. Afeni Shakur...
Peter Molokwu
Much Love from Nigeria, Africa baby. Africa Loves Tupac...G.O.A.T
Phila Mtolo
RIP to the legend
I'm sure that nobody will beat him in the future...\nPAC FOREVER
React With me
how come they put this on 2pac vevo
50 years from now he will be like Elvis and there music will still be played and new listeners will become fans and wear merchandise with his image and quotes on it
Ross Robinson
Tupac - lyric king\nEminem - rhyme king\nRick Ross - Burger King
Sebastián Quiceno.
2pac the king.
Shintek Beats
2Pac would be rolling in his grave if he saw T.I. did a collab with young thug
Taes Kookie
whos watching this in 2017?
Taiyo Stardust
Not really into rap music but 2Pac music I could listen to all day. Rest in Peace.
PAC wouldn't have used a beat like this
Tuatara Taniwha
pac already a legend by the age of 25 . tell me who else has made more fame then him so early?
Tupac Shakur
Should I drop another track yall?
VAL American Lady
it's been 20yrs and I still listen to his music everyday. NEVER GETS OLD.... TUPAC LIVES FOREVER. 👑👑📿📿🎤📻🔊⭐🌟☄
Wellington Letlhaba
tupac is the legend of rap.
RIP PAC 21 years since u left earth
Yasmine All
I love you Tupac
YoungDoll King
Tupac the best we ever had, no can take your crown that's for sure!!,
Yusif Həmidzadə
abubacarrcoroma coroma
Legacy of the lion, RIP
deniz Ertop
the best rapper ever will be.....👑pac👑
If 2Pac was still alive, Lil Wayne would be working at McDonalds.
idratherb analien
That's the inspiration for MISS NOYMFBB... Must have been subliminal... Noticed listening to this 😍😍😍😍😍
ilugihz goy
His life was crazy.
jake holden
pacs a legend 21 years and we still love pac his songs are still the best ever
jdog king
Omg Ashanti beautiful voice
jona S
the best rapper and a very Gangster! 💯🔫🔫🔫🔫
kelvin valera
2018 and more years to come we will always listen to this song.. R.I.P pac
khamis Mwakugomba
A legend was born...Makaveli
louis davis
Miss you pac
R.I.P. to Hussein Fatal (Outlaw)
i miss this dude and i knew nothing about him when he was alive... weird feeling
rob banks
That is a tar heel shirt that Pac is rocking at 3:07 -3:11 right?
solomon T
Love from israel , 2018 still missing pac .
sonic DC
2pac 👑
teegan pender
I was born 6 years after he died, and yet I feel like I miss him.. that I know him. RIP PAC 😩❤️
ummm ?
San Jose California Westside thug life babi
x xx
Who is still listening to this legend song in 2018?
yØUŚśęf D-H
happy new year Mr 2pac