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Salem's Lot - 1979Director - Tobe HooperStarring - David Soul, Reggie Nalder, James Mason, Lance Kerwin, Bonnie Bedelia, Geoffrey Lewis

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007 Beck
it never explained why the old man kept the vampire down the cellar it made no senseat all
Aguilucho Rojo Gamer
One of the best pictures about vampires. Great! Thanks for sharing...
i watched this religiously from age 3 to 10. my mom said it was the only thing that kept me quiet. I love this movie nd always will. Stephen King has got some kinda voodoo we wish we possessed.
Ben Oak
Great book too.
Bonis Krasniqi
i just watch trailer and i am done
Bunny Bustard
Man, trailers were freakin' long back then
Christina Gomes
It was filmed in my mom's hometown of Ferndale, CA, near where I grew up too. I always saw that creepy house on the hill as a kid even after they had filmed it.
I cant be the only person who was scared of Nosferatu back then and still is now right??
Colin Swain
I actually watched this in a house by myself, and I had to keep checking the windows . By the end of part two, I was watching with all the lights on. I aint so tough.
DJ B.o.B.
Absolute CLASSIC made for tv horror miniseries.
Dan Vredenburg
mom and dad were doing bills in the kitchen when as a child I saw my first scary movie, salems lot... wow what a movie. I'm 47 years old now and every summer my wife and i enjoy whatching it like it was the first time.
The jump scene in jail gave me nightmares as a kid!!!! Scared the living HELL out of me!!!!!!
David trueslayor
Vampire movies have always been my favorite and Salems Lot is at the top I was a Junior in high school and this was a made for TV movie and it was well not scary but creepy (a little scary ;:-\u003eo) this and Kolchak the Night Stalker were tied in my book, David Soul was big Starsky and Hutch, David also had a hit song \
Deanna Stevens
Scared the Shit out of My Mother and I when I was a teen or 20s... We both wore our crosses to bed. SO MUCH a MIND Thriller. Scary as hell.
Do you Comply?
I remember when this first came out it was so scary back in the day! and it's still one of my all time favourites movie's the acting was Great.
Eduardo bsn
2:20 - That's John McClane's wife, haha
How genius was it to make the main vampire a 1970's version of the 1920's Nosferatu? The victims can wear contacts, and fake teeth, but it would suck if the main villain looked just like them. Vampirism is a curse, not some magical key to eternal life, and beauty. If that weren't the case, we'd all be vampires. I think that's why the whole master vampire theory fails so miserably these days. Vampires aren't sparkly Hollywood assholes. Seems like Guillermo Del Toro is one of the few who gets that.
Phenomenal book. This movie looks horrible in comparison, and I love old horror films. Read the book.
This trailer gives everything away.
Future Trunks
Fucking awesome. Wherevcan i buy this movie?
Gaetana Nelson
Underrated flick, for sure.
Halo Emperor
Salem's lot and IT are me favorites!!!
Ingrid Ann Michaela
Salems Lot by Stephen King... best version.
James Evans
return to Salem's lot was really bad.
Joaquin Gonzalez
Looks very good.
Joe S.
Looks like Giuliani....
John Lain
This scared the shit out of me when I was a little kid. Kind of reminds me of the Phantasm movies.
John T
That looks like some scary shit!
John von Horn
They're making a Jewish version of this called, \
Jordan Harry
Awesome book too!
Julian Milnes
That Master fella scared the shit out of me for quite a while....
Larry Tyler
Salem's Lot, Trilogy of Terror, and The Night Stalker were the scariest made for TV movies I remember from, my teenage years. Salem's Lot was the spookiest and still holds up compared to the others.
I wish someone would post the full english please!
The original 4 hour \
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The part with the little boy scratching on the window scared the crap out me me when I was a ki........sorry, had to make sure my windows were locked.
Rock legend Alice Cooper recently told Eddie Trunk in an interview that \
Markus Brackley
Probably the best book I've ever read. Not just for the story, or the suspense, but for the beautiful writing style. Highly recommended.
Martin Roebuck
For those of you people who don't consider vampires scary as hell, I'm gonna prove this.\nYou see a vampire like Kurt Barlow who has the Nosferatu-like appearance right here?\nThis is what you call a proper vampire and hideous monster vampires are way much scarier than the beautiful human ones.
Matt Black
Most frightening series ever!
Maus anton
Very scary movie :-(
Melissa Wright
About to read the book, the film looks utter shit lol x
Merry Mary
Michael P
back in the day when the gaze of a vampire invoked primal parilizing fear..not oh your skin sparkles in the sunlight. you glam me..
Miss Agent E
Barlow was the scariest vampire ever.
NY Mogul
Narendra Patel
Nicholas Restaino
Wait....... where's Starsky?
Alice Cooper said he was truly frightened by this movie, highly recommended by him in a 2016 Q&A called \
i really liked the book but it was really messed up what they did to jimmy :( rip
Otto Greenleaf
Happy Birthday today(August 28) to David Soul. Cheers!
PJ Angels
Still holds up today in terms of suspense and adaptation from the novel...
Patrick McHale
These films are great take on the story.
This was always one of my favorite vampire movies, plus I was a David Soul fan when I was a kid so that could be another reason I liked this movie--ha ha  I haven't watched it in a few years, I need to pull my DVD out again & re-watch it.
Perry Born
DID YOU KNOW! After the events of Salem's Lot, Father Callahan ended up in the Dark Tower series? That's actually how I found out about Salem's lot to begin with. I had just read about Callahan in the Dark Tower, and loved his character, went and made a D&D character adaptation of the dude, and tweaked his backstory quite a bit, then while looking for a picture of the original character, I found out about Salem's Lot, and then I ended up here.\n\nSounds Hawaiian Doesn't it?
Pete Mosq
The film isn't bad and scared the hell out if me as a kid. It's a decent adaptation of a King work especially considering the limitations of the time and medium.
Phil Shaffer
Still better than Twilight.
Yeah this is dated, and may look silly,and might not even do the book justice! But when this came out, it scared the shit out of me! To this day, the only vampires that creep me out are Count Orlock/Dracula from Nosferatu and Barlow! Twilight and True Blood (Actually liked True Blood) ain't got nothing on those rat fanged bastards!
Pradeep Balakrishnan
this was a really scary movie back then in the 70's.
Rainey Lee
When vampires were supposed to be scary and not in love
Robbie Medina
Stephen King is the reason I'm never going to Maine
who else is hear because of LOSE YOURSELF-EMINEM
Safiya Price
By far, the scariest vampire movie I've ever seen!
Sally B
Nearly died of fright when I saw this as a child. Great film, great book but the scariest version of all is the BBC audio adaptation, which is available on YouTube. Esp if you listen to it at night on headphones, it's terrifying!
Shannon Lee
All you got to do is put two sticks together and you got a cross, Peter Cushing does it all the time!
Silly Goose
dude\nthis looks scary
Siobhan Cosgrove
I remember watching this a few years ago when it was on two Thursdays as it is a two part and i refused to go to bed so i told my parents that the film was nearly over and when it was over i would go between them going up the stairs.. Its funny how a horror film makes you feel. Today now i'm older if i watch this absolute CLASSIC or any other horror films i watch during the day.
One of the most underrated and SCARY movies ever made is Tobe Hooper's \
Sparkles The Cat
Rest In Peace Tobe Hooper (Director).
Kurt is such a weird name for a vampire...\nUnless that's why Nirvana split up.
Thomas Giles
Was that really the _entire film_?!
Directed by the same guy who did The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I'm game. :)
best vampire ever
Ulysses North
What vampires should be.
White Flower
Stephen King is the best . I prefer the book.. I've watched different kind of this movie ( salem lot) but this one is good as the book that I read .. Exactly the same ..
Wordsmith Gobshite
This was the scariest movie around when I was a kid.
That Vampire looks like Graf Orlock (Nosferatu)
This movie did more than terrify me as a child, it disturbed me. To this day I revert to a petrified 9 yo at the sight of Barlow.
Here we have a vampire tale that is actually well-adapted, with great acting and direction. Salems Lot works incredibly well without unnecessary foul language, sex or gratuitous violence. The best version from 1979 is undoubtedly the 3 hour one.
denver Betty bo
I was so busy watching David soul I didn't have a chance to be scared he is the hottest thing since Al Pacino LOL
The best vampires movie ever!!!....
evan brown
Did they always give the entire movie away in the trailer?
Couldn't finish it when I was a kid, way to scary. Pennywise go home, you are not the scariest Stephen King character around
fot ntk
I think it must have been in my five or six years when I first saw this movie on TV! The only thing I could remember was that scene with the window and the kid! Just a flash...\nAfter so many years, I found it again!!!
A trailer? A summary of the whole mini-series, more like.
I was 4 when this movie came out. It my was request to watch it on my 10th birthday, because my parents wouldn't let me before that. I still regret watching it.
latino heat
Great movie classic
2:07 Hey Peter!
1979? This was an amazing movie for its time. Can't beat it for atmosphere and tension.
One of the best horror movies ever (atmosphere, the building of tension, acting), to make a loose adaptation worked great here.
this was abit before my time but the 2nd was cool back when I first watched it around 1990. All of the new movies these days suck bad ,I dunno why????
I haven't seen this movie in years. And just watching the trailer, I'm still freaked out by it. This is by far one of the horror movies ever made. David Soul was so good in this.
Wish whoever has this on laserdisc would post the scenes that are not on the dvd. I love this movie.
sam hamdan
That Master or Mr Barlow was and is probably one of the most frightening creatures ever put on film. The way his image just appears on screen so quickly, like in the jail scene, is enough to give many people instant anal leakage.
Everybody's so old in the movie, compared to the book...
This is a great movie! I watched it before I read the novel by Stephen King, which is one of my all-time-favorites of his. Anyway, the film really holds up today, which is a great feat. I've seen many other King adaptations, like IT and The Shining, but 'Salem's Lot is defenetely the one that creeped me out the most!