Nas - Never Forget Ft. 2pac Big L

Already a subscriber? Send me a message for the download archive of all my mixes (and exclusives).Also don't forget to comment on my video's!LYRICS:(Verse 1: Nas)I woke up early on my born day, I'm twenty years of blessingThe essence of adolescent leaves my body now I'm fresh inMy physical frame is celebrated cause I made itOne quarter through life some God-ly like thing createdGot rhymes 365 days annual plus someLoad up the mic and bust one, cuss while I puffs frommy skull cause it's pain in my brain vein money maintainDon't go against the grain simple and plainWhen I was young at this I used to do my thing hardRobbin foreigners take they wallets they jewels and rip they green cardsDipped to the projects flashin my quick cashand got my first piece of ass smokin blunts with hashNow it's all about cash in abundance, niggaz I used to run withis rich or doin years in the hundredsI switched my motto -- instead of sayin fuck tomorrowThat buck that bought a bottle could've struck the lottoOnce I stood on the block, loose cracks produce stacksI cooked up and cut small pieces to get my loot backTime is Illmatic keep static like wool fabricPack a four-matic that crack your whole cabbage(Chorus (X2): Val Young)I never forget what you saidNever forget what you didI never will(Johnny-J - I Never Will)I will never will (Verse 2: 2pac)I thank the Lord for my many blessingsthough I'm stressin' keep a vest for protectionfrom the barrel of the Smith & Wessonand all my niggas in the pen'here we go againAin't nothing separating us from a MAC 10Born in the ghetto as a hustler olderstraight soldier bucking at them bustersNo matter how you try niggas never dieWe just retaliate with hate then we multiplysee me striking down the block hittin' cornersMobbin' like a motherfucker livin' like I wannaAin't no stoppin' at the red lights I'm sidewaysThug Life motherfucker crime paysrace me niggaIn a high speed chase with the lawthe realest motherfucker that you ever sawI'm livin' raw 'til they bury me don't worry meI'm high livin' like I ain't afraid to die(Chorus (X2): Val Young)I never forget what you saidNever forget what you didI never will(Johnny-J - I Never Will)I will never will (Verse 3: Big L)Freddie Fly, smooth glorious kidA Bad Boy, just like Notorious B.I.G.I Roc-a-Fella like Shawn Carterwith more game than Ron HarperThe bomb sparker rapper slash charm robberWhile y'all be on the corners bummy and highI be out buyin the finest shit money can buyYou wish you was in a position that I'm inHot rhymin, diamonds shinin, autograph signinMy lifestyle is far outEvery week bring a different car outI go to nightclubs and buy the bar out, UHHcause I keep cream, I'm large on the street sceneEverytime I touch mics you hear all the freaks scream(Chorus - Till The End: Val Young)I never forget what you saidNever forget what you didI never will(Johnny-J: I Never Will)I will never will(Speaking: Johnny-J)Yo Pac, this is to you manYou know that Johnny-J got love for youI kept it going for you manThe legacy lives onIts nothin' but love for youJust remember one thing PacAmma keep this ride the way you wanted me to rideAmma let them know, it never endsI'll never forget u man(Chorus Fades Out)

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Adam Bob
The story teller~Nas\nThe prophet~2pac
Ash Cube
Big Thanks #Sv  thugs love the song 
What track is 2pac's verse from
Rest in peace Big L and Pac
Chris Cresswell
how the fuck do u get rid of these gay ass adverts
D.s L.f
L never be forgotten will live inside us, and lyrics so fantastic
nice work \nSIR ! ;D
Daniel Rosenwinkel
I cryed :,)
Disappearing Jakob
Πες τα ρε μεγαλε!
@xXxUlkabxXx \nHe was Legend and we do miss him!! but you have to remember PAC in better place now and closer to GOD!!\nR..I.P your legacy will never end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n
this is just one of them songs where you cant help but kick back and let the magic flow through your ears....R.I.P to all those rappers that made this world a better place
Franklin Freshman
This is rap ... not corny or poppy or BS trap 
Jaime Miranda
whoever made this chose the worst L verse on this beat. he had so many different flows that wouldve killed this
R.i.p p.a.c and b.i.g ......L
Kwaku 11
Dope Mix...
Liu Bin
Tupac's lyrics can fit every single instrumental, he is just this great
RIP. ill never forget them.
nas was a bad boy he was pacs enemy why is he doing a tribute?
They are the best rappers of all time. Biggie is too
Malaki Trop
Gotta love him💙
Mikko Pirkola
good remix, RIP Tupac & Big L
Top 3 in 1 song
Pedro Mendes
Damn!!! real hip hop. God bless the dead.
Ronalds Miksis
Sipho Ntlakana
Pac's verse resonates what we go through...death is around the corner but 'livin high like we ain't afraid to die'
Stretchelold Productions
2017.09.13. \nits been 21 years... \nnever forget
TJ Hooker
RIP Big L Raps MVP...RIP Tupac.....
R.I.P Pac + Big L ... Thx to Nas to honor one of the best alive rapers! Probably the best!!! Pac Wont Forget Ya Ever! Cause Legends Never ... Ever Die!!! ;) With Love From Greece!!! Respect to These 3 ppl
Yafet Yosef
😢 miss them
Young Rain
the 3 realest thugs of all time Nas, Tupac, and Big L
andzej nusz
i like this miusic!!!!
bereket Etiopia You Tobe bereket
tupac alwayes Legend
He was his enemy but they solve it at the mtv music awards. Look up VH1 Behind the Music 2pac Part.
rip johnny j
dio silva
Witch Song does. NAS RAPP....!!! !!\
waaa it actually works so well rip xxxx
The real song is Never Forget by Napoleon
nice tune!
mike smooth
rest big l
ramon sanchez
dis a gem
vivek thakur
Rip 2pac, Big L, and Johnny J