WWF: In Your House - Its Time (Highlights)

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WWF In Your House: It's TimeHeld on West Palm Beach, Florida - December 15th, 1996This Pay-Per-View marked the first ever Armageddon Match, as well as the announcement that Ahmed Johnson would return to the ring the next month at the Royal Rumble.Matches:Flash Funk vs Leif CassidyWWF Tag-Team Title Match: Razor Ramon & Diesel vs British Bulldog & Owen Hart (C)WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Hunter Hearst Helmsley (C) vs Wildman Marc MeroArmageddon Match: Executioner vs The UndertakerWWF Title Match: Sycho Sid (C) vs Bret Hart

Britis... Executioner Flash Funk Hunter Hearst Helmsley In Your House: It's Time Leif Cassidy Marc Mero Sycho Sid The Undertaker WWF WWF In Your House

ryan macdonald
I remember this pay per view and how shocked and upset I was at seeing Bret and Shawn savagely brawl after the final match.\n\nI blamed Bret for the whole mess as he was angry at Shawn for getting all the spotlight even BEFORE the championship match which annoyed me.