Samira Bensaïd - Bitaqat Khub (بطاقة حب)

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Another nice tune from Eurovision 1980

1980 Bensaïd Bitaqat Eurovision Khub Samira Terry Wogan

Alperen Kocabaş
hey Fas turn back in eurovision 2013 !!! my from turkey
Chakib A
How is it an insult to this song?? She sings with the same style that was used in the 70s and late 60s by famous bands such as Beatles and others . I don't think you'll appreciate it as much as a native because using Google translator to translate your words to Arabic will not make you an expert.
Zuer Al Bakali
a great song singing by a great Moroccan nice..i like it \n
aharon adri
עד שלא שמעתי את השיר 50 פעם לא נרגעתי
Always loved this (and the Turkish \
@ThePatrik199 dakchi 3lach hassan II qate3 eurovision o mabqach sifet chi 7ad icharek