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Jon check out the princes s55 its a nice boat
Alexis Campo
What happened with the donation to a foundation every time they missed the posting time?
André Pereira
These vlogs are more and more about flexing your luxury lifestyle at us. Where are the vlogs about going around the world but doing cool stuff and not caring about a million dollar villa in a country that most people don't have food to eat? I've been watching these since vlog 50 with Marcus, and since the last Snow Tour the content is getting more about flexing and less about having fun with your friends... I've almost never missed a vlog, and it was strange when you stopped doing them daily, but now it can pass a week without me realising that I did not catch the last few vlogs as the content is so \
Austin & Emma
anyone else notice his shorts in the beginning of the vlog :)
Investing money there is like drinking clorox bleach. Makes totaly no sense. The vegetation is dead, many earthquakes, the economy is so bad, the people don't have an high or even a regular income and the whole infrastructure must be terrible, no real streets, not sure about water and electricity but I doubt that it's good. It seems to me more like a third world country than a paradies.
Automotive Mike
You need the G class there!
Blake Marsee
I come here for Benni more than Jon if I’m being honest
All that plastic on the beach is so depressing to see.
Callie Masters
Does Jon never have any back problems anymore? Remember in the early vlogs, he was constantly having back pain, going to doctors, and doing special treatments & exercises? Now, no mention of it.
Carl Lindstrom
Please go back and use the bigger cameras, the quality is much, much better with the a7riii and gh5
last frame was insane. btw do still give the money to charity when you miss an upload :P
Dont wreck the scooter!!!!!!!!!
Christian Anderson
Riding bikes without helmets great role models :)
Christoffer Borggren
Daniel Clark
i like that guy in the in the lobby, he has an amazing heart
Donald duck
E Verm
What happened to the vegetation? Is this the result of the recent storm (thought South Lombok wasn't hit as hard), a fire or is it because of deforestation?
E thy
OH I JST LOVE YOU GUYS YOU ARE FANTASTIC.. keep up the wonderful journeys xoxo
Welcone to lombok jon.... ohja... your color grading it's to dark when you go in indonesia....
Erland Böckenförde
Team chibo muss jon mal treffen
Who was Janni's \
Kinky Deler 3:42
Florian H
It's a beautifull project you have here but how much nature are being destroy :'( This is ot the greatest things you could do with you influencer award :/ Anyway just continue to overkill in so much other fields :D
George Visan
Great vlog!
Ghaleee Grg
loving the janni outfit
Can I have that orange shirt pleaseeeeeeee? 😍😍😍
Gustav Aldin
So many motors, I think you should care a bit more about the planet
Nice but how's the internet?
3:43 That guys girlfriend is not happy with him...
Hamid Apple
Sampai jumpa..see u..thx for visiting Lombok again jon..earthquake destroyed this beautiful islands couple months ago..hope recovery soon..cheers from Jakarta
Heru Rishardana
Thank you for this video, Lombok surely needs more people to come so that they can recover quickly.
Jakob Kaspar
So you know Cheng loew Hes a German Youtuber ans is going to build a House in Lombok!
Jeff McGovern
Are you ever going to visit Ireland 🇮🇪? I’d love to see you visit new countries in Europe
Jeffrey Daniels
The landscape looks a little knarly as in the grass looks like a huge Brillo pad and muddy. It almost looks like it experienced a fire within the past couple years. The beach looks horrible, so much garbage! I guess you would have to have a developers imagination and a lot of money to make that work.
Johan Engberg
J J & B... Are you still rocking that new camera? Because I have to say that I love the colors, your faces are not oversaturated and maybe the sound is not quite the same but the \
Jonathan Curcio
such a beautiful sunset at the end!!!! Great Vlog guys!!!! Such good vibes!!!
You are a rich couple in a poor country.. Of course you feel priviledged :D You are :D Paradise for you .. maybe.. for all the people that struggle every day in that country i´m not that sure... Just saying.
Key Reymnd
Finally!! :) I have been waiting for a different kind of video the last weeks - not because the regular vlogs are bad, but because of having the everyday work life makes me need vacation in my brain :P A few minutes of this video and somehow just watching even makes me feel happy and calm.\n\nThank you guys a lot! You give us something special throughout the busy weeks and a few minutes of vacation :)\n\nThank you Jon an Janni for being exactly as you are - thank you Benni for your amazing positive personality and the great filming. Keep it up!! And try at least to enjoy a little bit of your vacation (we don't have to be everywhere with you - even if it's hard for us, you guys deserve privacy).\n\nSalutations d'Allemagne
Kirikou 1337
Half of Lombok looks like its been burnt down:0
my lombok
Linnea Svensson
Ni borde använda hjälm!
Lotto K
when are you restocking the c'est normal clothes? please like so that they see it ! 😊😍would love to have a shirt or sweater
Lucas Isdahl
Will you be in Åre this winter? I’d really like to meet you and get a picture or something👍😋
Luka sc
I wonder how the island of Gili t looks after the earthquakes in August the last thing I can remember is the evacuation on 6 August and many buildings have collapsed
Marcelo Macedo
The views from Lombok !! SUPER!!
Mark Staite
Jon ... That hilltop needs a big house built there!
Marten vdw
Pleeeeaaseee leave your beard jon😍👌👌
Matt Madine
is 5:34 a picture?!
Matt Owen
Dear Jon, you are looking more and more like a young Ed Harris..... with hair xD\nAnd with all due respect if you think that place is paradise you really need to visit gorgeous Gran Canaria or any other Canary island, or anywhere in Central America, the Caribbean, South America ....\nLove the videos guys, keep it up.
Maurizio Arrivabene
You have to be suicidal when youre letting janni drive the moped on dirtroads...
Max Bastian Kikreby Huseby
Can you go on a skiing trip again? You are technically a skiing youtuber
Mohd Syazwan Haidar
Lombok after earthquake ?
Muhammad Ihsan Ghazali
Aww... looks so beautiful :) #Lombok
Nano Mukong
Go to Jogja then, it would be great to meet you
Nicolas Stöver
OMAR Kourai
#Benni why there is a SlowMotion Bug especially at the last scene of Janni 😮😮😮
This is Jon\n🙎🏻\u200d♂️\n👕\n👖\nHe has 0 materials \n1 Like = 1 Material \n\n\n\n\n\n\nP.S.........I’m so close to 10k👀
Olav Brekke
The best vlogs of the year! FINALY THE LOMBOK VLOGS!
Lombok, looks like somebody burnt down all the vegetation...the water is nice the rest seems dead..
Amazing som alltid! Some people here really are bitter. If you dont have anything nice to say, be quiet.
Rizky Fajar Shofihaq
I Love Lombok
Rodrigo Faria
that engine array though! hahaha
you should do a balkan roadtrip, so close for you guys and so underestimated!
Who else is excited for the ski vlogs?
Naked XD
Please Do something also to help them who were the victims of the earthquake.
Takumi Fujiwara
Greetings from Switzerland get a Japanese drift car plsssss
Tappad Som Barn
Good job bro!
Tarun Kumar
only 1080p? :(
Tjofs Media
Go back to Gh5 camera, i think the b-roll was better then.
ToNy Licata
Mi piacerebbe viaggiare con voi
Tony Carroll
Ahhhhhhhhhh Lombok I do hope its Not too bad after The storm etc \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e
8:23 Janni is scared to drive down there with Jon again like 2 years ago :D
I think building a villa there isnt good
thanks for using our music \u003c3 hope you like it!
Weltentdecken Reiseblog
We have visited Bali but Lombok is still on our bucket list :D
Wild Tribe
The ending looks unreal!
William Karejärvi
It hurts to see what we have done to our planet.
I don’t like that place and I won’t. In my opinion you shouldn’t do something there..
IDK, but the vlogs are just not what they used to be. I understand that you guys living your life, but it got quite boring to watch. Numbers on socialblade are showing that I'm not the only one feeling this.\nThe vlog is in the same state as the vegetation of that island :\u003c
I'd rather invest money on something else than to build a home in lombok, u got a summer house in marbella i just dont get it lol
Janni Doesn't Look Happy During This Trip :(
impipapo impipapo
Is jani pregnant? Not to be rude but looks like she put on a little weight around her belly in some scenes. Would be happy for u guys! Lots of love
The vlog is so sick, as usual! But what happened with the colors? The last 2-3 episodes are kind of blurry and dark?. What camera do you use?
kallemh _
An awful lot of trash and plain areas without vegetation in Lombok!? What's up with that?
kim alle
You are back again to Indonesia!\nEnjoy tour time here 👍🏻
Is it just me, or has anyone else lost interest in this channel. Barely watch anymore.
a broken paradise hit by deforestation.
I went to Lombok in September for volunteers (after the earthquake), I hope the situation now is much much better in Lombok!💖💖 Thank you for coming to Lombok (somehow it will support the recovery process again after what happened). Btw, beautiful view from the villa, and Sorga means Heaven (indonesian language) :D ok have fun & “sampai jumpa!”
samuel gustavsson
Din nya redbull burk är så jävla snygg😍
sno Mell
I dont really like that place much to be honest. I love the villa though
steve french
9:43 When Jon realizes he's the brains in the family...
You should start a beach cleaning event
woody mcmillan
When are Benni and Janni gonna make it official? Poor Jon.....
Every time you upload is a party! Love the exploring trips, it's like exploring it with you =D